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Two years ago, I joined a group of writers in a collaborated writing. We decided to do a romantic fanfic staring some of our favorite celebs. The story went on hiatus since one of our author disappeared and hadn't been able to update her parts. Fortunately, though our story intertwine at some point, it's can still be read as it's own story. I've been itching to continue to this story since it's very close to my heart. I hope you guys will enjoy it. :bounce:

Saskia stood over the pair of lovers as they lay lifelessly in each other arms. A wave of emotions washed over her as she realized that she had failed once again. In the past centuries, she had faced failures before, though they barely amount to the number of success she had accumulated over the course of her life mission. But for this particular couple, she had failed all eleven times, each time they died with unfulfilled love but were always in each other’s arms.
It was a pity that no matter how many times they reincarnate, how many times the lovers were reunited, they never passed the final test of their love. And always, it ended with both lives taken before it even began. Anger and grief washed over Saskia as she fought to control her anguish. Doesn’t the lovers know that their fate will no longer cross path from this moment on? Don’t they know that with this final death, they are decree to eternal separation, to never again know the existence of one another, nor the love so strong that bind them and brought them together every lifetimes they were incarnate into?
No! They must reunite again! She will make sure of it. She, Saskia of the Guardians, the Keeper of Threads, had created miracles after miracles, offered hope and miracles, will see to it that the two will reunite. And this time, they will not end in the same fate as before. The power of love has always been a powerful force and she is sure that it’ll lend her a helping hand
But how? Unlike her other miracles, this one had already transcend the amount of chances and hope she was able to give. And no matter how many times she had worked her magic, they continued to fail. They loved but not trust. They found one another again and again, but were unable to unite, ending their young lives before their love can ever be fulfilled.
There must be a way. There must! She will see to it.
“So they had finally broken destiny.”
Startled, Saskia turned around to find Virnia of the Guardians, Keeper of Fate perched upon a tree branch not far away from her. her wings fluttering to a close as Vernia smiled at Saskia. “Sad that these two always end the same way; dying in each other’s arms. If only they can trust as they loved.”
“If only...” Saskia repeated, once again looking down at the couple at her feet. She was lost in a moment of renewed grief before she look up at Virnia again. “Why must you end them this way, Virnia?”
A frown marred Virnia forehead as she glared at Saskia, a flash of anger in her eyes. “And in what way shall I end them? Shall I end the life of one while letting the other one lived? You yourself know that is not possible. Dante would see to it that his life will end even without my interference. His will is powerful, where she is concerned. Or had you forgotten that he had done so the other ten times? I am only a Keeper of Fate, only so much comes into my hand. Had I interfered, as you love to do, Keelia will see to it that their end will not be quite so clean. Not that it mattered. Their destinies are broken, so it will change. Hopefully this time, they will not end up with such tragic ends. ”
“That cannot be!” Saskia cried. “They’re destined! Had they not reunited times and times again? Had they not loved and bind themselves together in all the incarnations they’d born into? Why must Keelia decreed their destiny as such?”
“Have you forgotten, Saskia, that Keelia’s only decree is that they will die together. How they lived their lives and how they chose to end is not at her hands, nor is it at my hands. In fact, these pathetic humans always blamed us for their troubles or when their lives ended up different from what they want. They had forgotten the path they walk are of their own makings. Fate only comes in when they stray too far from their destinies. And their destinies are the path they themselves set from the passionate desires and wishes of their past lifetimes. Even Keelia cannot control the making of their destinies. The path they choose to take are always up to them.” Virnia paused, the spark of anger gone from her eyes. She looked down at the couple and for a moment, Saskia thought she saw a fleeting fondness for them. “Maybe Keelia will be able to find them an equal mate after the decree, though I severely doubt. I’ve never seen a couple with loving bindings as strong as theirs. Even Romeo and Juliet fail in comparison.”
Saskia nodded her agreement. She remembered Romeo and Juliet, or at the least the couple that Shakespeare had used as a basis for his plays. They were known by different names and had live in a city mostly forgotten by the passage of time but the story of their trials lived on in Shakespeare’s play. She wondered for a moment how people would react if they had also known the other two failed incarnations and the resulting broken destiny decree that was granted at the final death.
