NaNo 2019: Who's Doing It?

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NaNo 2019: Who's Doing It?

Postby Ani-Mei » October 7th, 2019, 10:00 pm

Well it's nearly that time of year again, it's NaNo season! I personally don't like the new forums they have because I still don't like how it bugs out on me and I get auto-logged out every time I want to go to the forums. Anyway, I'm still going to do it even if I can't figure out where to post my new novel and word counts. :shrug: I'm trying to narrow it down to three ideas to use this year, I didn't do so well with the Steampunk story I wanted to do in the last two years so I figured I'd try something else this year. So what is everyone else going to do this year?
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