Would you rather

Would you rather

Postby Hollywood3015 » September 24th, 2017, 2:42 pm


I made up a new challenge called would you rather. The based of the challenge is to get your sims to do crazy things or die.
You start with 7 sims. Make them how you want. It won't really matter in the end because only one of them will live.
Each sim has a day [Monday-sunday] that they are assigned to do their work. That day is determined by you but once you decide their day it cannot be changed.
Each week has a wyr attached to it that each sim must choose, th3 kicker is it will be decided by dice not you the place.
A d7 will be rolled to determine which choice the Sim has to deal with. Odds = option 1, Evens = option 2 , and 7 = neither.
Your Sim can only get a neither once. When their second neither hits they have a choice, they can kill another sim in their place OR they can just die. The'choice' ofcourse is determined via roll. D6 , odds die, Evens live. This option can obviously only be used once but it keeps you in the game.
The last sim standing is the winner.

1. Staying in a locked room with only a toilet and a fridge (no stove or counter) , or tread water for 6 hours
2. Not eat for a day or not use the bathroom for a day.
3. Not be able to socialize for a day or have no entertainment for the day.
4. Fight 2 sims or tread water for 4 hours
5. Only drink coffee (no food) or get locked out of the house
6. Spend the day finding gems(only allowed to stop for uncomfortable moodlet) or locked room for 3 days
7. Eat once that day or no bed for 2 days.
8. Befriend a werewolf today or eat bad food for rest of the week.
9. Adopt a baby or swim all day (from the time you wake up until 12 hours later.)

I am still trying to think of options so any suggestions and opinions would be well received. <3

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