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The Copeland Legacy

Postby 108sims » March 31st, 2019, 1:34 pm

The Copeland Legacy was founded in 2015. It has been my ongoing project since then, and the sims are near and dear to my heart. I hope you enjoy their adventures as much as I did!
Below I have a link to each generation on tumblr. In the spoiler box is a summary of the generation if you do not feel like reading it tumblr style.

Founding Generation: Marigold and Sunny
Generation 1
Founders Marigold and Sunny started out on an empty lot with nothing but a tent. They earned money through Marigold's writing and Sunny's painting. They were able to save up enough money for a partially furnished house before their first child, Aurora was born. After Aurora, Aubergine, Alder, Alpine, and Aloe followed. The house was decorated and the family grew. Aurora moved out with her boyfriend and took Alpine and Aloe with her. Aubergine was named heiress. Alder also found love and moved out with his girlfriend.

Generation Two: Aubergine and Myra
Generation Two
Aubergine was a serial romantic and was not in any hurry to settle down. Her first conquest was Malcolm Landgraab as a teen. Her second encounter left her pregnant with her first child, Bee. Being pregnant didn't stop her from pursuing her goals. She continued to rack up lovers. Once Bee was born, Aubergine ventured to Granite Falls. While there, she fell for several more sims, but she was most taken with the park ranger, Myra. When she left, she brought Myra with her. The two became engaged, but before the wedding, Sunny passed away. Aubergine soon learned she was expecting her second child. Marigold passed away not long after. Aubergine remained faithful to Myra for the rest of their days. They had four children together: Blossom, Bastille, Begonia, and Bluebell. Bluebell, the youngest, was named heiress.

Generation Three: Bluebell and Celine
Generation Three
Bluebell met Celine early on in her young adult years and had a whirlwind romance. After a rejected proposal, Celine changed her mind and decided to get married to Bluebell. It wasn't long before Celine was expecting their first child. Bluebell became very interested in woodworking, while Celine was more interested in becoming a body builder. Aubergine passed away before getting to meet her first grandchild. Celine gave birth to heiress Cyan, who was doted on by all. Cyan was very outgoing and made many good friends, especially another girl her age named Traci. Myra passed away, and the family went on a mini vacation camping in the park to lift their spirits. Before Cyan's teen birthday, Celine was expecting again. Cyan remains my only child to max all 4 child aspirations before becoming a teenager. During a joint birthday Bluebell became an adult, Cyan a teen, and Caraway was born. Though Cyan was able to fit in and make friends at school, she struggled with academics. She began overworking herself, which Celine caught onto and encouraged her daughter to take sometime to herself to relax. Celine began work in the doctor career, while Bluebell revealed she was expecting again. One night Celine was abducted, and lashed out at Bluebell and her kids. Scared to see their parents fight Cyan and Caraway encouraged the two to talk it out.

Generation Four: Cyan and Dimitri
Generation Four
Cyan celebrated her birthday with the joy of knowing she'd never have to go back to school again. Instead of entering a traditional career, Cyan took up gardening. Cyan's two younger siblings soon joined the family Cassia and Chrysanthemum. One day Cyan's friend Traci invited her out to lunch, and while there, she met Dimitri. Traci tried to not so subtly match make the two. Cyan and Dimitri started spending time together and soon became romantically involved. It wasn't long before there were wedding bells in the air. Caraway, now a teen, asked Cyan advice on wooing the sim of his affection, Cali. Caraway had grown into a smart and reserved boy, and wasn't confident when it came to the romance department. Cyan soon discovered she was expecting triplets, while Cassia and Chrysanthemum became children. Chrysanthemum was the more reserved of the two, but they both enjoyed tormenting their older brother. Romance began to bloom between Caraway and Cali as the two went on a diner date. Shortly after Celine's elder birthday, she was abducted again. The family decided to move to a new town.

