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The Giano Legacy

PostPosted: July 6th, 2015, 10:52 am
by efire2001
I’ll be starting a new legacy. It will start with Hailey Giano. She is Genius, Romantic, Family-Oriented. Her aspiration is to find her perfect soulmate. I do use CC on her.

Backstory: Hailey Giano came from an Italian family. She wasn’t loved by her family. Not even her parents. She was an only child. Hailey still managed to be alright in the end. The thing that she was told that got her discouraged was that she was an accident and wasn’t supposed to be here. At school kids bullied her but that didn’t bother her because her best friend Kayla was always around for her when she was down. Kayla’s mother finally took Hailey in as her own because of how her family was treating her. Hailey did manage to get a boyfriend but that didn’t last long after he was caught cheating. Hailey aged into a beautiful young adult. She decided that she needed to move out on her own. So Kayla’s family gave her $1800 to start off with after she bought a huge chunk of land. This is where we start her legacy!

There is more on my blog!