Featured Legacies & Stories Information

Featured Legacies & Stories Information

Postby Chase » November 17th, 2014, 7:53 pm

Featured Legacies & Stories!

Have you ever wanted to have your story advertised across all of Boolprop?

With this new regular event, that can easily happen for you! All you have to do to for your story to be eligible for a feature is update it! Here are the details:

What happens if my story gets featured?
-You'll be interviewed about yourself (your history of playing Sims/Boolprop stuff) and your story.
-Your story will be linked.
-Your story thread will be stickied (permanently bumped to the top of its section) until the next feature comes out.
-You will receive the Story of the Month medal: Image.

How do I make my story eligible for a feature?
-Update it!
-Yup, that's it!
-Stories are selected randomly from all of the updated stories.
-The story topic must be bumped in some way for it to be seen (a new post must be made).
-More specifically, update it in the time since the last featured stories were chosen.

What does the timing look like on this?
-Each feature will contain 2 stories, and they will be posted every 2 weeks, on Sundays.
-Stories will be selected around a week before each feature. This gives you time to answer interview questions.
-If you get selected, please try to have your interview in by the Saturday before the feature is posted. Interviews can still be edited in after the feature is posted, if desired.
-Extra features may be added for special events/holidays!

So, good luck on having your story chosen! And, of course, please try to go and read stories that are featured! Happy Simming!
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