Harlot's Legacy/ISBI - Nightlife Required

Harlot's Legacy/ISBI - Nightlife Required

Postby MichelleCYoung » July 18th, 2019, 10:46 pm

I created this challenge to have something fairly quick to play through 2019 SimNaNo, since I clean forgot what month it was until the 18th, and wanted to be able to have something to do on my newly uninstalled/reinstalled vanilla game.

So, here are the rules:

Harlot's Legacy/ISBI is a five-generation Legacy/ISBI, where you control only the founder and heiress (matriarchal primogeniture! I remembered the terms!) through their LTWs. I was going to have rolls for the different LTW and aspirations, but have decided to just assign them, instead.
Founder - Pleasure - Have 50 1st Dates
Gen 2 - Romance - Woohoo 20 different Sims
Gen 3 - Pleasure - Have 50 Dream Dates
Gen 4 - Romance - Have 20 Simultaneous Lovers
Gen 5 - Full circle - Have 50 1st Dates

Spares are uncontrollable, so you just roll everything, or use your favorite randomizer.

ALL heirs and founders MUST achieve their LTW, or you fail the challenge. If they die, you are allowed to revive them (if you went through university and got the bone phone from paranormal career, or if you are an evil witch, and raise them as a zombie, by magic). They may NOT move out, except to go to college, but must move back in after graduation/drop out. After they complete their LTW, they may not move out, but after they die, you may, if you choose, move their graves to a cemetery, if the ghosts annoy you. Or zombify/vampirize them, so they live forever, and save their LTW for last. Play it how you want it. The challenge ends when all five have completed their LTW, regardless of order.

The founder is controlled, and her heiress is controlled, and all the spares are NOT controlled, with the following exceptions:
A) May choose a makeover on their birthdays, but only on their birthdays. If you forget that day, tough luck. You MAY allow them to try on clothes before purchasing, or purchase new clothes for the family wardrobe and let them choose from there.
B) Teens who have earned at least 3 scholarships may go to college (where you may control them if you wish). If you think they are close for something you can't see, such as dance or pool, you may command them to make the phone call to apply for/check on scholarships. You can wait until their adult birthday to make the phone call to go off to college (for possibly more money) or send them to college from the college screen. Also, if your teens have earned a grade of A-, A, or A+, you may also use one command to get them a teen job, for the scholarship.
C) Adults/Elders may choose to move out, IF they have a lover, with a red heart. Alternately, if their red-heart lover is a playable, you may invite them to move into the playable's household, or marry them in from there. If you have room in the house and want the wedding party, you may have the spare marry-in their lover, then have them both immediately move out, but you MUST have a wedding party if you do this.

When dealing with spares, feel free to use all the influence you want.

You may give gifts, without any restrictions, so feel free to hand out the cell phones and mp3 players or give away broken appliances.

Your founder/heiresses and teens who are trying for scholarships, may take any career they like, or no career at all. Feel free to make a living by selling date rewards. Your sims are harlots, after all. :flirt: Businesses are unrestricted. Feel free to open a brothel or two!

Your sims may make unlimited use of any and all NPCs, including matchmaker and Garden Club. This isn't a trailer park challenge, and who says harlots can't be rich and have servants? Get a sexy butler, if you'd like and can afford it.

Start on whatever size lot you like, including a pre-built home or college dorm. Although, due to date rewards, I recommend not having an apartment, unless you have a fix for moving the date rewards. The family, as a whole, may move to a new home at any time, if you want to upgrade, or the lot gets too glitchy. However, you can't just start over with the latest heiress, while the rest of the family stays behind. If they are not eligible to move out, they certainly may not be left behind! If they are eligibile to move out, move them out before moving the family home.

It's a simple enough challenge, right? No points. No handicaps or advantages and very few restrictions. But the potential for all sorts of drama! The most important rule is Have Fun! :smooch:
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