Saskia wasn’t there at the first two but she knew that their first incarnation had ended just as tragically as the second two. And like the second two, they were the offsprings of two feuding family falling in love when it was least expect. She was married to a cruel man who was obsessed with her and he was the vengeful son of the man her husband had killed. For revenge, he had seduced her and the two were caught in a web of lies and deceit, quickly falling in love with each other before they realize the danger of their follies. The end had come when their attempt to run away was discovered by her husband and he was slayed by her husband’s sword. Unable to live in a world without him, she had willed herself to a slow and lonely death, vowing that they’ll be together again in their next life.
Their second lifetime was as much as the first. She wasn’t married, but was forced into an engagement with his cousin. They’d fallen in love at her engagement ceremony where he was a guest. Before the week was over, they had ran away and married, spurring a fiery feud that quickly divided the family. Five days after their nuptials, her jinked fiance, with the help of his family’s army, raided their castle and killed him in front of her. Seeing the death of her husband, she committed suicide and died by his side. Holding each other’s hand as they took their last breath, they sworn to be together again for all lifetimes.
Everyone knew the story of their life as Romeo and Juliet. It was as tragic as it was ironic that they were incarnated into the same family that they had instigated the feud. because of its tragic end, Keelia had declared that they’d broken destiny and they were decreed. It had taken them another two lifetimes of loneliness and despair before Saskia was able to reunite them. The pull to them was so great that even when Saskia was in the process of binding another pair of unfortunate souls, she found herself summoned to their side. She soon realized that it was the bond of their love that had summoned her.
For two lifetimes, they had not met, hadn’t known the existence of one another, yet the couple lived on as if they were waiting for each other. None of them were able to marry or had any relationship. They had stayed faithful to one another and lived their lives alone, unknowingly waiting for the other soul that would be forever lost to them. Keelia and Virnia had interfered many times in those two lifetimes, in an effort to help the couple moved on. Unfortunately it was as if they were untouched by fate and destiny themselves and they continued to be unaffected by the continuous efforts of the Guardians to bring them peace and potential happiness.
By the time Saskia stepped in, it was amazingly easy for her to rebind them. Her powers, which she had barely manage to control had suddenly spawned into a uncontrollable lifeforce, effortlessly altering the decree that forbidden them from one another. By the time it was done, it became one that allowed the couple to always reunite and be together for every lifetime. The couple themselves didn’t waste time to find one another. They had reunited at a busy market, and despite their elderly age, they took one look at each other and knew what they had wait for. The pair enjoyed a good two years with one another before passing away peacefully in each other arms. Saskia, by then knew without a doubt that the couple will reunite in the next lifetime.
They had been through another three lifetimes now, having found great and powerful families that thrived on joy and happiness. In fact, they should be reuniting again very soon.
“Keelia’s here.”
Saskia looked up to find Keelia just as she landed on ground, her wings fluttering behind her as she straightened. Despite wings, there was no wind to mark the descend of the Keeper of Destiny. Like Virnia and herself, Keelia had also taken her human form, her long hair streaming down her back, pulled back from her face by the braids along either side of her head. She looked like what the human would call a pagan princess. Despite her beautiful and kind face, Keelia can be as hard as stone due to the nature of her work. No one can sway her from what she deem to happen nor allow her decision to be influenced by anyone but Heaven’s Hand. It was for that reason that she and Keelia usually butted head. Since the nature of Saskia’s powers constantly interferes with Keelia’s, they were constantly at odds with one another.
It was also unfortunate that even Keelia herself cannot influence Saskia’s work in any way as she did with Virnia. It wasn’t that Saskia can help it. Even she herself cannot control her own powers. That was the nature of all miracles.
Keelia approach the bodies and then glanced at Virnia, who still perched on the tree. “They’ve broken destiny,” Virnia simply answered the unspoken question. Of course, Virnia already knew. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be here.
A touch of sadness touched her eyes as Virnia silently contemplated the couple, whose bodies now turned as cold as ice. She crouched down and touch a finger to the once masculine arms wrapped around smaller body, keeping her close to him even in death. Her eyes close, she moved her finger from his arms and touched the arms of woman in his arms. Moments later, she opened her eyes and her hand opened, turning palm side up as two blob of small yellow lights floated out of the bodies and stopped atop her palm. Still as silent, she stood up, holding her palm out in front of her. With a flick of her fingers, the two lights in her palm shot into the sky and disappeared from the atmosphere.
