Featured Stories! Jan. 10, 2016

Featured Stories! Jan. 10, 2016

Postby Chase » January 11th, 2016, 10:23 pm

Featured Legacies & Stories for:
January 10th, 2016

Featured Stories has returned!
If you're curious on how this works, read up here: Info
Enjoy! Keep updating your stories on Boolprop to be eligible for a feature :plumbob2:


A Sparrow Legacy by Little White Comet
Enjoy insanity? Then join the Sparrows!
A Sims 2 Legacy: Click here to read!

Interview with the author:
When did you first start playing Sims? How did you find Boolprop?
I started playing the Sims when the Sims 2 was first released. I found Boolprop when I got curious about why all the other Sim players were constantly mentioning it.

What stories inspired you to make this, if any?
No stories. If I'm honest the only thing that inspired me was the need to complete a legacy but too lazy to do an alphabet one. So the Letter Legacy was born. Plus I wanted to name a set of twins Artemis and Apollo, and seeing as I'm still in Generation A maybe I'll still have that chance.

Which Sim from your story is your favorite?
Phoenix (Generation 3 Heir). Defiantly Phoenix Sparrow. While I did hold a great deal of love for Silver Sparrow (Generation 2 Spare), just like everyone else, as soon as Phoenix started becoming a character I fell in love with him.

What is your favorite thing about this family?
The insanity and randomness each Sparrow shows. Each time a Sparrow is born I can't wait for them to start showing their personalities, it's so much fun and like opening a present over and over again.


The TB Asylum by goeswithoutsinging
A Sims 2 Asylum Challenge: Click here to read!


Congratulations to both! Be sure to check out their stories! :D

Here is a special shout-out to those who have completed their stories since the last feature!!
It's been awhile since the last feature again, so there are a nice amount!!
An Heroic Apocalypse by Anne
The Dulcibella Legacy by WistfulRose
The McKee Legacy by Abby
Wynter Wonderland: a WYDC by Keika
Miles and Miles to Go (DITFT) by Teresa
The Desai Wonder Child Challenge by Taube
Bachelorette Challenge, Liresome Family by singinghymns
The Wonder Child Challenge by MeadowThayer
A BIG congratulations to you all!!! :party:
DOOM (An Alphabetocalypse) // Quest for a Queen BC // POKALYPTON // de Plomb DITFT (coming soon) // Tumblr // <3
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