Zombie Family Legacy

Zombie Family Legacy

Postby MichelleCYoung » January 16th, 2015, 3:26 am

Your goal: Establish a zombie legacy of eight generations of zombie within the same household.

* Start with a young adult founder at college.
* Play the founder however you like.
* Acquire the "Bone Phone," either by taking it from Secret Society lot, or by earning the Paranormal career Reward
* Founder has one or more children
* Choose heir from amongst children.
* Founder MUST DIE within ONE WEEK of choosing the heir.
* Re-animate founder as a zombie, within 48 hours of founder's death.
* Keep founder in family household for the rest of the legacy.
* Generation 1 heir has one or more children, chooses heir, then dies within one week, only to be re-animated within 48 hours later.
* Keep Gen. 1 heir in family household for the rest of the legacy.
* Repeat the process until you have the founder and 7 generations of zombie heirs in family.
* Game ends when the 7th generation heir is re-animated as a zombie.
* No cheats to allow extra-large households. However, if you manage to have 7 sims in the house, and then get multiple births on the pregnancy, that is OK. Cheesecake is allowed, but no "force twins" cheat. Trips and Quads IS allowed, but must chose "random number of babies."

You may move-in and move-out any sims at any time, except founder/heirs, who must remain in the household forever, except to go to college. If an heir goes to college, they must move directly back into the household upon graduation.

ONLY the founder and heirs may live in the household as zombies. Others may be raised from the dead, but either not as a zombie, or if you raise them as a zombie, they must move out, directly. This way, you can enjoy seeing a zombie Bigfoot or zombie Servo, and play them in another household. Or, you can zombify all your spares, if you want. Just move them out directly, keeping only the founder and heirs.

As tempting as it may be to zombify your heir for the undead scholarship, remember that the heir must PROCREATE (adoption does NOT count), so leave it be. Spares, on the other hand, may be zombified as teens, for the undead scholarship. However, they must then go immediately to college, and not move back into the legacy household for any length of time after graduation, unless they have been cured of zombieism.

Bonus Challenge: Founder and heirs must all die by cow plant, and the person who drinks the cow plant milk must be the one to raise the dead as a zombie.

Another Bonus Challenge: Get a zombie-vampire-werewolf-plantsim-alien BEFORE the final generation.

Note: No real scoring system, here, unless someone wants to assign some point system in the replies. Anyone?

This may not seem like much of a challenge, but as the generations go on, crowding will become a real issue, making it harder to get those future generations. Besides, zombies come with their own set of challenges. Anyway, it should make for some interesting stories.
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