Ts4 BaCC

Ts4 BaCC

Postby Hollywood3015 » April 3rd, 2019, 5:42 am

Hello everyone, as some may know I am a tumblr groupie :gasp: and I love finding new challenges. I found an updated BaCC for the sims 4 and I know many of you here played the sims 2 and probably attempted a BaCC yourself. Now there is one for the sims 4. The rules are by Purzel's Sim Sims 4 BaCC

No unlock achievement may be used to unlocked several things. Let’s take the charisma skill for example. It is used to gain new sims to move into your town as well as to open a spot in the entertainer career. If Sim A reaches level 10 of the charisma career, you can only use that for one of the options, not both. So you need to choose to either have a new sim move in or have a new opening in the entertainer career. If you want a new sim in town AND an opening in the entertainer career, you’ll need two sims to reach level 10 in charisma.

There are a few optional aspects to this challenge. Those are ideas that I like, but either find too challenging myself or which just don’t work too well in TS4. All of those optional aspects are noted below in a separate section.

Mods are fine to use. Just use common sense on what would be too cheaty to use. Like mods that make skilling faster, reduce bills, etc. The challenge is supposed to be fun. So, if one of the rules doesn’t suit your playstyle at all, feel free to adapt it.

Starting Out
Before you can start the BACC, you need to bulldoze all the lots in all the neighbourhoods (if you feel lazy you can just bulldoze everything in the starting world and do the rest when you get there or just leave some of the buildings in other worlds if you already have a use for them; those worlds are off limits at the beginning anyhow). The exception to this rule are:

Granite Falls, Selvadorada, or any other destination world that might be added later since those are – as the name suggests – destination worlds not connected to your home worlds. So it makes sense that the locals already built things there.
The three special lots in Windenburg (The Bluffs, Ancient Ruins, and Von Haunt Estate), because they feel like being an integral part of the world.
Forgotten Hollow. I imagine this being a hidden hideaway deep down in the woods, so, again, it would make sense for this to have existed before your settlers came to their new town. Of course, the world is off limits until it’s unlocked.
We start off with one founder. And since nobody starts out on his own when settling on new land the founder will get some companions. Roll a die (or use random.org) to determine the number of new sims (between 1 and 6) living in the town-to-be. You may freely choose whether these sims all live in the same household or whether you want to start off with multiple households. My personal preference is to have everyone on the same lot for a week or so to allow them to get to know each other and then move them out to their own houses. You may also freely decide on the family structure. They could all be single, or one bigger family that decided to start the BACC adventure together. Or a mix of both.

This challenge can be played either in rotational or legacy style. Depending on which style you choose unlocking new lots/careers works slightly different:

If you decide to play ‚legacy style‘, i.e. only one family, the founder/heir or another family member must meet the individual requirements listed below unless otherwise stated. In that case, the perk stays unlocked even after the 'unlockee’ dies. Other families (both “townies”, once unlocked, and families moved in by gaining CAS points) can be interacted with and moved into the legacy household, for example as spouses. Once they moved in they can contribute to unlocking things, but previously gained skills etc. don’t count.
If you choose to play in rotation any sim living in the world actively played by you may help improve their town and unlock new things by meeting the requirements. Their contributions to the town only count as long as they live. You won’t loose achieved unlocks when you make a sim inactive. That sim just can’t unlock new things anymore.

An example for clarification: Sim A maximises the fishing skill, opening up a position in the science career. Sim B needs to start working in that career before Sim A dies. However, once Sim B takes that position and is in the career the death of Sim A won’t cost Sim B their job. It’s the opening of the career that’s restricted, not the promotions (except for the additional skill requirements for split careers, for those careers Sim A needs to live long enough for Sim B to reach the promotion level where the career branch is chosen).

Community lots remain unlocked once all the requirements are met, even if you didn’t get around to building/placing a lot yet. The only important thing for them is that all the requirements are met simultaneously at one point.

You may switch between both options at any time.

