Boolprop Chef Round 47

Boolprop Chef Round 47

Postby Ani-Mei » April 1st, 2019, 1:47 pm

.::.Boolprop Chef - Round 47.::.

Round 47 Theme: Easter Treats

Deadline: April 30th

CHOCOLATE! CHOCOLATE! CHOCOLATE! Did I get your attention? Good. Yes the biggest chocolate horder's holiday is here, aside from Halloween of course. And for Easter time, show us your best chocolate stuff, or whatever the equivalent is in your neck of the woods. But if you want to do something other than chocolate that is also acceptable, vanilla egg shaped cookies? Sure! Vanilla egg shaped cakes, now that's better. ^^ Or if you observe Good Friday then show us your best fish dishes either way as long as it's Easter related it counts here!

(Formats are now a month long in case you forgot)

If you have participated in 10 Boolprop Chefs, send a PM to Ani-Mei and I will award you a medal!

And remember to claim your 30 team points for participating!
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