After the move, we catch up with the family. The triplet, Duck, Dune, and Dove, are now teenagers, Cassia and Chrysanthemum are teens, and Caraway is a young adult about to marry Cali. Cyan is upset about the move because she had to leave her friends behind, but Dimitri shows her how fun the new town can be. The family attends the wedding party where Duck fusses about having to get dressed up. Cyan was surprised to learn that her best friend Traci and her family planned to move to the new town. She was excited to have her old friend back again! Dove makes friends with a local girl, Yvette, Duck makes friends with Traci's son Deonte, and Dune becomes friends with his cousin Elijah. The joy is short lived as Bluebell passes away. Traci and Cyan bond over shopping after their adult birthdays. Dune makes a club for all the triplets and their friends, so they'll always be together.

Now teenagers, Dove and Dune are enthusiastic to be older, while Duck is a little more apprehensive. Yvette invites Dove to a "party" at the Bluffs, that ends up being the two of them. They enjoy the evening at first, but later get in an argument. Dove later learns Yvette has feelings for her, and the two start dating. Dune wants to try out for the football team with his cousin Elijah. Celine is eager to train him and pass on her skills. The two cousins make the team and throw a party to celebrate. He hooks up with and begins dating Elsa. The night before the party, Celine is abducted by aliens again. This time, the kids are told what happened, and Duck vows to dedicate her life to investigating them more. Celine realizes she is getting older and begins saying her goodbyes to the family. Duck who feels increasingly uncomfortable and anxious in school and social situations decides to stop going all together. Deonte, who has remained her closest and only friend, suggests she talk to parents about home school. Duck's parents become furious at her for skipping school but later feel bad that they hadn't realized their daughter needed help for so long. Celine prescribes her anxiety medicine, and Duck begins homeschooling. During one of her siblings' many parties, Duck invites Deonte over to spend time together. She reveals she has feelings for him before running off to hide. Celine passes away a few days later. Dune and Dove are comforted by their significant others. Duck wanders over to the spot she and Deonte always visited as kids. He is there, and they discuss their mutual feelings, beginning a relationship.

Generation Five: Duck and Deonte
Generation Five
At the triplet's graduation party, Dove proposes to Yvette. Duck asks Deonte to be her date. Duck agrees to dress up this one time for her sister's wedding. Duck joins the scientist career, and is apprehensive at first, but she finds she gets along well with her coworkers. Dune and Elsa save up and buy a house together. Duck and Deonte's relationship slowly progresses. After Dune moves out, however, Duck is ready to take the next step and proposes to Deonte. They elope at their favorite childhood hangout. What Duck first suspects is an illness turns out to be a pregnancy. Dune visits to let the family know that he and Elsa are also expecting. Traci and Cyan become excited about becoming grandparents. Traci celebrates her elder birthday, and she and Cyan reminisce about their friendship. Deonte decides to make wood carvings for all of their children, and places one in the future baby's room. After a rough pregnancy, Dove gives birth to Eagle. The same night Elsa gives birth to Brody and Shana. Cyan and Dimitri become elders, and Duck learns she is expecting again. When she returns to work her boss is cruel to her about taking her maternity leave and that she is already pregnant again. Duck manages to build a satellite that provides a protective shield for the family to hide from aliens. However, she begins to work herself way too hard to keep up with her boss's expectations. After passing out at work, he fires her. Because her pregnancy has been so difficult, Duck and Deonte visit a doctor who lets them know that Duck dehydrated from all of her sickness and gave her medicine for nausea.Eagle has a birthday, and Duck is nervous about him starting school, but he enjoys it much better than she did. Soon, baby Eve joins the family. Dove and Yvette adopt a child of their own, Isabel.

One of Duck's former coworkers comes to her with a business idea of her own. Many of the old employees have quit due to the way the boss was treating them. Duck accepts the job as it allows her to work from home. Deonte decides to work as a chef as cooking is his passion. Duck becomes pregnant again. Deonte worries about how rough the last pregnancy was on her but is overall happy. Eve becomes a child, and Cyan, Dimitri, and Traci decide to take the kids on vacation. While out on a date Duck is confronted by her old boss. He chews her out causing her to have a panic attack. Deonte defends her, and goes to check on her well being. Duck realizes she needs to go back on her medicine to control her anxiety once the babies are born. While on the camping trip, all the cousins bond. Elm and Ember are born, and Duck and Deonte decide to try for one last addition to their family. Duck also builds a portal to Sixam and hopes to eventually travel there to find out what the aliens want with her family. Cyan and Dimitri say their goodbyes and pass on the same day. Duck falls into a deep depression, and spends most of her final pregnancy in bed isolated from her family. When she begins to feel better, she learns she is having triplets, and begins to get excited and decorates the nursery. Soon Emeraled, Esker, and Eden are born.

