Sims 3 Challenge Master List

Sims 3 Challenge Master List

Postby Heather » February 18th, 2018, 10:52 pm

The Sims 3 Challenge Master List contains all challenge rulesets shared in the Sims 3 section. A master list of challenge rulesets across all games can be found on the Definitive Challenge Master List. Challenges with rulesets that have dead links/are no longer accessible can be found on the new Definitive Challenge Master Graveyard List.


Apocalypse, TS3 mikitta:


Baby Boom itsjulie/thaitanic:
Black Widow TS3 LampreM:
The Board Game Legacy somebodysangel/Simppl Life:
Boolprop Evolution and Progress In Change Rhea, mmmtoast, and StyxLady:
Build-a-City Challenge, Sims 3 Version, Fixed for all EPs clyson:
Build A City TS3 Carizzo08:
Build A City TS3, cynicalbadger's Ruleset cynicalbadger:


Close Encounter Academy TS3 Rawla/Livvielove:


Differences in the Family Tree The UsernameFound:
Disney Legacy TS3 Fight:
Dumpster Diver Challenge MichelleCYoung:


Equestrian Baby_Lette2010:
The Epic Life Time Wish Challenge itsjulie:


Founder's Challenge Genevieve Peyton:


The Green Gables Challenge (sims 3) pinkieposh:


Harvest Sims TS3 Raikana:


I'm Surrounded by Idiots! TS3 simslia:


Landlubber Challenge Mauricette:
Legacy, TS3 by Pinstar Pinstar1161:


Mafia Legacy JC<3ME:


Name Game Challenge cynicalbadger:
Nothing is Free Avalikia, posted by Hollywood3015:


Officially Wacky Boolprop Challenge, TS3 MetalElla:
Opportunity School Simzgurl2910:


The Promiscuous Challenge (TS3) PurpleToast:
The Prosperity Challenge- Sims 3 skyegal23:


Race to Breed Simsnewbie23:
Rainbow Legacy for TS3 dolly_riot and scarred_id:
Random Legacy TS3 Severedsolo, et al.:
Runaway Teen Challenge StardustX


Short Dynasty cndneh:
Simself Luna_Rain21:
Sliding Doors Challenge itsjulie:
Soap Opera Hollywood3015:
Surviving 100 Babies Challenge Lenshe:


Traitacy dotdotdash:
The Trailer Park Challenge for sims 3 skyegal23:


Wishacy (TS3) Buckeygirl80:
Who's Your Daddy (TS3) CSquared:
Wholesome lililedge:
Would you rather Hollywood3015:


Zombie Aftermath cannibalcupcake:
Zombie Aftermath: Harder Version Callista:
Zombie Apocalypse Challenge Jenn:

Updated May, 2020
Thanks to Lorinsv for compiling the initial Sims 3 master list!
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