The Soap Opera Challenge

The Soap Opera Challenge

Postby Hollywood3015 » May 3rd, 2017, 11:38 am

I have recently started watching General Hospital and I love it. The twist and turns and the ridiculousness of it all. So I decided to make a challenge of it.

This is suppose to run alongside your legacy or challenge. It's suppose to mix it up and make it more exciting.
Play like you normally would any legacy.

- You get 10 Points for every generation completed and +1 point for every event you complete but -1 point for every one you aren't able to complete.
- You can decide how many times you are going to do a roll but a least roll 3 times per generation. If you don't have an expansion pack and are unable to complete one of these just reroll.
Hopefully this will keep things fun and fresh for legacy players.
If you decided to try the challenge please let me know I would LOVE to read it and see how reasonable everything is. If you have any suggestions to add I would really appreciate that.

1. Build a panic room and stay in there for 3 days.
2. Have a baby
3.Adopt a pet
4.Buy a car
5.Kill a sim
6.Max a skill
7.Move in random sim
8.Change 1 sims hair color
9.Build a Library in honor of a sim
10.Buy a Library
11.Change a sim into a vampire
12.Start a fire
13.Marry in a Berry sim
14.Cheat on husband/wife
15.Move houses
16.Make a new friend
17.Switch households using edit town for 1 sims day
18.Adopt a new baby
19.Grow a garden
20.Do a homeless challenge (Sim must lose everything and all there money)
21.Do a wishacy for 1 whole generation
22.Kill a neighbor
23.Have sim join sports career
24.Have a sim join medical
25.Drown one sim
26.Send house on vacation
27.Copy one your sims and move them into town
28.Have twins
29.Force bugler
30.Have 2 heirs
31.Buy a car
32.Quit job
33.Make a sim a werewolf
34.Have a secret family. (Have a boy/girlfriend and child)
35.Marry in a simself
36.Make an enemy
37.Go to jail (Build a small room and put sim in there for 1 week)
38.Sell every electronic item in the house
39.Adopt as many babies as the house can hold
40.Merge household
41.Win 50,000
42.Become bot builder
43.Start over ( have your heir/founder move out and restart the generation)
44.Throw a party
45.Permernet winter( Have it be winter for whole generation)
46.Top the criminal career
47.Delete all bathrooms for 3 days
48.Sell your child ( Merge child into another hosuehold and give yourself 1000 dollars)
49.Sell soul to grim reaper (Kill sim and give yourself 1000 dollars)
50.Roll a die even - kill a sim odd - 50.000
51.Dont pay bills for 7 days
52.Become a witch
53. Suicide (Kill favorite sim)
54.Family of criminals. (Have all sims of next generation join the criminal career)
55.Fight another sim
56.Give sim facial hair
57.Kick a sim out
58. Get 50.000
59.Jobless. No one can have a job. (Make all sims quit job. May still sell items like paintings, writing etc but cant have a self employed job or regular job.)
60.Never move up in career
61.Go to university
62. Dont teach toddler skills for whole generation
63.Have an evil sim
64.Become ghost
65.Complete every living sims LTW
66.Become Fairy
67.Build Rec center for teens
68.Have a messy sim
69.Heir is female
70.Heir is male
71.Have a child for every letter of the heirs name(Name game challenge)
72.Build a bedroom for every sim. No one, besides married couples, may share a bedroom.
73.Do a surrounded by idiots challenge for whole generation
74.Have 10 Children
75.Have only self employed sims for whole generation
76. Have child taken by social worker
77.Sim goes through terrible accident. Make the heir/founder or spouse ugly and have one child with ugly sim.
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