Expanding The Town
CAS/Gallery Sims

One newly created CAS sim may move into town whenever one of the following conditions is met:

A sim reaches level 10 of the charisma skill (unless you decide to spend that charisma point on an opening in the entertainer career)
A new community lot type is unlocked
A Sim-owned business opens in town
For legacy-style gameplay: A child reaches level 10 of the social skill

For legacy-style gameplay: Each time one of the above requirements is met you may choose to roll a die and add a family with the corresponding number of sims to town. If you roll a “4” or higher, you may divide the sims into two households.

If you want to move in a family/several sims at once in the rotational version, you can do that as well by saving up several CAS points.

You are free to create your own sim in CAS to move into town, grab one from the Gallery or use a sim you previously played in another save. Skills those sims come with can be kept and used to unlock things, as long as the sim wasn’t previously played in a save with long or disabled ageing settings. The reasoning behind this is that Sims coming from another save do keep their age, so allowing them to keep skills they come with is reasonable. However, if you notice the sim is only a few days into the YA age span and already has half a dozen skills maxed, then their skills probably should not be counted towards unlock requirements. Just use your judgment on the matter.

Babies and moving in townies

Of course, your population can also increase the ‚traditional‘ way, i.e. through babies. You must always determine a toddler’s trait randomly. The first 'proper’ trait, when the sim ages up to child, can be chosen freely if the toddler reached level 3 in all toddler skills. Otherwise, this skill has to be randomised. The traits gained in later age transitions may only be chosen freely if the child had an A in the respective school. Again, those traits need to be randomised if the requirements are not met. I usually randomise traits, even when I’d be allowed to choose them myself, to make things more interesting. A mod that’s rather helpful with that can be found on MtS (random traits & aspiration by graycurse). It uses a weighted randomness system, so sims are a bit more likely to gain their parents’ or caretakers’ traits.

You can also marry townies and move them in with your played sims once you unlocked townies, increasing your population that way. However, skills, career progress or other achievements those townies made prior to moving them in does not count towards unlock requirements.

Contraception: When your Sims start out in the new town they don’t have any medical facilities available. That also means no contraception.

So, each time your sims feel the urge to woohoo roll a die (or use random.org). If you roll a six your sims need to choose the “Try for Baby” option. Once your female sim reaches the adult age, you may choose to account for dropping fertility rates by using the random number generator by random.org instead of the die and roll a number between 1 and 10. If you roll a ten your sims will have to “Try for Baby” instead of normal woohoo'ing. (Or you can keep it simple and use the normal die throughout the adult age as well.)

If you are using MC Command Center you can also enable the Risky Woohoo option and set the chance to conceive by it to 17 %.

To unlock contraception you need to either

(GTW) Option 1: Unlock the hospital (i.e. have a sim work in the doctor career, see above)
(OR) Option 2: Have a sim reach level 10 in the herbalism skill
Option 3: Have a sim reach level 10 in the logic skill

You can always freely choose to use the Try for Baby option. This rule only restricts the use of regular woohoo.

You are not allowed to interact with the townies the game randomly generates. To unlock townies, you need to throw five gold medal parties. Four of these parties need to be unique. For your fifth party, you can choose to either repeat one party type or - if you have additional party types installed via DLC - try your luck at another party type.

Also, while we are on the topic of townies: You can make any sim you don’t want to actively play anymore a townie by marking them as unplayed whenever you want. Their past unlock achievements will still count (for example a maxed skill for a career), but they can’t unlock anything else from then on. If they still live in the town, they will be continued to be counted as household, if they helped to unlock at least one thing in the past.

Your sims don’t have electricity in the beginning. So no computers, TVs, stereos or other items that require it. This also includes showers and pools (since water needs to be heated). Also, no phones.

To make gameplay a bit more aesthetically pleasing you may place unobtrusive lamps to brighten the house up a bit. For cooking, you can use an outdoor grill OR use the old-fashioned looking stove and fridge that look like they don’t run on electricity. For your sims’ hygiene need you can use the tub instead of a shower (I just pretend they heat the water for a bath over the fire). The phone may be used to invite sims to parties and for casual visits since I don’t know any other way of doing it. Just pretend they somehow let everyone know by messenger bird or something.

