The Green Gables Challenge (sims 3)

The Green Gables Challenge (sims 3)

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I came up with this challenge in my attempt to have a ‘Challenge Within a Challenge’ while doing the Build-a-City-Challenge. It is inspired by Anne of Green Gables series and follows the life of red-haired orphan - Anne Shirley

The goal of this challenge is to help Anne achieve all the objectives set in every stage of her life to get her happily ever after.

Objective/s - Child
Become best friend with Matthew
Become good friend with Marilla
Be best friend with one of the girls at school (Diana Barry)
Dislike one of the boys at school (Gilbert Blythe)
Have 3 friends (Diana, Jane Andrews and Ruby Gillis) with the girls in school
Have 2 enemies with the girls in school (Pye sisters – Gertie and Josie)
Get an A and keep
Stay on honor roll
Select her trait - hopeless romantic/neat/family-oriented

Objective/s - Teen
Reach level 10 of the charisma, logic, and writing skill
Be best friend with the disliked boy (Gilbert Blythe)
Get a part time job at the bookstore (get an extra points for reaching level 3. Be sure to take note of Anne’s earnings)
Have one romantic interest, preferably from a rich family
Between 4-7 days of aging up, be in a committed relationship with Gilbert
Get and keep an A
Stay on honor roll
Select her trait - hopeless romantic/neat/family-oriented

Objective/s - Young Adult
Choose writing or family related LTW
Have Marilla’s BFF (Rachel Lynde) move in with her 2 sons
Must earn a scholarship
Go to the University and earn the business/communication degree with flying colors
Get married at the orchard then move to the ‘House of Dreams’
Anne must join the education career
Gilbert must join the medical career

Objective/s - Adult
Have a total of 6 pregnancies (one must be twin girls)
Raise 7 children up to young adults - 3 boys & 4 girls (both the eldest & the youngest must be girls)
All toddlers must be taught to walk and talk, potty-trained, and read all the skills books prior to aging up
All children must max at least 3 skills
Reach the top of education career
Reach the top of the medical career

Objective/s - Elder
Anne and Gilbert can now retire and do whatever they want.
Two of their sons must join the military.
One of their sons must join the law enforcement career.
Their youngest daughter must marry her brother’s partner (law enforcement).

In CAS, create the Green Gable Household. The siblings - Matthew & Marilla Cuthbert, and Anne Shirley. Matthew must be adult with angler, good, good sense of humor, green thumb & nurturing trait. Marilla must be adult with neat, proper, good sense of humor, natural cook, and perfectionist. Give them the classic farmer look. Anne must be a child. She must have freckles & always wear her red hair in pigtails. Her traits should be artistic, bookworm, & genius.
The succeeding household are optional. You may create them or find sims in game that fit the criteria for their roles in Anne’s life.
The Barry Household. Mr. & Mrs. Barry, their daughters Diana (child) & Minnie May (toddler), and Mr. Barry’s sister - Josephine Barry.
Lynde Household. Rachel (Marilla’s BFF) and her husband- Thomas must be adult. Give them a classic farmer look.
Schoolmates. They may be place in town within the same household or separately. Ruby Gillis, Jane Andrews, the Pye siblings - Josie & Gertie and Anne’s love interest - Gilbert Blythe. Their traits must be:
Ruby – neurotic and hopeless romantic
Jane – genius, socially awkward/loner
Josie – mean-spirited, snob, diva
Gertie – snob, mean-spirited, dramatic
Gilbert Blythe - genius, good sense of humor, good, charismatic, family-oriented

You must keep the naming theme. If you change Anne’s name it should start with A i.e. Anastacia, Amelia, etc.
Burglar alarm & calling the police is not allowed.
Matthew & Marilla must be registered farmers.
The household must cook only their produce. Fridge shopping is not allowed.
Matthew must take Anne to go fishing on weekends.
During childhood, Anne can only practice writing. She must not earn anything from writing. Their income must strictly come from crops they grew or fish they caught.
Every morning, Anne must get the newspaper and recycle the old one.
No services allowed. Anne must do the cleaning.
Marilla must cook for the household but Anne must take over the cooking when she becomes teen.
Before Anne age up into young adult the Cuthbert’s will lose their money in the bank. You can use the familyfund cheat or any hack that will take out their money. Anne’s earnings should not be included in this loss.
Matthew must die after this loss.

SCORING & Points System
This is optional. The challenge is for you to have fun. But if you really must, you may use the following.
+1 for every optional CAS household created
+1 for every lot created (theme must be followed)
+ 1 every time Anne and her children get into honor roll
+1 for every maxed out skill
+1 for having at least 5 perfect plant of the same type
-1 for every grade that slips
-3 for every objective not met
More to follow...
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