Build-a-City Challenge, Sims 3 Version, Fixed for all EPs

Build-a-City Challenge, Sims 3 Version, Fixed for all EPs

Postby clyson » November 8th, 2015, 10:02 am

I was really surprised not to see the BACC sims 3 challenge here yet so I'm going to add it here

:alert: This challenge isn't mine you can find the challenge at

The link for the supported mods is here:

Sim Customization:

This is optional, but I feel it adds a bit of spice to the challenge.
Roll a 6 sided dice once;
If the number is even, the sim is normal, if the number is uneven, roll again to determine species.
Roll a 6 sided dice for determination of species;
1,2 is human, 3 is werewolf, 4 is fairy, 5 is witch, 6 is vampire

Roll a 6 sided dice once for lifetimewish determination:
1 is wish 1, 2 is wish 2, 3 is wish 3, 4 is wish 4, 5 is wish 5, 6 is a reroll.


Create a new neighborhood and bulldoze all the lots. (You can leave one lot, which is a garden with seeds in, must set the type to No Visitors Allowed. Your Founder may get seeds from there every Sunday, or place a Harvest Stand, that your sim can buy from every Sunday.)

Make eight sims that you will not play (4 males 4 females. Make four of them be in couples - 2 couples 4 singles, no homosexual couples, as these will populate the neighborhood too). These will be your NPCs. Move them into a big house. Your sim may only visit them once, greet them, and then leave. You may first visit them again when you've become best friends with one of them. You have to randomize their traits, and lifetime wish. They count towards population.

You may not move in NPCs, and then move them out again.

Make your founder. Your founder has to move into an empty lot, and he/she cannot get a job unless you manage to unlock one. You should survive with Fishing or Farming. Your founders purpose is to reproduce.

You play each family one week at a time. You can leave Story Progression on. NRAAS Story Progression mod allows you to choose what can happen in the city with Story Progression, so you game does not get "bugged".

Score and Population Calculation:

Sim Multiplier (SM)
Your sim multiplier starts at 1.
+1 for your first community lot
+1 when you reach a total of 5 community lots
+1 for every 5 additional community lots
+1 when the first Sim invests in a business (see the Investing section)
+3 when 4 businesses have Investors
+5 when all 11 businesses have Investors
+2 when the first Sim owns 1 business outright
+6 when Sims own 4 businesses
+10 when all 11 businesses have owners
+5 for each Airport

Actual Population:
# of Playable/NPC sims X Sim Multiplier (SM) = Population
In words: The sims you play combined with the NPC household times the sim multiplier equals the population of the city.


Reach 50000 population.


A career is never fully unlocked, you just keep unlocking spots for your sims. This is to keep the challenge more "strategic" for longer.

Job - Position Unlock Requirement
Architectural Design - City hall, every 8 households, architect must have max painting skill
Athletic - Athletic skill challenge, full athletic
Business - A share in 3 business, or 2 lots
Criminal - Pop 100, 1 per top criminal
Culinary - Two cooking challenges, max cooking
Education - Pop 250 or 20 children
Film/Actor - 3 top career, 2 Prolific Writer Challenge
Firefighter - Must have Policeman, 1 every 3 fires
Ghost hunter - Must have graveyard and scientist, 1 every 5 deaths
Police - Pop 500, 3 burglaries, 1 criminal topped
Investigator - Pop 500, 3 burglaries, 1 criminal topped
Medical - 1000 pop, 5000 pop, 10000 pop, etc
Military - Every 3 households
Music - Money Maker Skill Challenge, 3000 pop, two full instrument skills
Politics - 1000 pop but only 1 position, and then 1 every 4000 pop
Science - Sim who becomes adult with max logic, level 10 inventor, 3 electrocutions, 1 alien abduction, unlocked to aliens and sim bots
Stylish - Every 10 households, must have full charisma
Self-Employment - Town hall, must have level 5 in skill
Part Time - Unlocked with buildings, only for teens
Journalism - 4-star celebrity, 2 topped career
Singer - One full instrument skill, one scene
Magician - Full charisma or genie, one scene
Acrobat - Full athletic, one scene
Clairvoyant/Fortune Teller - Unlocked to witches, wizard, genie, or 5 charisma and Supernatural Fan
Daycare - One position per 5 toddlers in the city
Horseman - A sim with a unicorn, or sim with level 5 riding when there's a city hall, to sell horse your horse must have a level 3 skill (racing or jumping).
NRAAS - Position Unlock Requirement
Homeschooling - City hall, and one school
Part Time Careers - Must have building, only for teens
Mobster - Must have a restaurant and 10 criminals/criminal mastermind
Martial Arts Self-Employ - City Hall, must have two martial arts training items, and 5 skill
Athletic Self-Employment - Town hall, must have level 5 in athletic
Collecting Self-Employ - Town hall, 30 items gathered
Chess Self-Employ - Town hall, must have level 5 in chess
Guitar Self-Employ - Town hall, must have level 5 in guitar
Hacking Self-Employ - Town hall, must have 3 computers and be able to hack computers
Handiness Self-Employ - Town hall, must have level 5 in Handiness
Homemaker Self-Employ - Town hall, must have one child, and 3 in cooking skill


Service - Population/Requirement
Newspaper - 0
Adoption - 0
Babysitter - 0
Repairman - 500
Maid - 500
Pizza delivery - 3000 and Grocery Store.
Butler - 10000
Police - Must be one Policeman in town. Unlocks theif alarm.
Fireman - Must be one Fireman in town. Unlocks firealarm.

Community Lots:

Every fourth (4) community lot unlocks 1 CAS sim.

