The Surviving 100 Babies Challenge

The Surviving 100 Babies Challenge

Postby Lenshea » October 13th, 2014, 5:26 pm

This is a hybrid of the Survival Challenge (Not survival camp or another one with 4 sims in it, I'm still trying to find the post I had seen but I can't find it, so I'm just using the ideas off of memory :T) and an edited version of the 100 Baby Challenge (, with some original elements added here and there.

You must start off with your founding sim (It needs to be female, this is a 100 baby challenge after all) and you may choose any traits you wish. This is the only sim you can choose the traits for, so choose wisely.

These are the rules I've applied from the edited 100 Baby Challenge (These are copied directly from the page, so none of these are my rules, I just applied them to this challenge) :

-Your founder may only leave the house to complete opportunities and meet men. She may not have a job

-Infants may be aged up immediately

-Toddlers can be aged up as soon as they can walk, talk, and use the potty, but not before. If you don't get these done, you must wait for the game to age them up (same goes for Children and teens.)

-Children and Teens may be aged up once they have an A in school and you get the message about your child reaching Honor Roll

-Teens may get a part-time job to help out

-Young adults may be moved out immediately or you can wait, but they cannot get a full-time job while living in the house
-You may not use Apples or Watermelon to determine the gender of a baby

-You may not choose traits for any Sim except the founder

-The last girl to be born from the founder will continue the challenge

-Your founder may not get married while living in-house

-Your founder may be moved out as soon as she is an elder to make room, as long as there is another adult sim in the house

-If you manage to not get a girl, obviously the challenge is failed. That's the only way you can really fail. (EDIT: Unless your founder sim has died without any female children to continue the challenge)

-You may not use any cheats, except for to reset a sim if needed

-Once you've had children with a man, you may not use him again for offspring

-Your sim may never hire a babysitter. You have to wait until other children are old enough to take care of it

-You may not send your children to Boarding School, as the school takes care of the child which repeals the point

Now for my own set of rules that I have added along with those I remember from the Survival Challenge:

Essentially, the Survival Challenge means you may not use any form of electricity, and you must live off the land.

-You may not have any buildings on your lot, but you may use rocks and create areas for your sims. (NOTE: Yes, your sims may succumb to the weather, this is intentional to make the challenge harder.)

-You may not use ANY items that require electricity, this includes Refridgerators, but you may include the items from a bathroom (Bathtub, etc.) to keep your sim's bladder and hygeine needs at a normal rate, though you may only have 1 per every 8 sims. When you cross 8 sims, you can add another bathroom. Keep in mind though, that these cannot be inside buildings

-You may go to the store to buy food, but it would be encouraged for you to plant a garden. The plants will go dormant in the winter, so store up

-It would be advised of you to buy a firepit and roast your veggies (Strangely enough, you can even roast a bottle of honey. And yes, it looks rediculous to see your sim biting into a plastic bottle.)

-You may use buydebug to get a storage chest, but that is all you may use it for

-You may not use any mods that will affect the way the challenge is played, Nraas mods are usually fine, as with Custom Content objects, clothing, etc.

-Any children that do not survive are not counted as a part of the 100 (This is really a 'just in case' rule, I don't think it will actually happen. If you see it happening, just install a mod that allows them to not die in harsh weather. I still feel it's kind of wrong to kill children, even in a game :[)

-You may not buy food in the winter from the store

-You may not have a water source on your home lot, but you can send your children out to fish if you choose

-When the next heir starts having children (Each generation), you must remove 1/4 of the food you have stored and sell it

-At the end of each generation, you must remove your most expensive item from your lot (You may buy it back though)

-At the end of each generation, you must dispose of your plants, adding 2 each time. ( Gen 1: 1 plant disposed, Gen 2: 3, Gen 3: 5, Gen 4: 7, etc. )

-At the end of each generation, you must remove 1/5 of your family's simoleons

-It is ok for sims to be fed at school

-You may use cheats or mods to edit the hair style and clothing of your sims, but not anything else

-You must have seasons set to an equal cycle with each season the same number of days (If you have the Seasons EP)

Alright. Those are all I can think of for now, if you have any ideas please share them, and do know you can play the game however you want, this is just my idea of the challenge. If you play this and upload it as a Let's Play please link me it! I would love to watch someone else play-through my challenge :]

I wanted to create a very difficult challenge, and this is my best shot at it. Enjoy and Happy Simming.
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