Hollywood's Challenge

Hollywood's Challenge

Postby Hollywood3015 » June 9th, 2021, 7:39 am

I honestly don't know what to call it.. It has BaCC elements and thats what I refer to it as but it's also VERY different from a normal bacc sooo yeah. Anyway, I finally sat and wrote up the rules and I am pretty proud of them. I hope everyone else enjoys it as well.

The Challenge

I will start off by saying.. I had never planned to share this so I hope it makes sense. Second, I have WAY too many custom careers in my game. If you have those custom careers feel free to add those to these rolls.

Most importantly, no cheating. Don’t use a hack to find the career for your sim, make them have to search for it.

Start off by rolling a d20, this will determine the amount of sims you have in said neighborhood. You can customize your families however you like. I have a nifty system I use for my cas families so thats always nice.

Your sims cannot start as supernatural.

Every sim will start with a different range of money to have a different outcome in their BaCC experience.

Roll a d6 to determine which your sim will be:
1: Poor (§10,000)
2-3: Lower Middle Class (§25,000)
4-5: Upper Middle Class (§40,000)
6: Rich (§75,000)

It is important to note that you never have to open a business if you don't want to. At least not player run.. Every 4 households you automatically gain a community lot. (4th, 8th, 12th etc)

Starting off your SM would be 1 x (the amount of ppl you rolled for.)

*First CL (Community lot) +5
*Every 4 CL +5 points
*Sim tops a career +1 (Only one per sim.)
*Downtown opened +5
*A University opened +5
*A Vacation hood opened +2

Sims pay taxes to the treasury. This is used to pay for things you need in your neighborhood like the 10k to open adoption services or the fire dept but also subhoods. . My tax system is very .. complete but you can have it however you want. Just know everyone has to follow these tax rules.

For every Family you have, your treasury gets 10k. If you start out with 5 families that would be a 50k treasury you are starting out with.

Starting out ALL careers are locked until that career is rolled for, then from there you have x amount of openings. The careers are NEVER fully unlocked as you must always roll for those careers.

Once a season you roll to see what's doing and what is unlocked. I recommend playing for one sim week as that would probably be ideal. You can of course and always change how often you roll. It just has to stay consistent.

The best way your sim is going to make money is by having a business as a career isn't guaranteed or by doing other means like painting or gardening..

In this BaCC you don’t earn [per say] new cas members or families, you roll for it. [More on that in the rolls section]

You MUST play every sim for the same amount of time.

Adoption: Becomes unlocked once 10k is paid out for an orphanage. You don't have to play this orphanage to unlock this feature. Once this feature becomes unlocked and your sims roll for this you are free adopt the amount of children. (Again, this is a roll. You must roll for it in order to have the child. More when we get to rolls to understand what I mean)

Pet Adoption: Same applies for pet adoption. The town must pay 10k (Animal Shelter) Once this becomes unlocked and you roll for it you may adopt pets

(If you keep spread sheets like I do I would advise you have a section for pet and child adoption. Just in case you have not paid for it but you've rolled for those you can keep track of how many child and pet adoptions your sims can have.

Butler: This requires 5 rich sims to be in the neighborhood. Understand you must roll for the money EVERY time you are able to add a cas member/family into your hood.

Exterminator: This unlocks after there have been 5 lots with roaches on them

Gardener/Garden Club: Is unlocked once 10 people have a gold gardening badge.

Maid: Same as butler.

Matchmaker: When 2 people top Paranormal

Nanny: Unlocked when you have 10 teenagers

Pet Trainer: Once pet adoption is completed

Repairman: When 5 people max mechanical

Grocery Delivery: Is unlocked with the opening of a grocery store. No matter if it is player owned or town owned.

Food Delivery: Is unlocked with a restaurant

Police: Once 4 people top law enforcement

Fire service: When 10k is paid out for a fire station

(If you have the NPC career mods your sims may work these once they are unlocked)

All subhoods cost 500k.. Building materials are expensive but that's the only way people can get in and out of town.

1 vacation hood is unlocked for every downtown or you can unlock them by themselves and only spend 250k

University is the only exception. That costs money but also needs a population. You need 5k population in order to have a university.
For University you also have to roll to determine how many slots are open for your sims...Can’t just send everybody.

APARTMENTS: Unlock once you have a population of 500

Now onto the fun part! Rolls! Careers, adoption [pet and sim], extra money, extra community lots etc are all determined via rolls. I think it adds a little flare to the challenge.

New settler! [Roll a d6 to determine the size of the family you are adding to your hood]
Win 5k
Adopt a pet
Adopt a baby
+2 Athletic career
+1 Adventurer career
+1 Architecture career
+1 Artist career
+2 Business career
+3 Criminal
+2 Dance
+1 Education
+2 entertainment
+1 Gamer
+2 Intelligence
+1 Journalism
+1 Law
+1 Law Enforcement
+2 medicine
+3 military
+1 music
+1 natural scientist
+1 oceanography
+1 paranormal
+1 politics
+2 science
+1 slacker
Dead.. Dead as hell [Kill one sim of your choice. The gods have not been kind to you]
+1 show business
Throw a party and invite over only settlers
Get a sim pregnant by anyone you want
Send 4 sims to college [+4 college opening slots]
You didn’t make the cut [Pick one sim to be fired from their job]
Add 10k to the treasury.
Winter was rough! Roll a d15 to determine how many meals your family can eat during their round.
36-40 NOTHING, Not a thing happens for your sim.

As stated before, if you have custom careers you want to add, pick a number 1-3 for how many slots open in that career and tack it on after 40.

If you need an example of a Spreadsheet here is mine:

SM: 11 [my sim multiplier]
Playable Sims: 20 [the amount of sims i have in my neighborhood]
Population: 220 [those added together = my total population. You need 50k to complete challenge]
Treasury: 42,150 [This is where I keep track of my treasury. I update this every time a sim pays taxes or I buy a subhood or open an adoption agency]
Pets Available: 0
Children Available: 0
College slots: 0
[this is where I keep track of how many pets or sims I have available to adopt as well as how many of my sims can go to college. Seeing as I have yet to roll for college I have nothing.]
Community Lots: 5
***Child Adoption: 10k/10k (Open)
*** Pet Adoption: 0/10k
*** Butler :3/5 Rich sims
*** Exterminator: 0/5 Lots w roaches
*** Gardener./Garden Club: 0/10 Gold gardening badges
*** Maid: 3/5 Rich Sims
*** Matchmaker: 0/2 Paranormal career
*** Nanny: 6/10 teens
*** Pet trainer: Pet adoption available
*** Repairman: 0/5 max mechanical
*** Grocery delivery: No
*** Food Delivery: No
*** Police: 0/4 Top law enforcement
*** Fire Dept: 10k/10k (Open, Fire Dept Career Open)
*** Vacation: No
*** Downtown: No
*** Business District: No
*** University: No
Apartments: No
Oceanography - 1/1 (Carter Spring)
Military - 1/1 (Neil Summer)
Intelligence - 2/3 (Katharine Winter, Maura Waller)
Kindergarten - 0/1
Robotics - 0/2
Fire Dept - Open (Raul Waller)
Ice Cream Vendor - 0/1
Beekeeper - 0/1
School Transportation - 1/1 (Kathy Farmer)

I hope this helps you and have fun!
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