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The Caveman challenge by breakingthenight (TS2)

PostPosted: February 19th, 2017, 2:38 pm
by katrisims
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Ok, so I've just downloaded all of the stuff from MTS's simstones set, and I love it...Which prompted me to write a new challenge!

The Caveman Challenge

-No cheats except for glitch-fixing and (if you want) changing townie's clothes to cavepeople stuff. I suppose money cheats are okay for the sake of building and such...But remember a founder would not have very much money, and probably a small "cave"...
-Try to make it authenticish. I recommend basically just using the simstones stuff and recolors...This means you can have TV's and stuff but they will look caveman-ey.
-For food, the only thing that you can use is the dino leg that came with the simstones stuff. It can only be served during lunch and dinner, so plan ahead!
-The only job you can have for adults is the caveman career. For teens, if you want them to have a job you can use the first job in the newspaper. To get jobs, especially if you have a lot of custom careers, you can buy a computer to let your sim find a job on it once a day, but you must sell it immediately after. I added this rule because it took me a week and a half to get the caveman job with the newspaper :P
-Your founder may have a neanderthal look if you wish, but they MUST have black hair and brown eyes.

-Must live below the ground in a "cave" of sorts...Build it the same way you would a basement.
-Unlocked when individual sim reaches the top of the caveman career, because then people would be scared of you and wouldn't attack your home!
-Cannot have fire of any sort- includes lamps and such. The only thing you may have concerning fire is the bone oven.
-Unlocked when the oven is set on fire...Which means you want sims with low cooking skills! Just pretend the oven uses sun-baked rocks until it is set on fire or something....
-No animal skins to wear or have on beds, rugs as well... (This basically has no point, just because I felt like it :))
-Unlocked when individual sim gets first job...Jobs as teens or adults count. This means that that sim's family can then wear and use animal skins, because jobs are like hunting...
-Must die at end of adult hood, using boolprop or some other method.
-Unlocked when first blond-haired and blue-eyed child is born. This would mean you have evolved enough to stay away from disease or something...I don't know why :) Choose spouses carefully!
-No technology, including TV and radio
-Unlocked when married.

I don't have a scoring system yet, and I don't know if I will...If you want one/have suggestions, post!
Thanks :)