To unlock electricity, a sim needs to reach level 10 in handiness.

Have at least ten households in your town.

(Parenthood) The Nanny and sending your children off to daycare (i.e. leaving them alone at the home lot) also require a sim to have reached level 10 of the parenting skill.

Money Tree (Seasons):

One sim in town needs to have maxed the gardener career AND the sim owning the tree needs to have maxed the gardening skill.


One sim from the travel group needs to have maximised the photography skill (OR painting skill, without GTW)
permanently unlocked for all once a second world has been unlocked, see below
Retail lots:
Requires townies to be unlocked first.

Unlock San Myshuno

Cultural Festivals:
Unlock San Myshuno

Lot Traits:

Homey: Max cooking, handiness AND gardening skills
Fast Internet: L10 of Start-up Entrepreneur career path
Great Acoustics: Max three instrumental skills OR L10 of Musician career path
Science Lair: L10 of the Scientist (GTW) OR the Astronaut career
Convival: L10 of Comedian career path OR two out of the following skills: charisma, comedy and mischief
Natural Light: L10 of Painter career OR max painting and photography () skills
Brazing Breezes: L10 of Athletic career OR max fitness and yoga () skills
Private Dwelling: No requirement, unlocked from the beginning
(CL) Chef’s Kitchen: 5-star Sim-owned restaurant () OR max both cooking and gourmet cooking skills
(CL) Child’s Play: library
(CL) Gnomes: get to the Forgotten Grotto (can not be fulfilled by the same sim that unlocked something else using his handiness skill)
(CL) Good Schools: Max ten different skills (you can re-use skills used to unlock other things for this requirement)
(CL) Great Soil: Park
(CL) Home Studio: Max painting, writing and handiness skills
(CL) Party Place: Unlock townies
(CL) Penny Pixies: get to Sylvan Glade
(CL) Romantic Aura: Gain a gold medal at three dates
Lot traits that came with Vampires (On a Dark Ley Line, Registered Vampire Lair, Vampire Nexus) are unlocked along with vampires.
All lot traits not mentioned don’t have specific unlock requirements and are unlocked from the start (Sunny Aspect, Cursed, Filthy, Gremlins, Grody, Haunted, Mean Vibe, On Ley Line, Quake Zone, those that came with Cats&Dogs and Jungle Adventures)

New world
Your town starts out in one of the available worlds, either Oasis Springs, Willow Creek, Newcrest (for the purpose of this challenge Magnolia Promenade will be considered as part of Newcrest), Windenburg or Brindleton Bay (Note that San Myshuno is not a valid starting world!). You can freely build in the starting world.

Requirements for additional worlds:

Second world: four community lot types unlocked
Third world: seven community lot types unlocked
Fourth world: ten community lot types unlocked
Fifth world: all community lot types unlocked

(CL) With City Living, reaching the top of the Charity Organizer branch of the Politics career can be used to replace three lot unlocks (i.e. you’d still need one community lot type unlocked to get a second world using this option).

San Myshuno can only be unlocked as the third world or later. It can’t be the starting or second (i.e. first additional) world!

Worlds not included in “world count”:

(i.e. unlockable independent of community lots and don’t technically count as second/third etc. world)

Vampires/Forgotten Hollow: Vampires and Forgotten Hollow are unlocked once a sim reaches level 10 of the Vampire Lore skill. Forgotten Hollow is not included in the “world count”, i.e. it can be a second/third/fourth etc. world, but you may still unlock additional words using community lots as mentioned above.

Del Sol Valley is unlocked when a sim reaches Fame Rank 2 (Rising Star).

