Cottage Living Extreme Rags to Riches Challenge (Sims 4)

Cottage Living Extreme Rags to Riches Challenge (Sims 4)

Postby Purplethistles » August 10th, 2021, 5:23 pm

I've been playtesting this for a few days and having a ball, so I thought I would share with you guys.

Getting Started

* Create a young adult human sim in CAS. No story mode. Dress them as best you can to be homeless.
* Give them traits that you feel a homeless person might have. For example, my sim was a loner, paranoid and clumsy. Loner because in my head she didn't like to be around people and be judged for her appearance. Paranoid because of the same. Clumsy because I like clumsy sims!
* Do not pick any likes or dislikes.
* Pick the mansion baron aspiration.
* Choose any season to start in but I highly recommend spring.
* In Henford on Bagley, choose 5 Cobblebottom Street and bulldoze the lot when moving in.
* Select Lot challenges appropriate for a homeless sim. For example, I chose Off the Grid, Simple Living, Wild Foxes, Creepy Crawlies. I also chose the lot trait sunny aspect.
* Use the money cheat to take away all left over simoleons.
* Pause the game and edit the following holidays: Harvestfest, delete gnomes tradition. Winterfest, delete Father Winter and Open Presents tradition.

Game Play

Travel: Your sim can travel anywhere within Henford on Bagley but may not travel to any other world. The exception to this, is if you use the creepy crawly lot challenge and your sim gets poisoned. In this case, if you have enough money you can buy the antidote from a computer ($1000) or you will need to earn a minimum of $216 to be able to rent the cheapest rental in Selvadora for one sim day, to find bone dust in a temple (hint, failing traps is the quickest way to get this) and talking to a local to ask for the antidote. If you make any money at all in Selvadora, you must remove it as soon as you return home.

Community Lots: No community lots may be used for filling needs. If your sim doesn't have anywhere to sleep, they nap on a bench. If they need the bathroom they use a public bathroom.

Money: NO selling from inventory. Your sim can only make money from harvesting, gardening, fishing and farming. If it cant be sold at the garden stalls, it cant be made money from. This means no plopsy! You also cannot cross stitch until you have your own llama wool to use. After this, you can buy cross stitch hoops from the garden stall and sell back any completed works. If you are given any finchwick favors or win any items in the finchwich fairs, you may sell these at the stall if you wish. You may not take any errands that don't require produce or foraged items to complete and you must use your own produce/forage to complete them. You may not accept money to get married in seven days or ask what the conditions are. If in doubt, ask yourself, did your sim harvest it? Grow it? Is it Fish? Is it animal produce from their own farm animals? If the answer to any of these is NO, your sim cannot make money from it.

Gardening: Your sim can grow ONE of any type of plant they manage to forage in any of the districts in Henford on Bagley. For Oversized crops, they may only plant one of each type at a time. Example, you can plant one lettuce, aubergine, watermelon, pumpkin and mushroom. Once grown and sold, you can repeat this. You can buy the oversized crop seeds from the garden stall, however this is the only crops you can buy. You may not buy any fertilisers, however if you are gifted or win any, you may use them.

Fishing: Your sim can fish as much as they want, however they may only eat or sell fish. Anything else fished up such as voodoo dolls, camera's and so forth may be kept if you want your sim to use them, or gift them to locals. They may not be sold. Any upgrade parts caught from fishing may be used or gifted.

Likes/Dislikes: As you play, if your sim gets any likes/dislikes pop up, you must always say yes to them. This resulted in my sim disliking gardening, fishing, singing, dancing, handiness and fitness!

Farm Animals:

* Animal aging must be kept on.
* When you can afford to buy hen houses and animal sheds, you may do so. However you may only own one hen house, and two animal sheds.
* Do not befriend any of your animals if you can help it, just care for them by feeding, cleaning and collecting. This is because hens in particular will begin to lay golden eggs, which would not make this an EXTREME challenge! If you receive any golden eggs, they must not be sold. Any animal products that are not normal eggs, normal milk and either beige or white wool, cannot be sold, though you may use them in other ways.
* You may only own hens, not roosters. When your hens pass on, you will need to buy more.

Wild Animals: You may befriend wild animals and give them gifts if you want, but you may not accept gifts or use wild animals to help with gardening. If you can afford to buy a rabbit or bird home, you may place ONE of these (not both) and you may ask for gardening help then but still cannot accept gifts.

Mansion Baron Aspiration: This is the goal of the challenge. You will NOT manage to complete this with one generation if you play the above. My sim died an elder and had earned a total of $25000 in her lifetime. Therefore, you will want your sim to have an heir at some point. For this purpose, your sim may adopt, or have a child naturally. They may not get married or have someone move in however. NOTE: If you would like a shorter challenge, opt for the fabulously wealthy aspiration instead.

Before Having a Child/Children: Your sim must be able to afford a separate room for their child with a cot, a toddler bed, a potty and a highchair. No aging up children early. The exception to this is if your sim is about to die for whatever reason (such as old age) and the child is not yet a teen.

Final Thoughts

The first generation of this challenge is HARD. My sim died after being struck by lighting three times when napping outside in the beginning. She got bitten by a spider and came within three hours of dying from poison before I could get her cured. She had a child too late on in life and died before her child aged into a teen, so it was game over...again. The simple living challenge when applied to the home lot, also prevents using the public grills in the area unless you have the required ingredients.

Before you sell or buy anything at the stalls, haggle! This will reduce buying fees and increase selling profit, if successful. If your sim is literally starving, speaking to the mayor will usually result in them giving your sim some food. For the sake of this being an extreme challenge, I would suggest doing this only in an emergency!

When any Finchwick fair is on, you can sell your goods for more of a profit.

Canning crops tends to make more money when selling.

As an additional challenge, I did not allow my sim to have any other clothes than her homeless wear, until she had a llama and could use its wool for knitting clothes. She was an elder by the time she could change her clothes!

For foraging, you need to be in the area by around 4am and wait until about 6am for plants to update and spawn harvestables.

If you choose the off the grid trait, make sure to initially set all power using utilities to OFF and set your billing information to store power. Give it a few sim days and you will have some power saved up so you wont get the annoying you are making a surplus/you have used up your surplus every two seconds.

I like grinding and a hard playstyle. However feel free to adapt this challenge however you want, to suit yourself.
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Re: Cottage Living Extreme Rags to Riches Challenge (Sims 4)

Postby Rawla » October 12th, 2021, 1:53 pm


I randomized her facial features, eye color, hair color and clothing as well as her name. Here we go with this challenge. Too bad it doesn't come with a medal. Its going to be a crazy fun ride. Introducing Madelynn Good. I gave her the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration. Her random traits are Neat, Loner and Romantic. This will be interesting. Thanks for posting this challenge!
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