Saskia and Virnia watched their ascend until they couldn’t see it anymore. When they looked at Virnia again, they were surprise to find her once again crouch down in front of the now soulless bodies. She repeated her actions agian, and this time, a faint little spark of light had risen atop her palm.
Virnia frowned. “I didn’t realize...”
Keelia help up a hand for her to quiet as she straightened once again. This time however, she cupped the light in her hand and then gently blew at it. Like the two before it, it shot into the sky, but not before sparkling intensely and bouncing around a few times.
Again, they watched it until it disappeared into the sky.
It was a long moment before Saskia could find words again. “You’re going to separate them.” She stated.
Keelia glanced at her. “It’s long overdue. They’d transcend all limits.”
“But they’d almost made it this time!” she protested.
Keelia sighed and turned to face Saskia. “You know the Heaven’s Decree, even with your lack of respect and love of its interferenece. Don’t interfere with this one, Saskia. I’ve spoken with Heaven’s Hand before I came down here. You will not be allow to interfere this time.”
Virnia perked at the news. This is strange. Heaven’s Hand had always been the neutral party. For him to interfere...
Awareness shot through Saskia like fire. “Heaven’s Hand wouldn’t agree! He knows that it’s not something I can control.”
“Be that as it may, Heaven’s Hand agreed with me that Dante and Syrena’s time are up. They had reincarnated and failed all eleven times. There will be no more leniency. They will have to go separate ways. Heaven’s Decree must be abide.”
Saskia felt the ground vanished from her feet. “You can’t mean that, Keelia. You were always fond of Dante and Syrena. Why are you doing this to them?”
A frown creased Keelia’s forehead and there was a hint of pain in her eyes. But again, it disappeared as soon as it came and Saskia wondered for a moment if she was seeing things. “We’ve been through this before, Saskia, but I will not bend this time.”
Virnia joined in, her voice calm and unaffected. “I agree with Keelia. It’s dreadful to see history repeating itself like this. I think Dante and Syrena should accept that there will be future for them.”
That angered Saskia like never before. “They don’t even know what had happened!”
“They should’ve taken that to their advantage. But still they’d repeat the mistake. Not once, but many times,” Keelia reminded her, her wings opening and fluttering behind her. “If you’re angry, Saskia, go talk to Heaven’s Hand. My hands are happily tied. I will not be fighting with you this time. God knows I’d never won against you. I’ve learned to accept that. This time, it’s not a fight between us.”
Saskia watched as Keelia shot up into the sky and disappeared. Virnia jumped down from the branch. “My duty calls to me, I have to go.”
“Wait!,” Saskia called and Virnia paused, her wings slowly fluttering into flight. “Do you...do you think that they deserve the final decree?”
Virnia bit her lips, her eyes wary in answering the question. “I admit that I’m fond of Dante and Syrena. They’d proven their love many centuries over and I’m sure I’m won’t be the last of the Guardians to feel so. But they deserve to be happy and a new start instead of this repetitive tragedy.” Virnia was quiet for a long moment, once again staring at the bodies a few feet from her. Suddenly, she leaped into the sky, her voice floating down to Saskia. “Keelia will be executing their new destiny soon. I suggest you do see Heaven’s Hand.”

“I doubt you’ll be succeeding this time,” Heaven’s Hand drawled as he sprawled upon cloud, his wings fluttering intently behind him. “You will have your work cut out for you, Saskia. I suggest you opt out of this one. A decision had already been made. There will no changes.”
Saskia stood facing the handsome god, the Keeper of the Guardians. Heaven’s Hand is gods’ messenger with the sole duty of keeping watch over the Guardians. Although he never interfered with the Guardians’ duties, he is there to settle and resolve issues that are beyond the Guardian’s powers. All the Guardians are fond of him. There wasn’t a reason not to. Heaven’s Hand’s a fair and kind god. Despite his outer appearance and attitude he treated everyone with respect and reasons and they returned the favor. Though he is not without flaws, the most apparent is that he love the pleasures of human life. It’s not unusual to find Heaven’s Hand mingled amongst the human. He enjoyed the spontaneous actions of human affairs, their ways of life, their relationship to another. As a result, there were many circumstances where he’d taken actions that were more beneficial to humankind than the gods. Fortunately, none of the Guardians nor the Gods were able discredit his actions as he always have a very explanation for his actions.
