The Garden Legacy Ruleset, Modified

The Garden Legacy Ruleset, Modified

Postby singinghymns » March 10th, 2019, 8:45 am

This is the modified ruleset of cowplant-pizza's Garden Legacy. I modified it to fit with Sims 4 a little more closely and to clarify some rules that didn't follow through the challenge (The actual Garden). I also added some things that I think will make the legacy more challenging. For her original ruleset, click on her name above. There are quite a few modifications, so I couldn't highlight all of them. You can compare mine to hers if you would like. :flirt: I changed some of the plants per generation to ones you can find in game. The Garden aspect kinda got lost in the rules, so I followed those through until the end, and just added a few rules per generation here and there. I also added scoring! Happy Simming!

The Garden Legacy Challenge is carried out across 10 generations of your Sims family of choice. This introduction to the challenge can be used as a guideline if you wish, as I’d love for you to express your creativity by using this as a template. Please, sit back, relax, and enjoy playing the game! :)

• Money Cheats are NOT allowed
• Aesthetic CC and poses are FINE
• Needs must be on decay AT ALL TIMES
• Feel free to pause aging ONLY FOR STORY PURPOSES
• Your Sims must live on the SAME LOT for the whole 10 generations. A larger lot is recommended (if you have to move to save your game, MOVE)
• Any world is fine
• You may edit what your Sims look like in CAS if they fugly
• You can only control the current heir and the future heir once chosen. Toddlers and children can be controlled to take care of basic needs only, but once they hit teens, hands off.
• Randomize all traits, except for incoming spouses.
• Scoring is optional, however, if you want to keep track, each generation is worth 10 points once you have produced an heir and they reach YA. Subtract 1 point for every generational rule you don’t complete and add a point for every one you do complete. You lose a point for every child or animal removed due to neglect!

Your entire 10 generations will be named after various plants you could find or have in your garden. This is inspired by the fact that your Sims will have a love for nature throughout all 10 generations, living their life on the family farm. Each generation also has a berry color in case berry simmers would like to enjoy the challenge too!

Garden Requirements:
Must create a generational garden area. Each generation, that Gen’s representation plant must go into the designated area once they reach Perfect. If the plant dies due to neglect, you will lose one point per plant. If it dies of old age, create another Perfect plant and replace the old one. Add one point for each plant that dies because it has lived long enough (not sure this is something that happens in TS4, but if not disregard this part.)

Generation 1: ROSE
Aspiration: Freelance Botanist
Garden Requirement: A Perfect Rose
Berry Color: Red
Information: This is the founder of your legacy! From living their entire childhood in the smelly and loud city, they have decided to begin a new lifestyle in the countryside. They dream of running a farm to support the generations to come.

• Compete the Aspiration
• Have at least 2 children
• Have 1 dog and 1 cat – Must keep until death of animal
• Collect every base plant
• Rosebush must be perfect and starts the Generational Garden
• Reach level 10 of the Gardening career
• Care for at least 2 cowplants throughout your life
• Max out the friendship level with at least one beehive
• Reach level 10 of the gardening skill
• Reach at least level 5 in: cooking, parenting, and handiness

Generation 2: DAISY
Aspiration: Friend of the World
Garden Requirement: A Perfect Daisy
Berry Color: White with Yellow accents
Information: You grew up in a loving household, making you a friendly and nurturing Sim who wants nothing else than to help others.

• Complete the Aspiration
• Reach at least level 7 in the politics career. Cause: Speak for the Trees
• Marry your first friend
• Have 4 children
• Reach level 10 charisma
• Reach level 10 gardening
• Reach level 10 Flower Arranging
• Maintain the Generational Garden and add the Perfect Daisy
• Have at BFF that is not your spouse
• Have at least 3 True Friends

Generation 3: BLUEBELL
Aspiration: Big Happy Family
Garden Requirement: A Perfect Bluebell
Berry Color: Blue
Information: You grew up surrounded by siblings. It was the best childhood you could have imagined. You want to bless your children with that same childhood!

• Complete the Aspiration
• Reach level 10 parenting
• Fill your household with children (you can have at least 1 pet)
• Reach level 5 in 2 different jobs
• Achieve the best love-days every year
• Take the kids out on a day trip every Sunday
• Maintain the Generational Garden, and add the Perfect Bluebell
• Have Saturday Dinner as a family every week.

