Sims 4 Rainbowacy

Sims 4 Rainbowacy

Postby Thaitanic » December 9th, 2017, 1:39 pm


Found this on the Sims forums, it's a loose interpretation of the Rainbowcy TS3 rules by Glimmer50: ... /rainbowcy
I've edited the rules slightly, mostly because I wanted it to be a 10 gen legacy. :lol:

I also only have BG and City Living, so the rules will reflect that :lol:


The Main Idea:
This Legacy challenge is made up of 10 generations counting the founder. The idea is to go through the colors of the rainbow, and match your family as close to their color coded generation as possible. Custom content and custom townies is encouraged. The end of the Legacy is when the your 10th generation 'Rainbow' heir reaches YA.

Basic Rules:
1. Your founder may be female or male, have any traits, LTW, and any career.

2. They must be as colourful as you can make them.

3. Optional: Each child born in their color generation must be named aptly. Example: Children born in the Red generation need to be named in relation the color red. (Garnet, Ruby, Heart, Cherry, Heat). Go as crazy as you like.

4. The order of the generations is:
Gen 1: White - purity, equality, self-sufficiency and new beginnings, but also stark, fastidious, cautious, distant and critical.
Gen 2: Red - action, energy and speed, attention-getting, assertive, and confident, but also aggressive and domineering, over-bearing, tiring, angry and quick-tempered.
Gen 3: Orange - sociable, optimistic, enthusiastic, cheerful, and self-confident, but also superficial and insincere, dependent, over-bearing and self-indulgent.
Gen 4: Brown - down-to-earth, approachable, friendly, stable, and supportive, but also dull, boring, frugal, materialistic, and predictable.
Gen 5: Yellow - optimism, cheerfulness, academic, original and good-humored, but also being critical and judgmental, being overly analytical, being impatient and impulsive, being egotistical and lacking compassion.
Gen 6: Green - growth and vitality, emotionally balanced, nurturing, nature lover and family oriented, but also envious, selfish, greedy, miserly and a 'do-gooder'.
Gen 7: Blue - loyalty, trustworthy and with integrity, tactful, spiritual and peaceful, but also depressed and sad, too passive, self-righteous, superstitious and conservative.
Gen 8: Violet - unusual and individual, creative and inventive, psychic, intuitive, fantastical and futuristic, but also pompous and arrogant, fraudulent and corrupt, delusions of grandeur and the a 'social climber'.
Gen 9: Black - protection and comfort, strong, seductive, mysterious and endings & beginnings, but also depressing and pessimistic, secretive, withholding and focused on power & control.
Gen 10: Rainbow - pride, bright, a balance of influences, a sign of the sun coming after rain.

5. Each color has a matched career path(s) and or Aspiration, which I'll cover soon.

6. Name themes and a surname related to rainbows are mandatory in the original TS3 rules, but instead I'll just make that a fun mini-challenge.

7. Standard legacy start. (Big lot, single founder, etc.)

Generation Descriptions:

Gen 1: White
Your generation's colour is white, the colour of new beginnings and self-sufficiency. Fastidious in your being, you reach out into the world to start a legacy the world will never be able to forget. You know that sometimes you can be too critical, too distant, but if you want a family line set up for success, high standards should be par for the course, not optional.
- Your founder must be dressed in white clothes, white hair, etc.
- The house must be themed white, and then in future generations there must be one 'white room' in the house in honour of your founder and founding spouse.
- Recommended founder traits: Perfectionist, Family Oriented, Ambitious, Snob, Neat, Materialistic. (You don't need to take any of these and can make a completely different founder if you like.)
- MUST have the aspiration: Successful Lineage
- Every colour generation has assigned careers to follow.

Careers for White:
- Business: Any branch. The perfect career for a founder focused on perfection and achievement, who wants to build a successful foundation for the future of their family.
- Culinary: Chef branch. For a founder who is a hard-worker and a perfectionist, this is a good career choice.
- Athletic: Any branch.

Before playing the founder, roll a dice to choose which career your founder will have.:
- 1 or 2: Business
- 3 or 4: Culinary
- 5 or 6: Athletic

Generational challenge:
Have a house net worth of $50,000 when your founder passes away.
+20 points

+10 points for completing the generation (the heir of the next gen reaches YA-hood).

Gen 2: Red
Your generation's colour is red, the colour of action and assertiveness. Your parents imbued you with a an internal fire and a drive to achieve, but you always found them overly cautious. You want to go into the world, take it over, and have fun whilst doing it. You got perfect grades in school, and can only see a future with yourself at the forefront of it.
- The heir must be in red clothes, red hair, etc.
- Introduce a red theme to the house, and in future generations have a permanent 'red room' in the house.
- Recommended heir traits: Ambitious, Evil, Self-Assured, Genius, Hot-Headed, Kleptomaniac, Materialistic.
- Recommended aspiration: Public Enemy, any Fortune aspiration.

