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Chimera Rainbow Legacy - Update 1

PostPosted: June 28th, 2016, 5:48 pm
by Teresa
Chimera Rainbow Legacy
It is time to begin another attempt to complete a Sims 4 legacy. Hopefully this time will result in colorful fruits. Or, 10 generations of sims will work also.

To set the stage, this will be a matriarchy where the first natural-born girl will be the heiress. A lot of strawberries will be eaten. In the case of female twins, the heiress will be the one that I like the best.

Additionally, this legacy will attempt to complete a simplified version of the Differences in the Family Tree. This means each generation will be assigned an aspiration cluster and career field. They will need to complete each of the aspirations within their cluster along with both branches of the career. The active careers will be grouped into a coordinating generation. By the end of the legacy, the family will need to own a retail store and a restaurant. Both will need to be fully tricked out with all of the perks available.

Finally, this will be a rainbow legacy. Each generation will be assigned a color and will need to dye their hair and color coordinate their wardrobe.

I will not be tracking points, and if you have seen my previous work, it won’t be much of a story. My goal is to finish this legacy so that I can finally receive the medal on Boolprop… In fact, the rules will be followed loosely – no cheating for ten generations. The family will move, they will merge with other households, and there will not be much randomizing – if it is possible in game without cheating, it is fair game.

Generation One - Red
  1. In the Beginning
  2. Settling In

Re: Chimera Rainbow Legacy - Update 1

PostPosted: July 1st, 2016, 7:11 am
by Abby
Ooooooh I like the look of this legacy, and I like how you have incorporated DITFT as well. :)

Cherry is a very pretty founder! Can't wait for more. :)