Elm and Ember become children. Elm immediately becomes bratty and jealous, especially towards Eagle. Meanwhile, at Dove and Yvette's house, Yvette's parents decide they don't want the responsibility of another child and leave Yvette's younger sister Brittnney in her care. As a teen Eagle bounce from hobby to hobby unable to stick to one, but decides on band because he is interested in fellow member Kinley, whom he eventually dates. On Duck and Deonte's adult birthday they travel to Sixam. There they meet Tom who lets them know that the abductions were to study human life. They also used to abduct sims and ask them if they wanted to carry an alien child. Most of the children ended up being unwanted and were sent back to Sixam. Tom and some other aliens decide to stay on SimEarth to repair their relationships with the sims there. Elm tries to tell Ember that teenage Eve won't have time for him because he's jealous of their connection. Eagle misses Ember and Elm's teen birthday because he is spending time with Kinley. This leads to one last showdown between the brothers before they make amends. The spend the rest of Eagle's time in high school hanging out as a family.

The aliens from Sixam arrive, and an alien hybrid Alana becomes close friends with Eve. Another hybrid, Branson, tries to stop her from leaving by planting doubts in her head. Ember and Elm go on a double date with twins Alexis and Alicia. Ember and Alicia hit it off while Elm and Alexis don't get along at all. Eagle learns that he and Kinley are expecting their first child. Alana becomes part of the family as Duck and Deonte act as the parental figures she never had. Alana opens up to Eve about how her human parents mistreated her before she was sent back to Sixam. Eve becomes a young adult and the triplets celebrate their teenage birthdays.

Generation Six: Eve and Alana
Generation Six
For Eve's birthday, she invites Alana to a club to celebrate and hopefully confess her feelings for her. Thankfully Alana is interested back. They begin to spend time together and become official. Eden discovers she shares her mother's love of science, while the other triplets don't have much direction as far as how the want their lives to go. Love is in the air as Eagle proposes to Kinley, and they plan a wedding before the baby is born. Emerald gets Eden to confess her feelings for her crush, and Eve and Alana talk about the possibility of getting married. The wedding was none too soon, as Duck and Deonte's first grandchild, Laura, enters the world that same evening. Eden is rejected by her crush, and is comforted by her parents. Meanwhile Emerald plans revenge but ends up embarrassing herself. Eve proposes to Alana. Eden and Emerald help Eve get ready for the wedding, and Duck helps Alana. Elm finds out that Alexis is dating his older cousin Brody and believes he'll be alone forever. At Laura's birthday party, Eve and Alana discuss having children. Ember and Elm have their young adult birthdays and move out. Ember and Alicia get tired of Elm's brooding and invite him out with them. After an encounter with Alexis, he meets Tess. The two hit it off and eventually fall in love. The twins have a double wedding with their respective spouses. Eve learns she is pregnant as do various other members of the extended family. Before the triplet's young adult birthdays, they figure out what to do with their lives. Eden is going to college to study science, Emerald is gong to fashion school, and Elm is going to look for a job in the technology field. Elm goofs off, while Eden meets her roommate Roxie and gets along well with her. During Eve's pregnancy, Alana goes out to be her treats when Branson returns. He tries to convince her SimEarth is dangerous, and tries to get Alana to leave with him. He is enraged when she refuses backs off for now. Alana is upset by the confrontation and confides in Eve about it but asks her not to tell anyone else. A worried Eve tells her mother, and when Alana finds out it causes their first major fight. They patch things up, and a while later baby Fiona is born.

