Runaway Teen Challenge (StardustX)

Runaway Teen Challenge (StardustX)

Postby Nevermore » July 2nd, 2018, 5:23 pm

I discovered the Runaway Teen Challenge a while ago, but now I really want to try it myself. I thought I would share with everyone, to see if anyone else would like to give it a try. Original ruleset found here on Mod The Sims.

*note, I tidied up the order of the rules here, to make them more concise, but I left them exactly how the original creator wrote them.

You're a runaway teenage sim, from a country far away. You've fled from your country to the city of Bridgeport to start a new life for yourself. But you didn't anticipate how hard it would be to start off with nothing but the clothes on your back and your trusty sleeping bag. Will you make it, become successful, start a family and grow old with your partner and children? Or will you perish in the dark, gloomy alleys of Bridgeport? Only time will tell.

The goal here is to survive. There are no "points". You're simply trying to survive, start a new life for yourself. You should aim for having a high paying job, at least 1-2 children/grandchildren, and a big house. The main thing you're doing is getting money the "old" way, by fishing, collecting and gardening, and by selling scrap metal.

Not required to play the challenge in Bridgeport, but that's what the bio says. ^^

  • So to start out. Make your sim. You can play as a male or female if you wish. They can look however you want, but the hair shouldn't be "glamorous". Ideally, it should be in a ponytail, cut short, under an ugly hat, etc. Clothing should be dirty looking, the werewolf clothing that came with SN is perfect if you have that EP.
  • You may have any traits, but no more than ONE that would make things easier. Those include traits such as: Loves Heat, Loves Cold, Green Thumb, Mooch, Angler, Kleptomaniac, Loves the Outdoors.
  • Place a 10x10 lot outside of the city somewhere, where no one can find you. You're a runaway remember? Move your sim onto this lot. Buy a sleeping bag (or bed if you don't have WA), then set your simoleon amount to 0. (This is done by pressing control+c, typing "testingcheatsenabled true". Hit enter. Then enter "familyfunds [your sims' last name] 0")
  • You cannot build any kind of shelter for yourself until you have earned the money to do so.
  • You cannot have any electronics or appliances, or cell phone access (put it on silent), until you have a home (at least 1 living, 1 bath, and 1 bed room).
  • You cannot have a part time job until you have a child, or are a Young Adult. You can't have a full time job until you have a home (at least 1 living, 1 bath, and 1 bed room).
  • You cannot cook/shower/etc on other people's lots or interact with anyone until you're a YA. You're a runaway, they'll report you as such right? If your social meter gets low, you can interact with children, teens, or pets. Or you can have your own child.
  • You can shower and use the restroom at any public place, such as the fire station or gym. You can use the fridge at the fire station one day a week (up to 3 times) for snacks (steal too much food and you'll get caught).
  • You can start buying food from the food truck, concession stands, vending machines, diner, etc. once you have 500 simoleons saved up. But only every other day.
  • You can dumpster dive, rummage through trash cans, and salvage furniture. You CANNOT replace the ruined furniture by clicking on it and clicking "replace", ever. But seats, tables, etc. are still useable. Don't use a ruined crib for a baby, otherwise the baby will get "stuck" and you'll have to resetsim.
  • Your main food sources are plants and vegetables that you grow yourself, but you can harvest wild ones if you want. No "special" plants allowed.
  • You can fish all you want, and sell those to the grocer.
  • You can use a taxi. You should buy a pink flamingo decoration with each taxi ride, which is worth 5 simoleons, and put it in your family inventory each time you use a taxi. You can never access these.
  • You can buy a bike when you have the money, but no car.

For you mod using simmers, there are some recommendations for use during this challenge. It can be done without mods though, if you don't use them.

More requested no autonomy mods for Pets and Generations by claudiasharon, if you have Pets. You can download other mods there if you want, but make sure to get "csnoautoeatharvestplant" at least. It stops wild animals from eating your plants.
Curfew Disabler by Sniper296. Does what it sounds like, disables the curfew. This will come in handy, trust me. I disabled it for both teens and children.
Twallan's Mover. Allows households without teens. Similar mods can be used if you have any.
And Twallan's Woohooer. Allows teens to WooHoo with other teens, or adults. I would also suggest KamaSimtra so your sims can WooHoo for money. This mod is NOT required, but I prefer having it for realism.


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Re: Runaway Teen Challenge (StardustX)

Postby MichelleCYoung » August 11th, 2019, 6:26 pm

I found this irresistible! I've already started and completed the teenage time. Callipygia Bottoms is started as an adult, married, and ready to start her family. Bottoms Up, link will be in siggy, as soon as I get it all posted and updated.
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