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Queen Bee for Sims 3

Postby Jenn » February 16th, 2019, 6:33 pm

The Original Rules are at MTS by Wyldehawk

Queen Bee


You are a female human sim who has been approached by a colony recruitment team. You have been tasked with one goal: Populating and taking over a new colony island. Your goal is to have 60 live offspring successfully reach adulthood. You will need to find and recruit male “drone” bees to breed with. Do not marry them – you are not here to fall in love, merely to procreate. Each male must move in and do whatever he can to help and care for you while he provides the genetic material for six children. Once all six have reached at least “child” age, the male is to move out and take all six children with him – so your choice of breeding partner matters – he will also be caring for your future generations!


  1. Either download a “blank” world with all commercial lots necessary for your version of sims and expansion packs or empty out a world yourself. Make sure there are no households already moved in.
  2. Create a “Worker Bee” house that has the following stats:
    One master bedroom, two single bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen/dining room, and playroom/living room. Should have a bookcase, toys for children, and a basic TV. Keep it small, and on a lot that is 30 by 20. All items should be cheap, and make sure it’s fully furnished. Place copies of this house all around your main commercial area in the town – but leave them EMPTY! You will want around 15-20 copies placed to allow for story progression. Make sure each is priced under 20k simoleons.
  3. Now create a “Nursery” house with:
    One master bedroom, SIX single bedrooms, three bathrooms, kitchen/dining room, playroom/skill-up room, and living room. Keep it small, and on a lot that is 40 by 40. Should have a bookcase, toys for children, activities for teenagers, stereo, all basic skill-building items (one for each skill.. i.e. telescope or chess table, guitar, mirror, painting easel, etc.) a basic TV, a desk for homework, and one with a basic desktop computer. Make 10 copies of these and place around the smaller houses.
  4. Create a Studio on a 10×10 lot. That way your children can move out to their own homes when they age up to YA.
  5. Put a 64 by 64 BLANK lot somewhere in your town. This is where you will build your QB’s house.
  6. Enter create-a-sim, and make a Young Adult female sim. Any traits are allowed. Set her looks, clothes, name, Lifetime Wish to your heart’s content.
  7. Move your Queen Bee into the 64 by 64 lot.
  8. Find a male “drone”, befriend him, have him move in, and begin producing young.
  9. Once your current drone/caretaker has produced his six offspring, learned how to make a Young Again Potion, and all of the children have aged to toddler and learned to walk, talk and potty, break your relationship off with your drone, (forgetting this can lead to being caught cheating, which will make you lose points!!) .
  10. Repeat steps 8 and 9 until you either win the challenge… or lose!
  11. Count up your score, and post here!


WIN: Reach 60 children who have reached the “teen” age with different breeder bees – six children per “bee” for 10 different breeding partners.
LOSE: Queen bee dies, or becomes unable to have biological children (turning elder) before having 60 children.

Since teens can live on their own – granted, they’re not supposed to.. but they CAN! .. I am changing to making sure they make it to the teen age. Through testing, I’ve discovered there’s no way all the Drones will live long enough to get all their kids to Young Adult stage, so as long as the young can live on their own when the Drone dies (as long as they are in the “Nursery” lots before the Drone passes on) .. it’s good enough.


  • NO MARRYING! Engagement is okay if you HAVE to, but it must be broken off when the drone leaves with his young charges. Preferably, don’t go past boyfriend, and if you can get them to agree to “Try for Baby” without the “Going Steady” – then you are due some bonus points.
  • Each male drone may only father SIX of your children. If a child dies before reaching teen age (I think you can see this in your family tree – obviously they will not all be living with you) then you must have a new young born to replace it.
  • There is no penalty if a pregnancy of multiples goes over the amount of children.
  • If a DRONE dies before producing his six required young, or prior to moving out with his young, you must find a new drone to replace him and finish out his job. This Drone will count as the now-dead drone, so he needs only finish out the last one’s responsibilities, not have six of his OWN young.
  • NO changing active household for any reason – once your male drone moves out with the young, it is his responsibility to continue to raise them safely to teen age. (Another reason your choice of drone is important!)
  • Maids: As soon as you are able (BEFORE the first Drone moves out with his children) you must hire a maid and keep it employed. Queen bees should not have to take care of everything, they certainly don’t in real bee hives!
  • Butler: If you prefer, you may have a butler instead of a maid.
  • Babysitters: Taking the ability to hire babysitters away would be cruel and unusual, so I’m not going to do it. However, *try* not to have one there 24/7.