Across town, Elm and Tess are upset by their inability to get pregnant. Tess throws a coin in a fountain wishing to become pregnant. Later on she learns she is expecting. Ember's wife Alicia also discovers she is expecting at the same time. Alvetta and Sophie join the family. Meanwhile, at college, Eden grows closer to Roxie and develops feelings for her. She's scared to admit it because of what happened the last time she had a crush. Roxie has feelings for her too. After graduating, the two move in together and learn they're expecting. After Paisley and Crispin are born, Roxie and Eden get married at a ceremony where both sides of the family attend. At fashion school, Emerald meets Penelope who introduces her to her older brother Cayden. Emerald brings out his fun side, while Cayden dotes on her and shows her many grand spots in town. Emerald discovers she's pregnant, and traditional Cayden marries her on the spot.

Elm realizes he needs a job as bills start piling up. He also becomes lonely because all of his siblings have married. He tries for a job but is rejected. He starts at a lower entry level position. Emerald discovers she is having triplets, and gives birth to Erich, Hayes, and Dion. On a particularly low night, Elm is abducted by aliens (even thought the aliens agreed to stop the abductions). Because of his loneliness he agrees to have an alien baby. Elm moves in, and it doesn't take long for the family to discover that Branson is behind the abduction. He was hoping Esker would give up his children and show Alana what human sims were really life. A distressed Alana leaves on vacation with Eve to take her mind off things. The family lets Tom and the other aliens know what is going on. While Eve is sleeping waiting for Alana to get home from work, Branson breaks in and attacks her. Alana arrives home and the two fight due to Branson refusing to believe she's happy here. He tries to kill Eve, but Alana knocks Eve out of the way telling her to run. Eve grabs her mother's freeze ray and freezes Branason, so he can't get away while they wait for Tom to collect him. Eve consoles Alana, and Branson is locked away for good. Eden comes up with an idea for the aliens and sims to work together to patrol both Sixam and SimEarth to make sure nothing happens again. They also set up rules about using rocket ships for travel and banning portal travel to Sixam and back. Eve discovers she is pregnant and Fiona has a birthday. She quickly becomes friends with her cousin and reveals a love of bunnies. Esker gives birth to twins Robbi and Hollie, and moves out with them. Eve gives birth to Faye. Roxie and Eden give birth to twins Felicity and Summer. Fiona, Paisley, and Laura best friends. Alana, Kinley, and Tess all are expecting again. Alana and Eve discuss moving to a new house due to the bad memories the old one holds. Fawn and Fern join the main family, Kinely gives birth to Carla and Vinny, and Tess gives birth to Marianna and Nigel.

The older kids become teens and celebrate by going to a party at the ruins. Elm is very overprotective of Alvetta which annoys her. Faye doesn't get along with her younger sisters as the don't share similar interests. Fawn, however, befriends grumpy cousin Erich. Duck and Deonte celebrate their elder birthday and renew their vows at their old hangout surrounded by friends and family. Duck and Deonte decide to take the older kids on vacation, where old friendships are strengthened and new friendships are made. Fiona discovers a passion for writing, especially romance novels. Eve decides to open up a retail store to sell nature items. Eden continues to work with the Sixam aliens to make sure both planets are there. On a trip over Paisley meets Audra, who she develops a crush on. Emerald deals with her sons' conflicting personalities and hires Paisley and Fiona to help with her clothing store. Fawn and Erich drift apart once he becomes a teen. Faye meets and begins dating a boy named Uriah. Fiona becomes sad and a little jealous of all the romance happening around her. She wishes to find her soulmate.

