Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (short challenge)

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (short challenge)

Postby MichelleCYoung » February 7th, 2018, 6:18 pm

This is based on the "Snow White & Seven Dwarves (Toddler Challenge by Rawla)" post found here on the Sims forums. It's designed for Sims 4.

So, I read an attempt at this challenge, and thought ZOMG! THat looks like fun! But my Sims 4 game doesn't work! Sims 3 takes ten to fifteen seconds between clicking on the sim and actually getting the command menu to pop-up, and I am not that patient, so naturally, I need to take on a brand-new challenge for Sims 2. Of course! Anyway, I took the Sims 4 rules there, and tweaked them here for Sims 2.


Snow White (or your chosen caretaker of either gender) must take care of seven "dwarves" (toddlers) until they grow into children.

The dwarves can be whatever gender and appearance you like, and can have whatever names you like. However, you must have one of each of the following characters (personality based on zodiac sign and personality description found at

Doc - Cancer - most balanced personality
Grumpy - Scorpio - fewest points in playful and nice
Sleepy - Capricorn - fewest points in active
Bashful - Virgo - fewest points in outgoing
Happy - Libra - playful, nice, and outgoing
Sneezy - Take your pick of the other signs, because none of them cover health (Aries, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Pisces remain, but I'll put in a plug for Sagittarius, due to the "careless" description, and sneezing all over the place seems careless to me. Just blow your nose, already!)
Dopey - Taurus - Tied with Capricorn for highest playful

1) Snow White (care taker) must become friends with all of the dwarves before they become children. Bonus points for each best friend.
2) All Dwarves must be protected (cared for) so that they are not snatched away by the evil. (Child Services)
3) ( optional ) For a harder challenge you must also get all the dwarves potty trained. This will actually earn bonus points, but remember, if you choose this option, then failing it will fail the challenge! Think before you make the call.
4) ( optional ) How close to the Disney dwarves can you make your little dwarves look? (outfits or otherwise) - no points, at all. Just fun.

1) Create or Download one adult caretaker (either gender). Be sure they do not already have skills. You may choose whichever personality or aspiration that you wish.
2) Create seven...yes SEVEN little Give them one of the personalities listed above. Do not use a zodiac sign more than once.
3) Survive the insanity that is going to come. Will the evil snatch them away? Care for them well.

LIFESPAN: Your Choice (I'm assuming there are mods out there that affect toddler lifespan in Sims 2?)

1) You may not use any cheats. (except to fix glitches)
2) You may choose any gender or personality you wish for 'Snow White' and any gender for each of the dwarves, but stick to the basic zodiac signs for the toddlers.
3) You may name the caretaker and dwarves anything you wish.
4) Each toddler must be given one of the above personalities. You may only use each personality once.
5) You may use any of the service Sims you can afford. (maid, gardener, butler, etc.)
6) You [b]may not[/b] get a job that takes you away from the home lot. (any at-home ways of earning money are OK) However, if you can leave the lot WITHOUT hiring the nanny (the evil witch, in disguise!!!!), then you may do so for anything except a career.
7) You may control any or all of the members in the active household as you wish. This is not the time for a Bad Apple! Snow White should avoid apples, at all costs!
8) You must move into a "medium" sized lot. I believe that goes between 3x3 and 4x4, but 2x4 might also be described as medium. Go with the game's label. Don't go for small, because dwarves need room. But a large lot and a full household is waaaaay too laggy on all but the fastest computers.
9) Your Snow White may NOT eat gelatin. It is evil and looks like a cubist apple! IF she does eat gelatin, you must put her to sleep until she wakes up naturally.
10) You may use mods and CC that allow toddlers to gain skill points in other areas, such as body or cleaning. You may use mods that smooth your gameplay, because Sims are stupid. However, you may not use mods that give an unfair advantage, such as Buy-mode-purchasable snapdragons/career rewards and other un-earned mood-boosters, or a larger household hack to allow for more caregivers to move in. "Give a little whistle, and always let your conscience be your guide."
11) You may not make Snow White into an evil (or even just "mean") witch. However, you may make her a good or neutral witch.

Aspiration rewards are your friends.
You can hire any service sim, except the evil nanny, because all those little animals helped Disney's Snow White, right? Go for it!
Invite your friends over. The dwarves can pester them for things they need/want, while Snow White sleeps. (Hopefully not for good. Don't eat that cubist apple!)


For those that like to play challenges with points...

+1 for each skill level a dwarf earns in each category. (possible 10/each, 70 total with mods and CC, 30 total with base game, and 40 total with Freetime)
+10 for each dwarf who learns to walk
+10 for each dwarf who learns to talk
+10 for each dwarf who learns to use the potty
*If you chose the optional "Must teach all dwarves to use the potty) route, take an extra 30 points. But if you fail with even one, you fail the challenge.
+10 for each dwarf who learns a nursery rhyme
+10 for each dwarf your Snow White becomes Best Friends with (total possible 70)
+1 for each dwarf that ages successfully into a child (gets the "Grew Up Well" memory). (possible 7)
-20 for each dwarf that is snatched by the evil. (taken by child services) She'll take them all, so that is -140 points, plus, you know, you FAIL!
-a million if you actually manage to kill any of the toddlers, but DANG! Post that story! :jawdrop:

Total Possible Points:
Base Game: 417
Freetime: 427
Mods and CC: 457

And just in case you don't think this is crazy-making enough, you CAN have the extra challenge, involving a certain Tombstone of Life and Death. :diablo:

Create your caretaker, Snow White, and send her downtown to find her Prince Charming and invite him home. He needs to be at your lot sometime AFTER 6 pm on the first day. Invite him to spend the night, because you need a lot of time with him for this one.

Once he's there, and it is PAST SIX, press Ctrl+Shift+C to open the cheat window, and enter "Boolprop TestingCheatsEnabled True" and then Shift-click on Snow White, select Spawn, and choose the Tombstone of Life and Death. Use that to make her pregnant with Prince Charming. Then, use it again to speed up the pregnancy. In the cheat window, enter "forcetwins," and wait for Snow White to give birth. It should take about 3 hours. Repeat for a second and third set of twins, and then get her pregnant again with the seventh "dwarf." Alternately, get it done in just two goes, if you use the Trips and Quads mod. If you do it with Trips and Quads, you could actually start first thing in the morning and get it done by six pm, so they'll all age up together. But if you don't have that mod, you'll need to go through four pregnancies, and even sped up, it will take too long, so that's why you wait until after six pm on the first day, so you have a full 24 hours to give birth to seven babies. The important thing is to make sure they all age up into toddlers at the same time.

You can then proceed to raise the dwarves from babyhood, rather than toddlerhood! However, unless you have a mod, such as SimBlender or the FFS Lot Debugger (batbox), you may not be able to get the zodiac signs right. Spawning a SimModder might work, but I am not sure. I think the pregnancy/labor/babyhood offsets the whole zodiac thing, though, so go for it, if you want to, even without the choice of zodiac signs.

Don't forget to enter "Boolprop TestingCheatsEnabled False" after the seventh baby is born, and zodiac signs are fixed (You'll need it on to make the babies selectable, use the Batbox or SimBlender, then make them unselectable again before turning it off). Don't leave it on longer than you have to, to get your scenario set up, because playing with it on causes errors to pop up and annoy the heck out of you.
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Re: Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (short challenge)

Postby SimTheLightFantastic » May 20th, 2018, 5:11 pm

I'm currently working on the MTS version of this challenge but once I complete it, I'd love to do a remix with a member of the last generation!
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