The Charon Legacy [1.1]

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The Charon Legacy [1.1]

Postby Mizumei » October 27th, 2015, 10:00 am

Welcome to my first every documented legacy!

Founding Generation:

Chapter 1.1: Crash Landing
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Re: The Charon Legacy [1.1]

Postby Thaitanic » December 5th, 2015, 7:33 pm

Oh my gosh! I love it! :)

Nyx is such an adorable founder, and yes, definitely not an alien :lol:
S/o to your Commander Shephard because she is PERFECT!!! If I had TS4 I'd be begging for a download link right now :) (And your simself is just as cute! Is your hair really that colour? :o )
The studio shack is adorable; I do like it when legacy founders start with walls. It's just such a good sign for the rest of the legacy haha
And those athletic clothes! I think I need to get those leggings. :cheeky:
Phoenix is cuuuute, him and Nyx will make such adorable children it will be impossible for him to Hate them pff

I really love your narrative style, it's really light and fun. And you've definitely earned a follow on tumblr from me~ I hope you continue with this!
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