Valentines 2019 ... Quote/Lyric/Picture

Valentines 2019 ... Quote/Lyric/Picture

Postby itsjulie » January 6th, 2019, 5:52 am


Valentines 2019


Boolprop is a home for writers, so why not give yourself a writing challenge to celebrate Valentines.
In the spoilers below are some inspiration for this special one-round challenge -
one picture, one quote, one lyric.
You can take inspiration from one, two, or all three and share with us a quick short story, a poem, a sims chapter - anything!


We will put the submissions to a member vote and the winner will get a Winner's Choice medal!!
Plus, every member who enters something into this event will recieve 50 house points AND a Members Star!!


It is better to have loved and lost,
than never to have loved at all.

The Other Side ... Ruelle

I don’t wanna know, who we are.
Without each other, it’s just too hard.
I don’t wanna leave, here without you.
I don’t wanna lose, part of me.
Will I recover, that broken piece.
Let go and unleash, all the feelings, ooh.

Did we ever see it coming, will we ever let it go.
We are buried in broken dreams.
We are knee deep without a plea.
I don’t wanna know what it’s like, to live without you.
Don’t wanna know the other side, of a world without you.

Is it fair, or is it fate?
No-one knows.
The stars choose their lovers,
save my soul It hurts just the same,
and I can’t tear myself away.

Did we ever see it coming, will we ever let it go.
We are buried in broken dreams.
We are knee deep without a plea.
I don’t wanna know what it’s like, to live without you.
Don’t wanna know the other side of a world without you.

I don’t wanna know (echo),
I don’t wanna know (echo),
I don’t wanna know (echo),
I don’t wanna know (echo).

We are buried in broken dreams.
We are knee deep without a plea.
I don’t wanna know what it’s like, to live without you.
Don’t wanna know the other side, of a world without you
Can’t live without you



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Re: Valentines 2019 ... Quote/Lyric/Picture

Postby bookloverblue » February 1st, 2019, 7:20 am

Inspired by the quotation, and set prior to the events of The Miskin Legacy.

Myron's Sonnet
(for Lady Amelia Miskin, née Blackwood)

When we first met, I thought you were divine:
Nobility and beauty wrapped in grace.
Within that moment, I knew you were mine -
A blissful future seen in your fair face.
Yet destiny dictates it's not to be:
It is my brother you now love and wed.
So dwell with him in blessed matrimony
Whilst I still breathe... yet know that I am dead.
For never will I hold you in my arms,
Your tender lips shan't grace me with a kiss.
Tell me - what happiness, blessings or charms
Can come forth from a heart destroyed like this?
Still, I've one comfort now that I'm alone:
Better a love lost, than love never known.

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Re: Valentines 2019 ... Quote/Lyric/Picture

Postby mojot89 » February 2nd, 2019, 2:38 pm

Inspiration from the photo, I created a haiku!

In the black of night,
The stars shining above us,
You're safe in my arms

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Re: Valentines 2019 ... Quote/Lyric/Picture

Postby somebodysangel » February 2nd, 2019, 10:45 pm

Inspired by the quote, a short story.

Stormy Skies

“Mummy, I scared!” The thin voice comes through the wall a second before her bedroom door flies open. Nikki barely has time to prop herself up before Jade lands on her lap. Her arms close around the tiny body, and she rests her chin on her daughter’s head. It’s no mystery what woke Jade. Outside, rain lashes at the windows, wind whistles through the trees, while thunder and lightning compete for the attention of those awake to watch the show. Nikki finds herself wishing for the simple fear of a storm and for the comforting warmth of strong arms around her, promising to protect her. But she is the protector, and her own fears have to be pushed aside. Eventually, Jade lifts her head to look at her mother. She has her father’s eyes, and Nikki is suddenly taken back to the night he died, the sound of his hoarse voice as he tells her he’s sorry and that he loves them both. She struggles to push away the memory, is just manufacturing a smile for her daughter, when everything goes black.

Jade shrieks and claws closer to Nikki. She tightens her arms and kisses the top of her daughter’s head. “It’s just a blackout, Peanut, don’t worry.” Even as she says the words, she knows they won’t help. It’s the first time they’ve lost power since Jade became old enough to understand the concept. Fear of the dark is an instinctual emotion; it doesn’t respond to logic. At three, Jade should be too young to understand that there are worse things in this world than not being able to see. But she’s already experienced more pain and heartache than many adults - even if she doesn’t fully understand the implications of the words “daddy’s not coming home”.

Sliding out of bed and perching Jade on her hip, Nikki walks over to the dresser to collect the candle and matches she keeps there for just this reason. Lighting it, she carries it and Jade over to the window seat. The curtains are thrown back so that they can see the storm.

She cuddles Jade close and leans against the window. “Your daddy loved storms,” she says, her voice quiet against the crash of the thunder. Jade doesn’t move, but Nikki can tell she’s listening. “Before you were born, he and I used to dance around the backyard when it rained, until we were both soaked to the skin. He would watch for each flash of lightning and count the seconds ‘til the thunder.”