World Adventures
You CAN travel to China, France or Egypt, but only if there are no children on the lot. Either go before you move in your first drone or go between drones.

Feel free to do inventing, sculpting, or any of the new profession jobs.
Buying and selling at the consignment store is just fine.

Late Night
No restriction on becoming a celebrity – however, be aware of the pitfalls of social humiliation if you choose this path – it could make your challenge considerably tougher!
Feel free to learn Mixology or the other instrument skills, or start a band.
Any drink you can make or buy at a bar is fair game to be used – but the skill booster ones MUST be made by yourself or your current drone.
Your Queen Bee may not become a Vampire.

NO sending kids off to boarding school. The point is to have you and your chosen Drones raise the children on their own, not get rid of them as soon as you can. Sending them to boarding school would make things too easy.
Bonus points for being a Daycare professional! (And perhaps, bonus insanity points as well… perhaps trying this out should qualify you for a “Insane” award?!)
After-school programs are allowed, and even encouraged.
Scavenger hunts, and all the new stuff kids can do are GREAT! Use them to your heart’s content, the extra income from scavenger hunts is really helpful.
NO imaginary children coming to life in your household.

Pets are allowed.
Sending pets out to hunt up collectibles to sell is encouraged.

Showtime careers are allowed.

Supernatural Drones are allowed.
If a drone gets abducted and pregnant, they must send the baby to their home planet, you may not keep it.

Any season is allowed and you can set the length as long or as short as you want.

University Life
The Queen Bee may go to University at the start of the challenge, but not after the first Drone moves in.

Into the Future
You may travel to the future, but you must take the whole household with you.
You may have a Plumbot in your household, but only if you have room for it.
If you choose to have a Plumbot replace the maid/butler requirement, they must have all domestic trait chips.


  • +1 bonus point for each toddler who learns all toddler skills – walk, potty, talk.
  • +1 for all toddlers who read all their toddler books (I know you TSAL people are still out there somewhere).
  • +1 bonus point for each set of NATURAL twins – kids tv and music is allowed and encouraged.
  • +1 point for each child you are actively at a “friend” status with at time of their death.
  • +1 point for each type of magical gnome you get (each type can only be counted once). All other gnomes are acquired normally. (yes, the baby, child, teen, elder magical gnomes each count – but only the first time you get one.
  • +2 points if you’re at “best friend” status at the time of their death.
  • +2 points for each NATURAL set of triplets.
  • +5 points for each level of the “Daycare” profession level you reach. – That's a whopping 25 points if you can handle being a level 5 daycare professional.
  • +5 Bonus points for each drone that you can move in and have children with without ever surpassing Romantic Interest status.
  • +5 points for each skill your queen bee gets to level 10, and 1 additional point for each skill challenge completed (example: “Menu Maven” in cooking)
  • +10 points for every career your queen be gets to level 10 (this excludes the daycare profession, see below for that)
  • +15 points for getting your Lifetime Wish complete. You can always change LTW after completing one so that you may continue to earn points.
  • +5 points for each additional LTW completed.
  • –1 point for each extra child you must produce to replace a child who is taken by social worker, or child who dies before becoming a teen.
    (additionally, these will need to be made on a different drone – NO drone may father more than six of your children.)
  • –5 points for each time you are caught cheating on your current drone. That doesn’t mean you can’t cheat on them, just that you lose points for getting caught.
  • -5 points If you have a baby from a drone that is NOT your current live-in drone/caretaker, you lose an additional 5 points.
  • -10 points for using fertility treatment.
  • –10 points for any drone who is not able to get his quota of six offspring and take them to his “Nursery” house to rear them. The Drone must be alive and move out with his 6 offspring.
  • –10 points for EACH child taken by a social worker.
  • –10 points for each time you have to get engaged to get your current drone to “Try for Baby”.
  • –20 points for any death on your lot other than due to old age.
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