Magical Mini-challenge

Magical Mini-challenge

Postby Teresa » November 3rd, 2019, 7:55 am

This is a magical, mini-legacy - there are only five generations to be had.  I kept waiting for someone to come up with a magical challenge, and then I decided to do it myself.

{rules have not been tested yet}

General Rules
  • No cheating to gain an advantage
  • Founder will be non-magical
  • Heirs must be magical
  • Money trees are allowed with noted limitations
  • All heirs are the firstborn spellcaster in each generation

Generation One (founder): Muggle Founder
  • Choose any aspiration from Popularity or Deviance
  • Start off anywhere except Glimmerbrook
  • Founder should not be magical or any other occult.
  • :arrow: To increase difficulty, founder can be any occult other than spellcaster
  • Meet a spellcaster
  • :arrow: Marry or don’t
  • :arrow: Have at least one child that is a spellcaster
  • Heir should be a spellcaster that has the ability to get pregnant
  • Money tree is not allowed until spellcaster heir becomes a teen

Generation Two: Love
  • Serial Romantic-complete
  • :arrow: Heir can only romance normal sims
  • Never marry
  • Have kids randomly until there is at least one spellcaster to carry on the magical bloodline
  • :arrow: To increase difficulty, heir must woohoo every romantic interest
  • :arrow: Either risky woohoo must be turned on, or
  • :arrow: Every woohoo must be try for baby, if it is available
  • Add one money tree to the family lot.
  • :arrow: There should be two trees now

Generation Three: Nature
  • Move to Glimmerbrook
  • :arrow: Don’t forget to take the two money trees
  • Purveyor of Potions
  • Learn all potions
  • Grow a garden with the plant-based potion ingredients
  • :arrow: Valerian Root
  • :arrow: Apple
  • :arrow: Parsley
  • :arrow: Cherry
  • :arrow: Potato
  • :arrow: Mandrake
  • :arrow: Dragon Fruit
  • :arrow: Lemon
  • :arrow: Sage
  • :arrow: Rose
  • :arrow: Death Flower
  • Add one money tree to the garden
  • :arrow: There should be three trees now

Generation Four: Knowledge
  • Spellcraft & Sorcery
  • Earn all Spellcaster Perks
  • Learn all spells
  • Add one money tree to the garden
  • :arrow: There should be four trees now

Generation Five: Fortune
  • Fabulously Wealthy
  • Add one money tree to the garden
  • :arrow: There should be five trees now
  • Mansion Baron
  • :arrow: Stay in Glimmerbrook, or move to a larger lot
  • Marry or don’t
  • Have kids or don’t
  • Challenge ends…
  • :arrow: Both aspirations are complete
  • :arrow: Heir is an Adult

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