Challenge Idea: Supervillain

Challenge Idea: Supervillain

Postby bookloverblue » January 12th, 2017, 1:55 pm

Had another silly challenge idea.

Your key Sim is a wannabe supervillain aiming to reach the top of the Criminal Career. You must choose "Public Enemy" as their aspiration and have Evil and Genius as two of their traits. They must be a young adult, but race, gender and species are entirely your choice.

Using the free real estate cheat, pick a lot to act as your lair. It must look like a normal lot to passers-by, so you build rooms underground. Money for this must come from your initial £20,000 budget, and then your criminal income.

In addition, you must create four young adults to be your Minions. They must live on the lot and have either identical or matching colour "uniforms". All must have the Evil trait, and will develop set roles as the challenge progresses.

One Minion (any role) must have the Kleptomaniac trait and steal at least 10 items without being caught.
One must maximise their Logic skill. (Inventor)
Another must maximise Mischief. (Prankster)
Another has to maximise Fitness. (Bodyguard)
And another must maximise Charisma. (PR)

Villains can marry freely, but if your villain has a child, their first son/daughter must become the next villain upon the parent's death.

A minion can only marry another minion, and can only have children once one parent has maximised the skill needed to fulfil their role. They pass their role to their offspring. Also, minions cannot have jobs - they work for your villain! The villain can also "dismiss" (that is, kill) a minion at will and replace them with someone younger, so they can breed future minions.

I'm still developing this idea, so suggestions are welcome! Maybe the villain should have a bigger budget to start with, but then motherlode is off-limits?
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