One Sim One Month One World One Year (Basegame Compatible)

One Sim One Month One World One Year (Basegame Compatible)

Postby miss_eulenauge » June 15th, 2021, 5:16 am

The original challenge was written by Karababy52 on the Sims forums. The challenge has evolved quite a bit, and many people have adapted it to fit their personal needs. So thank you so much to everyone playing it in the original thread - almost all my ideas on how to adapt were based on what they did at one point or another, or on ideas they had. I would give individual credit, but I started creating this ruleset about two months ago without keeping track, so...
I think it would be best to explain the main points of the original, and how you could compensate for missing one or two packs. Then, I'll explain how I modified it to be completely basegame, and how one could possibly make use of packs with this take on the rules.

The original challenge has the following main rules:
  • post one photo per RL day and a short synopsis of what happened during the play session
  • (if you miss a day or two just post more photos the next day to make up for it)
  • (optional: play one Sim day per Real-Life day)
  • start with a teen, aging them up every three Real-Life months (starting out Rags to Riches style is recommended but not neccesary)
  • (optional: start with a toddler or baby to make a Super Sim and follow the normal rules upon their teen birthday)
  • move to a new world every month to complete the aspirations related to that world (see schedule of worlds in original post or make up your own)
  • aspiration hopping for basegame aspirations can be used depending on your preferred playstyle
  • Worlds you haven't lived in yet are "locked" and can only be visited upon invitation (or not at all)
  • (optional: Newcrest may be designated a 'neutral' world and venues placed there for your Sim to use at your discretion.)
...the full rules can be viewed in the original thread. As it is marked "Work in Progress" suggestions and alteration of the rules are very welcome :)

Several people posting about their progress in the original thread have made up for missing packs by using basegame worlds instead, or by re-using worlds.
For example, SoulGal (in the original thread) didn't have Realm of Magic, but had a wonderful storyline in Sylvan Glade instead.
If you are only missing one or two worlds, try to come up with something along these lines, and if you need advice you can always drop by and ask for ideas :)
Also, there will be one or two sales during the year you'll be playing, so who knows...

Of course, this approach won't work if you only have the basegame worlds, or only very few additional worlds.
I was in the same situation, and made the following basegame-compatible rules for myself:
  • One Photo post Per Real Life Day on the forum. If I miss any days due to Real Life, I'll try to post one photo for every missed real life day the next day possible.
    (I personally do not follow this rule at the moment due to RL constraints, instead posting whenever I have time without worrying about missing days, but this *is* the main point of the challenge, so... ;) )
  • One neighbourhood per month, alternating between the worlds as it makes sense for the story
  • Play One Sim-Day per RL day (this is optional, but keep in mind that the aging will get more complicated if you play more per RL day and still want to automatically age everyone ingame according to a schedule based on RL time)
  • I'll start with a toddler, but that is optional - if you want to start with a teen, just do that and ignore the irrelevant parts (aging see "Game settings")
  • My Sim will start out with 0 Simoleons on an empty lot as a teen (rags-to-riches style).
    This is optional, you may start with any number of Simoleons up to the 20'000$ starting money.
  • Teens may take odd jobs and/or have a part-time job. School is optional for the Main Sim. (cheating is allowed if the teen is in danger of getting taken away due to not going to school)
  • May not Aspiration hop. Try to get all achievements, collections, etc (for specific goals see the Master Simmer challenge by @wyldhawke)
    Only the Main Sim and a possible long-term spouse are allowed to contribute to these Goals. (still pondering that one since I may not be able to fit things like Father Winters Baby into the story - may change it to "main characters")
  • Important - start with a fresh save! Otherwise, things like the Rosebud achievement (and others) might already be finished, or at least started.
  • I will aim to finish and display all collections, and take a picture of each of her homes to remember them as I transition into the next month.
  • Sim may marry and have children. Relatives and Friends may move in and out at your discretion. For the aging of children, see the schedule
  • MCC and other mods may be in use, but may not give any advantages over players without mods.
  • I may freely travel to other worlds for Festivals, Dates, Parties, etc. I may not collect in other worlds though or make use of world-specific advantages - I never get my Sims out of the house anyway, so I do not want to restrict this. But I don't want to have an advantage over players who decide to restrict travel.
  • Any Satisfaction points earned may be used to buy and use any reward traits, with the exception of the Money tree seeds.
  • I will participate in all default Holidays, (except Lottery), and add my own. I may temporarily cancel holidays for the story, but will to put them back for the next year. Also, I might modify Harvestfest before it happens to remove the Gnomes part of this holiday (or I'll sell the gnomes after appeasing them and then subtract the money - the seed packs are just too cheaty in my personal opinion)
  • If my Sims dies ingame, quitting without saving is allowed at your discretion (Originally it wasn't and you had to rely on people in the household for resurrection, but let's be honest - we all invest so much time in this without another Sim in the household... This is why the rule was relaxed. But it's recommended to not act as if nothing happened in case of your Sim having died. Instead, include the incident into the story, e.g letting their house burn down /be bulldozed/whatever so you have to "start over" but can continue playing your story and your Sim without having to scrap that too.)

    Game settings:
  • Aging of the challenge Sim (in Real-Life time): 2 weeks as a toddler, 1 1/2 months as a child, 3 months as a teen, 3 months as a Young Adult, 3 months as an Adult and 3 months as an Elder
  • Alternate: 3,5 months YA, 3,5 months Adult, 2 months Elder or something? I am nowhere near that part yet, and this is still being playtested, so... Just do what works for you ;)
    (starting with a toddler or child is optional, just ignore that part otherwise ;) )
  • Aging for everyone other than the challenge Sim through MC Command Center (if you adjust the aging schedule, be sure to adjust this too!)
    (Players without mods: try using Long Lifespan, that should roughly work too)
    Settings: Pregnany 5 days, Baby 7 days, Toddler 14 days, Child 45 days, Teen 90 days, Young Adult 93 days, Adult 92 days, Elder 90 days
  • Autonomy On - I really want to try to let the Sim’s free will build stories of their own. May be turned off on occasion if you already have a story planned.
  • Season length: 14 days

Since there are exactly 13 basegame neighborhoods, this fits exactly with the 12 months of the challenge. The 13th neighborhood can be used for community lots or for living there while the challenge Sim is a toddler and child.

To finish this off, here's some advice on how you could use any additional worlds you have:
You could extend the challenge to visit these neighborhoods too
You could continue playing with a child of your challenge Sim
You could designate one neighborhood per world for community lots, resulting in 3 extra neighborhoods needed - and since a lot of worlds have four neighborhoods, this could be a good option if you only have one DLC world
I do not have any more good ideas, but if you have some (or need some) drop by in the original thread and there will be lots of helpful people to figure it out :)

Lastly - Don't forget that the goal is to have fun. If the challenge gets stressful or annyoing, don't hesitate to change rules so it works and you can continue to have fun.
(Most noteably, I know that the rules require daily posting, but honestly the goal is to have fun. If RL gets in the way, posting less is totally ok and nobody will get mad at you for it).

Have fun playing! :)
Miss Eulenauge
participating in the "One Month One World One Year Personal Challenge".
My story can be found here or here (original post on EA forums), the rules are here
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