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The Prodigy Challenge (TS2)

PostPosted: March 6th, 2017, 1:50 pm
by Anne
Originally written by someone from the Dutch Sims community - translated by me.

A child was born in your game. But this isn’t a normal child. No, this child is extremely gifted! This kid is a cute toddler now, but they already know that if you don’t study hard enough, you’re not going to get far in life. They already have a goal in mind...

The start
Create a family in CAS (or Bodyshop, whatever you like). This family should consist of two adults and their toddler child. Put this family in a house. You can use moneycheats, if you like, but only at the start.
Their are some goals the prodigy has to fulfill during their life

Goals at certain ages
Learning how to walk
Learning how to talk
Be potty trained
Creativity skill at level 6
Logic skill at level 6
Charisma skill at level 5

Get into private school
Get an A+ at school
Creativity skill at level 10
Logic skill at level 8

Body skill at level 5
Logic skill at level 10
Charisma skill at level 10
Get a job in science
Get an A+ and the top of the science job (at the same time)

Student (if you don’t have University, do these things during adulthood)
Study maths
Get all skills at level 10
Get an A+ every semester
Get a diploma

Get married
Get your own child potty trained and teach this child to walk and talk
Get a job in Science
Top this job in Science
Write a bestseller
Paint a masterpiece

Die with a platinum grave

The ghost has to be seen by at least one family member

You’re allowed to use a moneycheat at the beginning
You’re not allowed to use any other cheats or hacks (accept hacks for clothing)