Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on . They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. Forum Rules

    1. 1. On Boolprop, always use common courtesy towards other members and treat them with respect. We challenge opinions, not people. Please be aware all topics are open to all members.

      2. While posting, ensure your post is relevant and on-topic. Avoid double posting and make posts reader friendly by avoiding chat speak and all caps.

      3. Boolprop is not a venue for advertising. Advertising on the forums or through PM will not be tolerated.

      4. Multiple User Accounts are not allowed. #
  2. Diversity

    1. Simmers are a diverse group of people of all ages, genders and identities, and Boolprop is meant to be a welcoming site where we can come together to discuss our pixel adventures and have fun. In light of this we ask members to keep sensitive topics like politics, religion, racial issues, explicit sex and violence, etc, out of the forums and chatbox. These types of discussions can easily create tension and escalate into heated arguments, and we want to avoid that. You are, however, fully welcome to discuss these things privately or on different platforms with other Boolpropians! Use common sense, and don't take it personally if a staff member asks you to stop or change the subject. It's their job to keep the peace.

      We have a no tolerance policy on hate speech, and ideally hope to keep Boolprop a neutral space dedicated mostly to Sims. #
  3. Signatures

    1. No graphics that could induce seizures (eg. rapid blinking/flashing). Any blinking graphics provided on-site are fine for use.
      Keep signatures to a respectable length for better readability. Feel use to make use of spoilers if you'd like more room to display graphics/links.

      If three warnings are given, a suspension will be issued. #
  4. Story Rules

    1. Boolprop is a friendly, accepting place that invites all stories to be shared! That being said, we wanted to get a written policy down to prevent any confusion:

      1. Stories can be hosted on a Boolprop thread or on a 3rd party blog and linked to a Boolprop thread. Regarding posting directly on Boolprop: it is highly encouraged to use spoilers for pictures on Boolprop as that is helpful for loading to those with less bandwidth to give to the website. If you have more than 3 images on a post, please put them in a spoiler in your posts as it's courteous to others, this is also especially true on non-story threads!

      2. Please do not post any graphic (i.e. pornographic/violent/gory or bloody) images directly to Boolprop!

      3. When your story is completed or in need of being moved to the Graveyard, PM either Livvielove or Blamsart with a link to the story in question and what you'd like done to it. Completed stories will be left for one week after alerting either Blamsart or Livvielove before being moved to the Completed Story section. This is to give it more time to be seen by others before it's whisked away.

      4. Every January, any stories that have not been commented on/updated in two years or older will be moved to the graveyard to keep things neat and tidy.

      5. Any story that's been moved to the Graveyard can be moved out by PMing any moderator to alert them that you'd like your story thread to be moved! #