Building - Population - Other - CAS
Art gallery - 4 brilliant paintings and 4 brilliant sculptures (must be placed there)
Bookstore - 5 skills maxed - 1 CAS
Bus station - 1000 population - 2 CAS
Central Park - A mayor
Chinese Garden - 5 max visas
City hall - 100 population
Consignment Store - Unlocked once 2 sims have maxed a creating skill (Gardening, Inventing, Painting, Sculpting, Writing)
Dive Bar - 10 households
Dance club - 20 households
Dojo/studio - 3 top martial arts skill
Hangout - 100, 1000, 30000 population
Junkyard - 2000, 10000 population (there can only be two)
Lounge/Vampire Bar - One is unlocked for every 3 maxed careers or 5 stared celebrities - 2 CAS
Graveyard - 20 deaths
Gyms - 5 max athletic or martial arts
Hospital - 1000 population or 20 ill sims or 40 births - 1 CAS
Spa - 2000
Pool - 1000 population
Laundromat - 10 households without washing machines
Library - 15 skills maxed (can be the same skills)
Nectary - 3 maxed nectar brewing
School - 250 population or 20 children at the same time
Subway - 20000 population
Supermarket - 350 fish caught on one sim and 650 fruit harvested on another sim - 1 CAS
Airport - 50000 population or 1000000$ donated
Fortune-Teller Wagon - Unlocked when there is a witch or genie
Supernatural Hangout - 15 supernaturalist
Parks and Beaches - Unlocks on every time there's 3 sims with Likes The Outdoors trait
Festival Grounds - Counts as a park, must have passed 4 seasons, or 28 days, whichever is longer. Must have 3 sims with trait Likes The Outdoor
Animal Park - 5 animals of the animal parks type, if both dog and cat park 10 animals are needed
Horse Ranch - 5 horses and 5 sims with 3 or higher skill in riding
Equestrian Center - 10 horses tamed from the wild, or 20 foals bred
Playground - 10 children or toddlers
Live show venue - 500 population
Private venue - 1500 population
Big show venue - 3500 population
Elixir Consignment - One of each kind supernatural (witch, werewolf, vampire, fairy) or three max level alchemists
Coffeehouse - 100 population
Pet store - 15 adopted strays
Poolside club - 1500 population
Disco club - 5 max instrument players, cannot be the same sim
Sports bar - 1 maxed athletic career
Fishing spot - 2 Max Fishing skill or 3 Anglers
Broom arena park - you must have at least 3 witches in your city
Church/Mosque/Synagog/Temple - 10 marriages, 100 marriages, 1000 marriages and so on

DLC Lots
Marketplace (Al Fresco Street Market DLC) – 2 max gardening and 1 max cooking
Casino (Lucky Sim Casino DLC) – A business tycoon (business career max) and criminal mastermind (criminal career max)
Greenhouse (Stones Throw Green House DLC) – 2 max gardening
Resort/Retreat (Serenity Retreat DLC) – 4000 population
(You can freely customize these kinds of lots, but they must be unlocked in game before you do so)

Travelling and Boarding Schools:

Without bus stop or airport: add 2000$ to the price, remove these with familyfunds
With bus stop but not airport: add 1000$ to the price, remove these with familyfunds
With bus stop and airport: game price, no extra pay.
Showtime: the prices also apply to when your sim is having a concert/show at your friends cities.

Alternate Restrictions (for the cool people :P)

Ambrosia, Death Fruit, and Money Trees are only allowed for max level Gardeners.
Bonehilda's Closet is only available to Werewolves, Witches, and Vampires who's gotten these LTR accordingly Alpha Dog, Magic Hands+Flying Vacuum or Immortal.
(More to come...)


Now, I cannot stress enough that you should get NRaas' mods, I am gonna explain which, and why:

You should get this as it allows your inactive sims to have children get married and other things much more effectively. It also allows tinkering with all of the things it effects, example: You have a town. You can go into click on your sim, choose NRaas, Town Options, and you can turn off Marriage, that way sims will only marry if you command them to (Lots of other options). Adds to realism.
This mod makes sure that your NPC sims actually repopulates.
Gives way more diseases that your sims can get, which could make you get a hospital faster. It also adds to the realism.
This will make inactive sims gain Lifetime Happiness points from their wishes, even when not controlled by you. This makes the Story Progression more useful.
For the obvious reason that I made rules for them. They just add a bit more variety for your sims.
Your sims won't wear the same thing every single day, so if you want your town to be more realistic, this is good too.
This mod is especially important because it every once in a while asks you to save. The BACC takes a bunch of CPU power, so incidentally, your computer could end up crashing. But if you save a lot, you won't loose much!
It allows you to sell things like pets for money. It simply adds more ways to earn money without a career.
And finally:
You can use it to turn off immigration to the city, which is crucial. Immigration takes empty jobs in your workspaces, and moves in sims in your houses, that are unpopulated.

And....that's it all, I did was copy and paste, edit some grammar mistakes and add the bb codes. Enjoy this challenge! :D
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Re: Build-a-City Challenge, Sims 3 Version, Fixed for all EP

Postby Teresa » December 12th, 2015, 8:01 am

Thanks for posting this!

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Re: Build-a-City Challenge, Sims 3 Version, Fixed for all EP

Postby Hollywood3015 » June 15th, 2017, 1:05 pm

Quick question. When the criteria is met for the jobs do we then put down the building in which it corresponds with? Or can you start with all the buildings and you just cant get a job there until you met the criteria? TIA
Edit--- Also to unlock the bookstore, does it have to be 5 skills maxed by one sim or can it be from many sims?
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