Sims 2 Challenge Master List

Sims 2 Challenge Master List

Postby Heather » February 18th, 2018, 10:48 pm

The Sims 2 Challenge Master List contains all challenge rulesets shared in the Sims 2 section. A master list of challenge rulesets across all games can be found on the Definitive Challenge Master List. Challenges with rulesets that have dead links/are no longer accessible can be found on the new Definitive Challenge Master Graveyard List.


10 Children
100 Days Callista:
100 Sims Challenge rufio:
101 Dalmatians Maid Maria1:
26 Pregnancies Challenge MythMil:
5 Wants fluffydevil04:
50 First Dates sims2madaddict/Shakibone:
7 Days SyncMast897:
7 Deadly Sims MilSaJezMolVin:


Aaroc's Space Oddity Rules (In Testing) Aaroc200:
Abandoned Babes Kttyb1959:
Alphabet Legacy TSFKAT:
Alphabetocalypse MichelleCYoung:
Amish KKat4500:
Animal Shelter Challenge 0123456789:
Apocalypse TS2 Pinstar1161:
Apoca-Borg Maxi Buckle:
Apocasylum! MichelleCYoung:
Artist FairyD:
Aspiring to Greatness Violet Kitty & Trixie:
Asylum TS2 Scout:
Average Family purpleponysoup:


Baby Boom itsjulie/thaitanic:
Bachelor/Bachelorette PA Vicky:
Biblical The Ben:
Black Widow, Rewrite Callista:
Boolprop Evolution $ Progress in Change (TS2) Thaitanic:
Boomtown Reniusa:
Brothel Challenge! lanybug:
Build a City TS2 clintcasey85:
BaCC (Didily rule set) Hollywood3015:
Build a City Challenge (Hollywood Edition) Hollywood3015:
Build a City Challenge TS2 - Nepheris' Version Nepheris:
Build a Penal Colony MichelleCYoung:
Build a Post-Apocalyptic Royal Queendom Challenge Radiochocolate:
Build A Royal Kingdom, Modified by Chase Chase:


Camp Nanny simmerella:
Care Home Sketty2424:
Caveman breakingthenight:
The CaveSims Challenge caitlin4104:
Chasity Challenge Gymea Lillie:
Chauvinist Legacy princessleia1987:
Cheesecake tbpear16:
Christian Greek House Challenge 0123456789:
Cinderella MeowMaster:
Civilization ryoko:
Class Matters SimsDivaD:
Close Encounter Academy Rawla/simsterlyrock
Color My (Sim) World SuzyQSim1259:
Crazy Cat Lover esmeiolanthe:
Cream of the Crop SimMasterJen:


Daisy Chain:
Dependency kitty_kitty_:
Differences in the Family Tree: TS2 Heather:
Dog Food ErieMcCallPlayer:


Evil Challenge for Twisted Simmers :
Evolution and Progress In Change (TS2) Thai:


Family Adoption Teresa:
Family Dynamics straberiwine74:
Family Expectations Monoxter:
Family Feud/Disaster (Jar): Challenge JavaJan and Trudy:
Farm Life Legacy fun_in_dysfunctional:
Fate AnaDandy and RoloCorgi:
Feminina Vorenian Torian:
Founding a Civilization Jendra:


Geisha Legacy rayray5563:
Genetic Diversity Draftzilla2k:
Get a Life Violet Kitty:
Gilligan's Island ginevrasn23:
Giver Cwally:
Greek Pinstar1161:
Grilled Cheese IcheleMay812:
Grim KuroiNekoRiku:
Guardian Angel Mzyra:
Gypsy WebbyMom11:


Harvest Moon TS2 Alijah:
Harlot's Legacy/ISBI MichelleCYoung:
Heirloom Challenge by PollyG (TS2) PollyG:
Hermit pisceschick75:
Heroes Vs. Villains:
Holiday Feast And Family Challenge:
Homebody El Lectro:
Homeless Challenge TS2 Callista:
Hunger Games Sims 2 simzo10:


Ikea-only Challenge nooboostar:
I Love You To Death:
I'm Surrounded By Idiots DylanTK/GloamingMerle:
Immortal SheGamerReloaded:
Impossible Want Legacy by Leonharryah666 (TS2) Leonharryah666:
Improval fluffydevil04:
Internet Lover MariposaStar:


Jar Java Jan and Trudy:


Kingdom Come Challenge Hollywood 3015:


Land Rich, Cash Poor TreyNutz2:
Lawful restriction feralshal:
Legacy, TS2 Pinstar1161:
Life Like A Soap Opera:
Lifetime Wants:
Lockdown audhumble:
LOST Ziese52:


Mafia Family Legacy psycho_katie_SC:
Magic Bloodline theoddcatlady:
Matriarch Legacy Ruleset mitinkitten:
Messie Messlot Mariella_SC:
Million Dollar JPCarManiac:
Miserable Sims Robin S.:
Moving Up Jendra:
Murder Is Sweet Challenge MichelleCYoung:
My Life Is Like A Teen TV Show Rachel S:
Myth Hipchick:


Nanny Hate KaekoPuzifo:
Naughty Romance Sidney1993Player:
Neighborhood Commerce Jendra:
New World BubbelsDarling:
Nickel and Dimed Yamx:
NPC Meksle:


Officially Wacky Boolprop Challenge, TS2 Bitsy:
Oil & Water Trixie9819 and VioletKitty:
Old Hatred greenfeet99:
One True Legacy MichelleCYoung:
Operation Millionaire platformperil:
Opportunity School Simzgurl2910:
Orphans of Strangetown:
Orwell-Huxley Challenge Saint_evil7:


Patriarch Legacy Ruleset SuperSimster:
Peace at Mind tigre53:
Perfect Kids Jendra:
Perfect Paragon britchenhauer:
Perfection sims2madaddict:
Permaplat esmeiolanthe:
Pizza, pizza everywhere Radiochocolate:
Popstar sims2madaddict:
Population rpggurleli:
Population Explosion Trixie9819:
Poverty [Sims-Community]:
Prodigy Dutch Sims community translated by Anne:
Professional Artist/Live Off the Land SimDouae2:
Promiscuous PurpleToast:
Prosperity Sheri and Robin:
Pure Entrepreneur Pinstar1161:
Pushing Daisies annie:


Queen Bee tacos4sims:


Renaissance Challenge - Ye Olde Warwickshire Mg37e:
Rights of Women fluffydevil04:
Royal Kingdom EnblithTheFair:
Royal Kingdom: Wasteland olivethegreat:


Savior Legacy Governess_Anne:
Self Supporting Society Karin:
Seven Deadly Sims MythMil:
Shipwrecked Scribal_Goddess:
Shipwrecked Heaven:
Sims 2 International SwallowTail87:
Single Vampire Parent MAYNSH1:
Smart Child tigre53:
Smustle Fighter Cel:
Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (short challenge) MichelleCYoung:
So Many Twins maskyna873:
The Split Inheritance Challenge cynicalbadger:
Status Legacy SOULANGEL980:
Story Progression Challenge Neolover958P:
Stranded Alien Colony MichelleCYoung:
String Me ASimWen:
Survivalist BlueBerryPie360:


Teen Legacies We_are_all_trash:
Teenaged Apocalypse coolgirlcm:
Test of Time anna220:
Til Death Do You Part kattydog757:
Toddler Asylum Jendra:
Toddler Challenge Awayfromu4eva:
Toddler Mania (amended) mountainshade1:
Toddler Mania TreyNutz2:
Tough Love Riolana:
Tough Luck Denimjo:
Townie Assimilation LexiAlice:
Trailer Park fuzzy_spork:
Twinacy smikerooda:
Twisted Legacy PikaKyle:


Ultimate Apartment Life Challenge StarMcLight2:
University Asylum deann000:


Vampirization Zzach0:
Verification Project breakingthenight:
Virgenerations Slade:
Victorian Legacy kgcowbelle10:


Wantacy Radiochocolate:
Who's Your Daddy Challenge (TS2) CSquared:
WooHoo Ayesha123Play:
Working Class (TS2) lumasong:
Wrong Side of the Tracks Cjb402:


You Need To Be Committed MichelleCYoung:
You've Got Mail Christie:


Zombie Family Legacy MichelleCYoung:

Updated May, 2020
Thanks to Lorinsv for compiling the initial Sims 2 master list!
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