Saskia was sure that if Heaven’s Hand have his way, he would be would be a human rather than a god. But she knew that he was too fond of the Guardians too much to make such a sacrifice. He had always been a father, a guidance to the Guardians and they were his pride.
None of the Guardians knew the origins of Heaven’s Hand. They only knew that he was sent by the gods to watch over them. If Saskia were to guess, he must be as old as humankind itself. And because he’s a god, he never age, his face and body forever frozen in its youthful handsomeness that never fail to make any goddess swoon. Not that it bothered him one bit. He was faithful to one, and only one goddess, Keelia. Unlike other immortal relationships, theirs have always been private and quiet. A stranger would think they were nothing more than friends, until they witness the intensity of the love they have for each other whenever they happened to glance at each other.
For that matter, Saskia was grateful she didn’t cause a strife in the relationship between Heaven’s Hand and Keelia. She was always fearful that her disagreements with Keelia will cause strain to Heaven’s Hand, since he always had to settle many of their discords. But somehow Heaven’s Hand and Keelia had always manage to keep their relationship from influencing any problems that involved the three of them.
“I understand that they’d broken their destiny,” Saskia argued. “But the couple deserve another chance. We should give it to them.”
“We had given them more chances than any beings on Earth. It’s time to end things, Saskia. They cannot keep going to like this. Besides, you can’t do anything nor will your powers be enough to help them.”
Saskia frowned. “What?”
Heaven’s Hand sighed and went to stand in front of her. “Saskia, you know I’ll never interfere with your rightful duty as Keeper of the Threads. Everyone knows that it’s not something anyone, even you, can control or manage. But it’s not possible this time. Your powers will not be able to work where this is concern. Dante and Syrena had built a barrier around themselves so powerful that nothing can interfere.”
“But that is an advantage. It would be very easy to--”
“What I meant is that what happens in their lifetime is up to themselves. The barrier would not allow any interference, even from the Guardians. You know why they always ended up the same way, in every single lifetime. It’s something that they had never overcome. For them to do so, they must learn it themselves. So Saskia, your powers will do them no good. Even Keelia only have the powers to manipulate their paths so that they won't meet. You may succeed in making them meet again and again, for hundreds more incarnations, and they will still not overcome that tragedy. Keelia is right, where this is concern. We must not let the tragedy continue and the only way is to separate them for all eternity.”
A tear fell from her eyes, her grief over the outcome becoming almost unbearable. Heaven’s Hand frowned and caught the drop in his hand. “Saskia. You must not be like this. There had been failures before. You must accept this.” The watched the drop of tears in his hand as it turned into a crystal gem. Once it solidify, he gently placed it in her hand.
“I can’t,” Saskia whispered. “I can’t accept this. I have to try. Heaven’s Hand, let me try one more time. If I still fail, I will let them be, but please say you’ll give me another time.”
Heaven’s Hand stared at her for a long time, his face compassionate and loving. Softly, he caressed her cheek. “I worry what this may do to your powers. You could walk away from this with no nothing left, even your powers.”
“It’s a risk I’m willing to take,” she answered sadly. “I’m the Thread Keeper, remember? I’m not supposed to exist, much less be a part of the Guardians. If I can’t use my powers to the best of my ability, then I’m not one of you.”
His eyes flashed in anger. “You are one of us, Saskia!” he rasped. “Never let me hear of you saying so again. The consequences will be dreadful if I do. Now, regarding your request, I will grant you that wish. But it’ll be the last for Dante and Syrena. I will not upset Keelia again over this.”
Saskia nodded and he waved a hand, letting her know she can leave. She curtsied and turned to leave. “Saskia...” She paused in her step. “One of my greatest pleasure was having you as part of the Guardians.” With a smile, Saskia opened her wings and flew into the clouds.
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Re: Heartbreaker

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I had read this when you posted it but never commented. Just wanted to say this is really good. I like your writing. :thup:

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