Strangerville: Have had an alien abduction resulting in pregnancy OR reach level 10 of the Covert Operator branch in the Military career

Completing Aspirations
Whenever a sim completes a unique adult aspiration (i.e. every aspiration may only be used as “joker” once; one sim can complete several aspirations) you can choose between two rewards:

1. Get a special reward the next time one of your sims reaches level ten in the charisma skill:

That charisma point counts for BOTH a new spot in the entertainment career AND a new resident. So you get a new opening in the career and can move in a new sim.
For the new sim moving in you may roll a die and add the corresponding number of sims as new residents (you may split it into two households if you roll a four or higher).

2. Use the completed aspiration as a joker for any unlock requirement. You can’t skip steps with this, so you can’t just decide to unlock the gym if nobody has even reached level 10 of the fitness skill before. You could use the aspiration joker to unlock the athletic career, though, pretending one of your sims had reached level 10 in the fitness skill, even if they haven’t. Or, if you already had someone reach level 10 in the skill, you could use the joker for the career, pretending a sim had reached level 10 in that, thus unlocking the gym.

Unlocking Lots

Once you unlocked a community lot, you may place as many oft he same lot type as you like.

All community lots except the park require townies to be unlocked first.

Reach level 10 of the author career branch.

You must meet the painting and sculpture requirements of a museum lot type by having your sims create masterpieces. This means your sims need to paint 10 masterpiece paintings and craft 10 sculptures of excellent quality. This does not need to be fulfilled by one sim; the whole town can help.

You then need to place those items on the lot will be your museum, either by doing so directly after the item is created or later on when you decide on building the museum. The important part is that ten masterpiece paintings and five masterpiece sculptures need to be on the lot when you open your museum.


Have at least ten sims aged teen and above living in your town AND
Reach the top of the mixologist career branch

Reach level 10 of bodybuilder career branch


Option 1: Reach level 10 of the comedian career branch
Option 2: Reach level 10 in the comedy, piano and violin skills (one of the instrumental skills may be replaced with the singing skill (GTW)


Option 1: Reach level 10 of the musician career branch
Option 2: Maximise of both the dancing and DJing skills (GT)


Have at least three families (i.e. at least one parent and child living in a household of their own) living in your town AND
Reach level 10 of the gardening skill


Have experienced at least one heatwave (only with Seasons) AND

Option 1: Reach level 10 in wellness skill (SD) and fitness skill
Option 2: Reach level 10 in the professional athlete career branch

(SD) Spa:
Reach level 10 in wellness skill

(GT) Café:

Option 1: Reach level 10 in baking skill (GTW)
Option 2: Reach level 10 in gourmet cooking skill

(DO) Restaurant:

Option 1: Reach the top of the culinary career (chef branch)
Option 2: Maximise all three cooking-related skills (cooking, gourmet cooking and baking (GTW; the baking skill can be replaced with the mixology skill if you don’t have GTW))
(CL) Arts Center:
Reach level 10 in two of the “artsy” skills (painting, instruments or handiness) AND level 10 in mixology

(CL) Karaoke Bar:
Reach level 10 in both the singing and mixology skills

(C&D) Vet Clinic:
Unlocked by default once you have pets in town. Mostly because I’m unable to watch four-legged household members being sick. If you want to have it locked, I’d recommend using the Pet training skill to unlock the clinic.

Once the requirements to get an opening in a career are met one sim of your choice may get a job in these careers – unless otherwise stated. Your sims may not take up careers until you have at least five households living in your town.

Each ‚unlock‘ only counts for one position in the career (= opening). The position does not need to be filled by the unlockee. If you want to have more than one sim in any given career, you need to fulfil the unlock requirements twice, thrice, etc. Once a sim has reached level 10 in a career (branch) that career (branch) has up to three openings (with no additional skill/unlock requirements). Once all career branches have been unlocked (i.e. a sim reached level 10) you get unlimited openings in all careers.

Some of the careers have additional unlock requirements for the separate branches. In this case, you mustn’t be promoted to the level where you need to choose between both branches unless you have unlocked that branch. If you are promoted to the branch before unlocking it, your sim needs to quit their job immediately. You can prevent being promoted by not fulfilling all the promotion requirements.

