The Nix Round Robin ISBI

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The Nix Round Robin ISBI

Postby apocalypticautumn » October 8th, 2015, 8:12 pm

Welcome to mass idiocy~ :party2:
Autumn: 1st Gen
Sam: 2nd Gen
Taube: 3rd Gen
Emmalouise: 4th Gen
nicholaplaysthesims: 5th Gen

Chapter 1 :lightning:
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Re: The Nix Round Robin ISBI

Postby Taube » October 8th, 2015, 10:24 pm

You did great with some tough disruptions! And besides, it's an ISBI, so chaos is kind of the name of the game, right? :haha:
The same-sex mod surprise made me laugh, though it must have made you want to pull your hair out. At least they're Eliana's biological children, even if she didn't birth them. I think Santino is cute, so I'm excited to see how the genetics shake out. Great start and way to persevere!
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Re: The Nix Round Robin ISBI

Postby Mauricette » February 2nd, 2016, 5:23 pm

Oh my gosh!
I understand that would totally suck accidentally having three infants to take care of all at the same go, but I'm pretty darn jealous. none of my sims4 sims have had kids yet. (because i keep deleting them becuase finding a spouse is sooo hard for girls! at least in my case.)

Also I am so sorry to hear about the car wreck. My very best wishes that you and yours are safe and on the mend.
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