Careers for Red:
- Business: If gen 1 took the business career, take the branch gen 1 didn't follow. If not, any branch.
- Criminal: Any branch
- Secret Agent: Villain career

Roll a dice to choose the career of your heir:
- 1 or 2: Business
- 3 or 4: Criminal
- 5 or 6: Secret Agent, Villain

Generational challenge:
Have your generation 2/generation red heir be a straight A student, teach them all their toddler skills, and reach the top of their career path before they become an Elder.
+20 points.

+10 points for completing the generation (the heir of the next gen reaches YA-hood).

Generation 3: Orange
Your generation's colour is orange. You grew up in a, for want of a better word, oppressive household. Your parent was hardcore and hard-assed, and your grandparents cared too much about perfection. You were a creative child, and when your creativity wasn't recognised it turned into rebellion. Now for your children you hope to create a sanctuary for art and emotions, all of which you wish you had when you were growing up.
- Orange hair, orange clothes, etc.
- Introduce an orange theme to the house, and in future generations have a permanent 'orange room'.
- Recommended traits: Creative, Art/Music Lover, Cheerful, Goofball, Childish, Bro, Outgoing (Lots of options for this generation.)
- Recommended aspiration: Any creativity aspiration or popularity aspiration

Careers for Orange:
- Painter: Any branch (whatever one fits your story better)
- Entertainer: Musician
- Writer: Author branch

Roll a dice to choose your heir's career:
- 1 or 2: Painter
- 3 or 4: Entertainer
- 5 or 6: Author branch

Generational challenge:
Choose an art (instrument, painting, writing) and master it before your sim becomes an elder for +10 points. For the extra +10 points, master a second art skill.

+10 points for completing the generation (the heir of the next gen reaches YA-hood).

Generation 4: Brown
Your generation's colour is brown. You grew up in an open and welcoming space, and never wanted for anything. Your parent was a bit of a hippy, but you were always comfortable and stable, maybe even too comfortable that you got slightly lazy. Regardless, you want to expand that to your own children. You were never naturally 'artsy', but you have a passion for your own interests and you have never felt shamed for it.
- Brown hair, brown clothes, etc.
- Brown theme in the house and a permanent brown room for future generations.
- Recommended traits: Genius, Lazy, Slob, Bro, Cheerful, Foodie, Geek, Materialistic.
- Recommended aspiration: Knowledge aspirations - Computer Whiz, Nerd Brain.

Careers for Brown:
- Tech Guru career: Any branch
- Writer career: Any branch (but if you've already done writing branch in Gen Orange, do the journalist branch)
- Culinary career: Any branch (even if you did the chef branch in Gen 1, but do what's most fun for you)

Roll a dice to choose your heir's career:
- 1 or 2: Tech Guru
- 3 or 4: Writer
- 5 or 6: Culinary

Generational challenge:
A mini whimacy! Your character got everything they wanted as a child, why not keep it going into their elderhood? +20 points.

+10 points for completing the generation (the heir of the next gen reaches YA-hood).[/spoiler]

Generation 5: Yellow
Your generation's colour is yellow. Your parent raised you comfortably, but you always felt there was something missing. Always an academic, you went to the library one day and looked up the past of your family and found out about the first two generations - ambitious, successful and driven forefathers. Your parent and grandparents now seem to have forgotten all about this past, perhaps intentionally, and you don't want to bring it all back, but you know you have to drive yourself to accomplish *something*.
- Yellow hair, yellow clothes, etc.
- Yellow theme in the house, yellow room for future generations.
- Recommended traits: Genius, Geek, Perfectionist, Ambitious, Snob, Good.
- Recommended aspiration: Any Knowledge aspiration or Family aspiration.

Careers for Yellow:
- Athletic career: If you took the Athletic career in Gen 1, take the other branch. Otherwise, any branch.
- Tech Guru career: If you took Tech Guru in Generation 4, take the other branch. Otherwise, any branch.
- Secret Agent career: Any branch, you may wish to choose Villain for Lore purposes, or you may choose not to for Lore purposes.

Roll a dice to choose your heir's career:
- 1 or 2: Athletic career
- 3 or 4: Tech Guru career
- 5 or 6: Secret Agent career

Generational challenge:
Reach the top of two career paths, one you rolled for and one that is the same career as Generation 1 and Generation 2. +20 points.

+10 points for completing the generation (the heir of the next gen reaches YA-hood).


This is a WIP, I'll finish it fully one day :lol:

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Re: Sims 4 Rainbowacy

Postby dbars107 » February 17th, 2018, 11:45 am

This looks fun! I wanted to do a Rainbowacy but can't play S3 so I will definitely be trying this...I'll let you know when I get to Gen 5 if you haven't finished setting up the last generations :)
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