Henley History { Update Oct. 10! }

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Henley History { Update Oct. 10! }

Postby limestar » February 27th, 2015, 1:50 am


So this is my first Sims 4 Legacy! I'm pretty much still discovering the game but I thought I'd share my little story and sims with the rest of you!
It does have a bit of a narrative vibe to it so please excuse my writing as it evolves!

All pictures are photoshopped (lol) so tell me if I overdo it.
Anyways without further ado!

Generation 1.
Chapter 1; Same old start
Chapter 2; Just good friends
Chapter 3; First time's the charm! Update!
Chapter 4; There's a hobo in the park? Update!

Legacy Laws
- Equality Inheritance, successors can be either gender.
- Bloodline Strict Traditional, only those related to the original founder can inherit.
- Random baby numbers, On inheritance I'll roll a 6 sided dice to decide how many children each generation has. MWAHAHAHA.
- Heirs will be decided by poll.
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Re: Henley History { Update Oct. 10! }

Postby limestar » October 6th, 2015, 9:35 am

Getting back into simming as my computer recovers from a bad lag virus, the Henley family is still sleeping soundly and is back with a 2 part update and a brand new SIMBLR! <---spoilers galore in there, yee be warned!

Would appreciate any feedback or comments, keep on simming!
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