Generation Seven Fiona and Rochelle
Generation Seven
Fiona and the rest of the older cousins celebrate young adulthood with a graduation party. They all speak of their plans for the future. Fiona wished for love in a wishing well and decided to join a bachelorette challenge. She thought she could use the opportunity to meet new friends and find the love of her life. While things started out fine, little by little the challenge got out of control. One of the contestants, Haven secretly flirted with the other contestants to keep her options open. When Fiona finally confronted her, Haven mocked her for having no one who loved her leaving Fiona in tears. When it came down to her finale choice between contestants Rochelle and Kaleyah, Fiona chose Rochelle. However, she was heartbroken to say goodbye to Kaleyah who wanted nothing to do with her after the challenge. While she waited for Rochelle to move in, Fiona fell into a slump. Nothing brought her joy, and she hid away from the rests of the world, afraid of what they would think of her after seeing the challenge on TV. Her grandmother Duck was the only person she spoke to, due to her grandmother's worry about the family's history of depression. When Rochelle finally arrived to move in with Fiona, Fiona acted like everything was fine before breaking down in the kitchen. Rochelle comforted her, and Fiona spent the next little while getting back on her feet before inviting her family over for a house warming party and to meet Rochelle. Rochelle was nervous to meet Fiona's family and friends, but they all got along well. She especially bonded with Fiona's grandfather Deonte over their shared love of cooking. Kaleyah and Fiona also talked and came to an understanding. While they wouldn't necessarily be friends, both were moving on with their lives and wanted to get closure.

Fiona and Rochelle begin wedding plans. Fawn is uncomfortable at the idea about having to wear a dress. Fiona comes up with an outfit Fawn will like that also matches the rest of the bridesmaids. Eve and Alana become emotional over all of their children growing up and decide to try for another baby. Fiona and Rochelle get married in an old farmhouse and all of their family
and friends attend. Faye is annoyed that her boyfriend Uriah didn't show up to go to the wedding with her, and Fawn enjoys the wedding a lot more than she thought she would. Fiona and Rochelle head off for a honeymoon in Granite Falls. They have a great time relaxing despite getting food poisoning from a nearby restaurant. Rochelle and Fiona start discussing children. On their last day of vacation, the two visit a pool. Fiona gives Rochelle a nickname which makes her happy as she wasn't allowed to have a nickname as a child. Rochelle accidentally splashes another camper who yells at her. Rochelle becomes very upset as it reminds her of her abusive parents.

Back at home, Faye's boyfriend broke up with her via text message after the wedding. Before going to sleep, Faye wishes to have a whole new look and wakes up with different color hair and eyes. She learns she has the ability to change her appearance at will and works with Tom to control it. Fern and Fawn are tested and don't have powers. Fiona refuses to be tested. Eve reveals she is pregnant, and Fawn doesn't take the news very well. Fiona is a little upset by the news because she and Rochelle haven't been able to get pregnant, but she's happy for her mother. Fiona begins self-publishing, and Rochelle spends her time baking, though Fiona thinks she should open up a bakery or restaurant. Rochelle is just content cooking for fun. Fiona talks to Fawn and is able to make her see reason. Fawn then apologizes to Eve for acting so horrible throughout the pregnancy. Fiona and Rochelle have a false positive pregnancy leaving the two heartbroken when they find out it isn't true. They decide for the moment to not focus on having a child and focus on their aspirations instead. Eve throws a baby shower and invites the family. She then has a girl's day at the spa because Alana can see how worn out she's becoming. Fiona learns that her cousin Paisley is expecting. Eve gives birth to twins Finch and Faith. Fawn ends up liking the babies which gets her teased by Fern. Fiona and Rochelle feel bittersweet about visiting because they still have not conceived yet. Faye grows up and moves into an apartment with several of her cousins.

Fiona and Rochelle decide to visit Faye in the big city. The love guru gives Fiona a negative reading about their relationship, which upsets her. Rochelle decides they should renew her vows. During the festival and the day afterward. Fiona begins to glow. When the couple finally visits Faye, the apartment is nearly burned down because the cousins don't pay attention to what they were cooking on the grill. Faye believes that Fiona's glowing is an alien power, but Fiona wants to ignore. At Christmas time, Rochelle reveals that she is pregnant, and Fiona soon learns that she is also pregnant. Rochelle has worries about being a good mother due to her own mother's way of treating her. Fiona reassures her. Rochelle gives birth to twins, and Fiona gives birth to triplets. Guinevere, Grace, Glenn, Gideon, and Ginger join the family. Fiona and Rochelle also bond with an orphaned girl named Louise and adopt her into the family. The older generations move in to help Fiona and Rochelle take care of their large family. Louise becomes good friends with Faith and Finch. The triplets grow up, and Fiona and Rochelle go for a night out on the town to spend time just the two of them. She begins glowing again but tries to ignore it. However, she can't ignore her alien heritage any longer when she and Rochelle welcome little Gardenia into the family, who is born with green skin. Fiona is worried about telling her parents because she believes they'll be upset with her hiding this for so long. The kids hangout in one of their rooms while Fiona talks to her parents. Louise and the quintuplets reassure Gardenia that green isn't bad and that all the children are loved no matter what. Alana and Eve reveal that they know that Fiona has alien powers and that she is an empath. They enjoy getting to know little Gardenia.

