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Postby simsterlyrock » August 17th, 2018, 9:28 pm

simsterlyrock wrote:I finished a novel (modern day twist on Cinderella) back in March and I started working on edits shortly after writing it, but then I got super busy with college finals and graduation and now I've been back home for six and a half months and haven't looked at my novel since May. I should really keep going with edits at some point. :lol:

I've been slowly working on editing my novel again. I came up with an actual goal for my main character after realizing she had no goal in the first draft, so I'm adding new scenes for that. I also adjusted when a character was introduced, which meant writing new scenes in the first half. And now I have to figure out what to put in the second half since most of the scenes with him have been moved up. :lol: When I actually remember to sit down and edit, it goes well. I'm usually able to write a scene in like an hour. If I'm just editing previously written scenes and not adding a lot, I can get through several scenes in that same amount of time, which is nice.
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