Generation 4: LILY
Aspiration: Joke Star
Garden Requirement: A Perfect Lily
Berry Color: Yellow
Information: You were always the class clown, getting in trouble all the time. You pulled endless amounts of pranks on your siblings and parents. You never want to grow up.

• Complete the Aspiration
• Reach level 10 in the Entertainment Career: Comedian Branch
• Reach level 10 comedy
• Reach level 10: charisma
• Reach level 10: mischief
• Marry someone creative
• Use a voodoo doll on your spouse at least 10 times.
• Maintain Generational Garden, and add the Perfect Lily

Aspiration: Musical Genius
Garden Requirement: A Perfect Chrysanthemum
Berry Color: White with Baby Pink accents
Information: Your parents were born entertainers, they lived to be on the stage. You share their talents but are very shy and reserved. However, you still dream of being a well-known and respected musician.

• Complete the Aspiration
• Reach level 10 in the Entertainment Career: Musician Branch
• Reach level 10: piano and singing
• Reach level 7: guitar and violin
• Have only 1 friend outside of your family
• Marry that friend
• Have 2 children: Twins are a must. Try until you get them.
• Maintain the Generational Garden and add the Perfect Chrysanthemum

Generation 6: ORCHID
Aspiration: Renaissance Sim
Garden Requirement: A Perfect Orchid
Berry Color: Green
Information: You always felt like you were second best to your twin (whether this is true or not is up to you). You often spent time burying your head in books, learning lots of different things, but never mastering them.

• Complete the Aspiration
• Write a Book
• Paint 1 Masterpiece
• Write a Song
• Change jobs once you get to level 4
• Have at least 3 jobs
• You never retire
• You never marry
• You have 3 different children from one-night stands
• A relationship is allowed after the children are born
• Never celebrate love day
• Maintain the Generational Garden, adding a Perfect Orchid

Generation 7: TULIP
Aspiration: Computer Whiz
Garden Requirement: A Perfect Tulip
Berry Color: Grape Purple
Information: You grew up confused and conflicted about your parent’s relationship. This made you a troubled child who had to visit many therapists and doctors. You found comfort in video games and rely on them throughout your life.

• Complete the Aspiration
• Reach level 10 in the Gaming Profession
• Marry someone you meet at Geekscon
• Naturally progress into the overweight section
• Reach skill level 10: video games and programming
• Have 2 children
• Maintain the Generational Garden, adding the Perfect Tulip

Generation 8: BIRD OF PARADISE
Aspiration: Successful Lineage
Garden Requirement: A Perfect Bird of Paradise
Berry Color: Hot Pink OR Orange
Information: After watching your parent struggle with health problems due to being overweight, you vowed to keep yourself and your own children healthy.

• Complete the Aspiration
• Reach level 10 in the Doctors career
• Reach level 10 in: fitness and cooking
• Marry an Athlete
• Have 3 children
• Do not feed the children unhealthy food or snacks
• Maintain the Generational Garden, adding the perfect Bird of Paradise

Generation 9: SNAPDRAGON
Aspiration: Bodybuilder
Garden Requirement: A Perfect Snapdragon
Berry Color: Light Pink OR Peach
Information: You grew up being pushed to your limits and you loved every second of it. You love exercise and cooking and want to make your two hobbies work well together. You enjoy using fresh food found on your family’s farm.

• Complete the Aspiration
• Reach level 10 in the Athletic Career
• Reach level 5 in the Cooking Career
• Reach level 10: fitness, cooking, baking, and wellness
• Reach level 5: gourmet cooking
• Marry a cook or mixologist townie
• Have triplets (I would say try until you get a set, but since they can be rare, you can cheat this)
• Maintain the Generational Garden, adding the Perfect Snapdragon

Generation 10: DEATH FLOWER
Aspiration: Fabulously Wealthy
Garden Requirements: A Perfect Death Flower
Berry Color: Light Blue
Information: You finally decide that your family is worth more than living on a farm forever. It’s time for your legacy to move on. You want to move out into a penthouse in the city and create an exciting future for generations to come.

• Complete the Aspiration
• Move to the city by yourself.
• Reach level 10 in the Business Career
• Reach level 10 in Logic
• Reach level 10 in Charisma
• Reach level 10 in a skill of your choice
• Maintain the Generational Garden, adding the Perfect Death Flower

The generation (and challenge!) is finished once you have completed the rules to generation 10! I hope you have enjoyed playing my challenge and share this with your friends :).
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