Generation Eight: Gardenia and Laila
Generation Eight
As the years pass, Gardenia goes on to university early to study to be a doctor. Louise is a stay at home mom, Guinevere is a model, Grace finds work in the tech field, Glenn starts a large family, Gideon is terrified of everything, and Ginger becomes somewhat of a corrupt politician. Fiona writes LGBT+ books for both a younger and adult audience, and Rochelle works for a high end catering service. Gardenia is worried that she'll get special treatment at the hospital she works at due to her uncle being chief of staff, but she proves she deserves to be there on her own merit. She does have a bad run in with one of the richer patients, she asks her uncle for help, and though he steps in he tells her dealing with tough patients is part of the job. Gardenia worries she'll be fired, but Fiona reassures her that she'll be fine. Gardenia is overly focused on her work, and her friends invite her out to try and get her to have more fun. This leads her on a quest to prove how fun she is. During one of her adventures, she meets Azure and hits it off. Azure brings out even more of Gardenia's fun side. Azure and Gardenia start dating, and Gardenia rushes over to Louise's house to reveal the good news. Gardenia has her first kiss with Azure, and they also spend the night together after staying out late. Gardenia invites Azure over to a family dinner party and tells her how she feels like Azure is part of the family, and she loves her. She doesn't realize that Azure is uncomfortable and doesn't say I love you back. They then take their relationship to the next level. Gardenia proposes to Azure but is rejected. Azure had always viewed their relationship as casual and thought Gardenia felt the same way. Azure wants to continue the relationship as is, but Gardenia breaks things off. A heartbroken Gardenia throws herself into work and anything that can take her mind off of Azure. Gardenia is pregnant from her night with Azure, but she lives in denial of it for several months. Because Gardenia's sister Ginger is dating Azure's older sister, the two are able to arrange for Gardenia and Azure to meet and discuss the pregnancy. Gardenia gives Azure two options, help her co-parent the child or go on her separate way. She doesn't want Azure just popping in and out of the child's life. Azure chooses the second option and is thrilled to not have to help with raising a child. She tries to kiss Gardenia as she leaves.

Little Hope is born at the end of one of Gardenia's shifts. Due to being a single parent (though Gardenia's mothers help out) Gardenia and Hope become very close. Gardenia meets up with her friends. Some of them are now expecting, and she is also encouraged to start dating again. Gardenia just doesn't have the time between raising Hope and working. Gardenia is asked to help mentor Laila, a new employee at the hospital. Gardenia kind of has feelings for Laila but shakes them off. They bond over their competitiveness and ambition. On one of their outings, Laila kisses Gardenia. Gardenia initially panics, but then admits to her feelings. The two start dating. Gideon stops by to visit and lets his parents know he has found a boyfriend. Gardenia introduces Hope to Laila. Shortly after, Laila proposes. On their wedding night, Gardenia discovers she's pregnant. This upsets Hope, and she starts acting out. When Hope ages up into a child, she eventually comes to terms with having new siblings and is even excited about them. Gardenia has a complicated delivery and loses consciousness while giving birth. For that reason, it is highly suggested she not become pregnant again after Heart and Hero's birth. Gardenia becomes very touchy around the subject of pregnancy. Meanwhile, Hope takes school very seriously and is annoyed at having to work with partners that don't do their fair share of the work. Fiona feels as if she can sense her grandparent's presence in their house. Hope meets a new friend named Yasmin at the park. She learns that Yasmin is a man made plantsim. Her mother did not want to have any more pregnancies, so her father combined their DNA, and planted her in the ground. She was grown just like a plant and was ready to go as a young child. At Yasmin's house, her father worries about her telling her origin story and cautions her not to tell anyone else. At Hope's house, she suggests this as another way for Gardenia to have a baby. Gardenia gets upset and snaps at Hope. Fiona and Rochelle listen to Hope's story and while they believe it may be true, they caution her against bringing it up with her mother again. Gardenia and Hope make amends later that night. Fiona and Rochelle visit Yasmin's grandfather and confirm she is indeed a plantsim.