Jade looks up at her, curiosity replacing the fear in her wide blue eyes. “Was daddy scared of the dark?”

Nikki smiles fondly. “No. He loved the dark and the sea and everything most people are afraid of. He was only ever scared of losing us, his girls. He loved you so much, peanut.”

Jade ponders this as a flash lights up the room then, as the thunder roars overhead, she smiles and blows out the candle.

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Re: Valentines 2019 ... Quote/Lyric/Picture

Postby Chels » February 2nd, 2019, 11:01 pm

This inspired by my the lyrics and my momma's and me legacy challenge.

I will play your sim for you, because I know you would want me to.
I will make sure he sings everyday, like you made him do.
All his skills are all maxed out, you deserve a shout!
He is pretty fun to play, that is without a doubt.

Mom, I miss you everyday...
But sims I will still play.
It was our favorite thing to do.
I will play sims for you...

I know I will see you again, but it might be awhile
Heaven must be pretty fun, they must love your smile
When that time comes and we meet at heaven's gate
I hope we laugh about the legacy, because it's pretty great.

Love you Momma! :heart:

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Re: Valentines 2019 ... Quote/Lyric/Picture

Postby simnights » February 3rd, 2019, 3:17 am

This all reminded me of the opening to a story that is sadly lost to the winds of a failed hard drive now :ouch: But I wrote the same characters at a different point in time for this event! :)

“Do you ever think about leaving for good?” Nora asked, pulling the amber bottle to her lips to take a swig of the cheap beer they always brought out here. Stargazing in the desert had been a weekly ritual for them since Junior year when she’d gotten her license.

Marco’s eyebrows shot up, a bit surprised. “Why, do you?”

She looked down and traced a spiral pattern in the dirt beside her, shrugging. “I mean, you get to leave,” she mumbled.

It had been like this for three years: Marco leaving for the semester away at college and then returning for a week or two or three, slightly different every time. She knew that one day he’d come back a complete stranger, and her best friend would no longer exist.

Marco exhaled and leaned back on his palms, examining the night sky, covered in glittering diamond specks that were a million miles away. When he left, he might as well have been a million miles away, too.

They were quiet for a while, the two of them listening to the soft sounds of their crappy old radio as it hummed out a slightly staticy classic rock lineup.

“It’s not hard, leaving,” he said at last. “It’s harder coming back.”

There it was.

All the air left Nora’s body, and she tried not to betray the knife she felt stuck in her chest as she scrambled to her feet and turned away from him. “Yeah,” she spat, “I bet.”

“Nora,” his voice was pleading, “that’s not what I mea-”

“Save it,” she told him, her voice strained and her heart suddenly tired. “I don’t care anymore.”

“I don’t think you mean that,” he whispered. She felt his hand on hers, and he pulled her around to face him.

She scowled at him, her free hand clawing away the bitter tears that had started to slide down her cheeks, betraying her, telling him everything she couldn’t let him know.

His expression was soft and sad, his eyes pained. “I’m done with this game, Nora.”

“What game?”

“The one where we pretend that we aren’t in love.”

“But you left,” she whispered bitterly, ignoring one truth and trying to let the other push them apart until Marco was light years away from her again and she wouldn’t have to feel anymore.

“And you waited.” Marco lifted his palm to her cheek, wiping away a tear with his thumb. “Even after I told you not to.” He chuckled softly.

She lifted her gaze to meet his. “You’d always been there, Marco. I never wanted to know who I was without you.”

“I know. I didn’t either,” he admitted. “But that’s not how it works, Nora. We have to know who we are ourselves before we can love someone else as wholly as they deserve.”

His arm slipped up behind her, pulling her closer to him. Nora’s pulse quickened. She searched his face for any sign of doubt, anything to latch onto that could justify her pulling away, but found only softness in his expression.

“The more I figure out who I am, the more I regret losing all this time with you,” he whispered.

She felt the same, but she would never tell him. Her heart knew he was right, about everything. Her head still wanted her to fight this.

She closed her eyes and pulled him down to her, resting her forehead against his for a long moment while her inner self waged civil war. Run and be pissed forever, or give in and admit that she was so thoroughly, completely in love with her best friend?

In the end, her heart beat out all the bitter resentment she'd harbored towards him since he'd left. It's not like he'd wanted to leave her behind, she decided, it was just some unfortunate thing that had happened.

She pulled back and looked at him, hesitating, the corners of her mouth twitching upwards and downwards as she tried to muster up the courage to say something, anything. Marco’s expression grew more and more agonized with each passing second, but he relaxed slightly as she snaked her hands around the back of his head, feeling the silkiness of his dark hair between her fingers.

She pulled him towards her again. She paused as their noses bumped together, smiling up at him. He grinned back down at her before he tilted his head to the side so she was able to close the space between them.

“I surrender,” she murmured against his lips before she melted into him.

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