Athletic career:
Reach level 10 of fitness skill

Astronaut career:

Option 1: Reach level 10 in rocket science skill
(GTW) Option 2: Reach the top of the scientist career

Business career:

(GTW)/(DO) Option 1: Have at least three sim-owned businesses (Note: Both retail lots and restaurants count as businesses. For a business to count it must have been open for at least 24 hours in the week before you used it to unlock the career or before you made the household owning the lot inactive. In the case of a restaurant the played sim must have been on the lot, actively working in the restaurant.)
Option 2: Complete the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration

Reach level 10 of mischief skill

Culinary: Reach level 10 in cooking skill OR level 10 in baking skill (GTW)

Mixologist branch: reach level 10 in mixology skill
Chef branch: reach level 10 in gourmet cooking skill

Entertainer: Reach level 10 in charisma skill

Musician branch: reach level 10 in one instrumental skill OR level 6 in two instrumental skills
Comedian branch: reach level 10 in the comedy skill

Reach level 10 in the painting skill

Secret Agent: Have at least one sim in both the criminal and the detective career (GTW) (OR two sims in the criminal career, if you don’t have GTW)

Diamond agent branch: sim needs to have the good trait
Villain branch: sim needs to have the evil trait

Style Influencer: Unlock townies AND

reach level 10 in the painting skill AND
the first sim intending to join the career needs to have both the Observant and Creative Visionary reward traits OR complete the Leader of the Pack aspiration (GT)
For subsequent sims in this career only need the painting skill requirement needs to be met in the town.

Tech Guru: Unlock electricity

Start-up entrepreneur branch: reach level 10 of programming skill
Esport gamer branch: reach level 10 of video gaming skill

Reach level 10 of the writing skill

(GTW) Doctor: Unlock townies AND

(OR) Option 1: Reach level 10 of herbology skill
Option 2: Have at least 20 sims living in your town AND one child completed the Whiz Kid aspiration
(GTW) Detective: Unlock townies AND

Option 1: Have at least three sims with the evil trait in your town
Option 2: Have at least ten households
(GTW) Scientist: Unlock townies AND

Option 1: Reach level 10 in fishing skill
Option 2: complete one of the collections (this requirement is fulfilled when the game considers a collection to be complete; so there is no need to collect additional EP/GP items in the list that aren’t included in the “official” count)
(GT) Politics: Reach level 10 in the charisma skill

Politician branch: Have at least ten households or a second world unlocked
Charity Organizer branch: At the start of the challenge, one position in this career is open to your founder. Once they reach the top of the career branch, it becomes unlocked, with the usual restriction applying (only three positions in the branch until all careers have been unlocked).
(GT) Social Media: Unlock electricity and a second world

Internet Personality branch: Reach level 10 in the comedy skill
Public Relations branch: Reach level 10 in the Journalist career branch
(GT) Critic: Reach level 10 in the writing skill

Art Critic branch: Unlock the museum OR reach level 10 in both the painting skill and one instrumental skill
Food Critic branch: Reach level 10 in the gourmet cooking skill OR have one restaurant (DO) run by one of the residents open in town
(Seasons) Gardener: Unlock the park

Botanist branch: reach level 10 in Gardening
Floral designer branch: reach level 10 in Flower arranging
(Get Famous) Actor: Unlock Del Sol Valley and have a sim with level 10 acting skill

(Strangerville) Military: Reach level 10 in the fitness skill OR complete the StrangerVille Mystery aspiration

Officer branch: reach level 10 in Charisma
Covert Operator branch: reach level 10 in Logic

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Re: Ts4 BaCC

Postby Teresa » April 3rd, 2019, 6:50 am

I had seen these rules and have them bookmarked for whenever I get around to starting the BACC.

Thanks for posting here so it is easy to find.

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Re: Ts4 BaCC

Postby Hollywood3015 » April 3rd, 2019, 10:25 am

Teresa wrote:I had seen these rules and have them bookmarked for whenever I get around to starting the BACC.

Thanks for posting here so it is easy to find.

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No problem ! I plan to play it soon as well. I want to get a few challenges finished first though lol.
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