One evening, Fiona feels her grandparents' presence stronger than ever and receives a visit from her grandmother Duck. Duck lets her know that the sims of generations past are living as ghosts, and the current generations are immortal and will stop aging at their adult birthday. Heart proves to be as fussy a toddler as Gardenia. Laila switches to the critic career in order to see Gardenia and the kids more. Hope and Yasmin get "married" before their teenage birthday. Gardenia and Laila decide to have another child through a surrogate, and thus Hibiscus is born. The family also adopts several pets. Prince is especially close to little Hibiscus. Hope has a crush on Yasmin and is afraid of telling her. She confides in her friend Kiara and finds out basically everyone at school already knows. Hope tries to tell Yasmin at a party they both attend, but she runs out of time. Hope invites Yasmin over the next day, and the two share their first kiss and begin dating. Laila and Gardenia become friends with Yasmin's parents Ginger and Cormac.

Heart invites her friends over to play and thinks her friend Gerain is just the coolest. She also complains about how Hope dating is gross. Hibiscus is a little wild child and loves eating sugar and candy. Hero is more responsible and tries to help Hope in taking care of the siblings. Heart is stubborn and decides to not follow any rules that her siblings are also not following. Hibiscus soon becomes a child and starts training Prince to perform in competitions. Hope's cousin Seymour begs her to be in the science club she's a part of but is ultimately rejected by the other members due to his lack of scientific knowledge. Yasmin helps cheer Hope up after the hard decision. Hope encourages her friends Kiara and Sullivan to start dating. Hero, Heart, Hibiscus and their friends go to the park. Hero and his friends lament about not being recognized for their good grades. Heart spends her time fawning over Gerain and trying to imitate him, and Hibiscus and her friends get rejected when trying to play with the older kids. Hope and Yasmin celebrate their 18th birthday together at the pool. Yasmin is starting to grow flowers on her body.

Generation Nine: Hope and Yasmin
Generation Nine
Hope and Yasmin move out on their own and adopt two pet llamas, Fluffy and Scruffy. Hope joins her dream career as an astronaut and starts building her own rocket, while Yasmin enters the science career. Hope proposes to Yasmin out by the docks where they had one of their dates. Both rush home to tell their parents the good news and are married at a beach side wedding. Hero thinks it's romantic, while Heart of course complains. Heart doesn't have much luck with her own love life. She's unable to act like a normal person around her crush Gerain. Hero decides to help his cousin Charlotte with her crush Darrell, though they are both shy and not the most romantic of sims, they manage to get together and share a kiss after both agreeing to take a one time love potion. Hope is scared to woohoo and waits a while after her wedding. She tells Yasmin she is afraid of woohooing and becoming addicted to it and being a cheat like her bio mother Azure. Yasmin reassures her that it won't happen. Hope is soon expecting their first child. All the grandparents are excited, while Cormac also wants to study the baby. Heart overreacts open hearing the news thinking Hope will make her babysit. Hope gives birth to little Isla.

Prom night is approaching for the teenagers, and Hero has a date with the new girl Lauren. Everyone acts surprised that Laurent would be interested in him, making him self conscious. Heart goes to ask her friend Kelvin to the dance to make Gerain jealous, but he tells heart just to ask the other boy. She asks Gerain who is surprised she's interested in prom but agrees to go with her. The group has a good time. Heart and Gerain mess with each other: first he doesn't want to dance anymore, then he does, then he says he's making her wait for something. Gossip continues about Hero and Lauren, but Lauren tells Hero she isn't bothered by it. Heart decides to use singing as a way of expressing her emotion, and she calls Gerain over to teach her to play the guitar. She says no funny business, but they almost kiss. After many practice sessions and pent up frustration, they end up making out but start because they're in Heart's living room.Heart and Yasmin discuss the prospect of not having another kid as well as all the ways they could go about having another one. After not hearing back from Gerain after their kiss, Heart gives Hibiscus some questionable advice before she becomes a teenager. Heart decides to apologize to Hope about her past behavior. Yasmin learns she is expecting, and she also begins to grow more flowers on her body. Her father is again fascinated by the pregnancy. She gives birth to twins Icarus and Iridessa (who is green). Heart and Gerain take things to the next level, and Gardenia and Laila reveal they're leaving the house to Heart and Hope. They plan on moving, so Hibiscus can continue training Prince. Heart learns that she's pregnant with triplets. She puts off telling Gerain for as long as possible, but when he eventually learns the news, he's ecstatic and moves in. Less excited about the news is everyone else. Gardenia and Laila don't think they're ready, and Hope and Yasmin worry about the pregnancy too. Heart gives birth to Alvita, Shamar, and Dajuan. Hope and Yasmin do most of the parenting, and Hero tries to talk his twin into taking a bigger roll.

Heart's response to criticism to her and Gerain's parenting is to move out. They are surprised to be joined by her parents. Laila especially is overly critical not giving Gerain much of a chance. After staying a while, she is forced to admit that Heart and Gerain are capable parents. She and Gardenia planned on moving out once the triplets became kids, but Heart convinces them to stay. Hero and Lauren stayed together throughout high school and university. They plan on adopting a child, and Lauren wants to move up the wedding, so they are married before then. Something seems off about her motives, but Hero goes along with it. Surprising no one, Laila doesn't trust Lauren.Soon after the wedding, the family welcomes Cora who is doted upon by both her parents. Hero then learns Lauren's big secret was that she was pregnant. Everything was happening so fast, and she feared the commitment of getting married and starting a family so quickly. Hero stands by her, and they give birth to a little girl named Dahlia. Hibiscus moves in with Fiona and Rochelle after her young adult birthday. She decides to enter a bachelorette challenge despite Fiona warning strongly against it. The challenge quickly goes off the rails. First Hibiscus is ignored, and then she is continually slapped by those who are interested in her when they catch her "cheating." She has a strong bond with contestant Clayton and just wants to run off and leave the show behind. She ends up cutting the show short and marries Clayton. They move into a small farmhouse and begin their own farm. She gives birth to a daughter Chameli before learning she is pregnant again. Hibiscus, Clayton, their daughter, and Prince move back in with Fiona and Rochelle while they figure out what to do. Rochelle is sad that Chameli doesn't want to bond with her. Hibiscus ends up going into early labor, and is flown to the nearest hospital to give birth to her son Avonaco.

All is good at the main Copeland house. Isla continues to grow and learn, and Hope and Yasmin advance in their careers. Isla is sad when her younger siblings have to grow up because she loves them being little. Yasmin decides to work in science full time after trying a brief stint as a secret agent. The lab she works at consists of her father, her great aunt, and her friends from school. More babies are born when the llamas give birth to three little ones. They are hit with the kids, especially Icarus. Iri and Icarus grow up. They are both immediately fascinated by school projects. Iri likes video games and cleaning, while Icarus tries his hand at writing a song. Isla is sad that the twins don't want to play with her right away, but Hope tells her to give it time. While Icarus performs his song, Yasmin finds herself unable to breath and eventually drops dead. Hearing screams inside the house, Hope and the others come running. Both Hope and Iridessa plead for Yasmin's life. The Grim Reaper is upset with how Yasmin came to be and said it is her time because they messed with mother nature. However due to their pleading, Yasmin is given a second chance at life. Hope calls up Yasmin's parents and let them know what happened. Cormac blames himself for using science to create Yasmin, and Ginger blames herself for being scared to carry another pregnancy to term. They both realize it's no one's fault, and invite Yasmin over to see for themselves that she is okay. Cormac promises to do some more investigating to make sure Yasmin is good condition.

Generation Ten: Isla, Icarus, and Iridessa

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