The By My Own Rules Random Rainbowacy

The By My Own Rules Random Rainbowacy

Postby SybelleBarnham » July 25th, 2020, 12:18 pm

:spin: Hello fellow simmers! :spin:
Welcome to the rule set for my own new challenge, the "By My Own Rules Random Rainbowacy".
I wanted to do a challenge quite literally by my own rules, pulling aspects of other challenges that I liked and editing to a challenge all my own!
There are some included aspects from your basic legacy, random legacy and added I in the Rainbowacy aspect as well because hey, I love myself a color scheme theme. :shrug:
I have included a point system for any who wish to keep points, but if you don't want to, that's fine too because it's BY YOUR OWN RULES!
*For anyone wondering, I use a google spinner where you can change the number to any amount for my rolls*

- No cheats are allowed, but you may utilize your mods.
- Your founder can be any sim that you create or choose, you may use the stories option in CAS as well.
- Extreme start is not necessary, but optional. If you decide on an extreme start, you can reward yourself an optional/extra 5 points. If you choose not to, your sims must be able to afford lot/home without cheat codes.
- Color per Generation. As you go you will receive more points per every generation. (Feel free to change the color order, or even theme entirely if you wish. I wanted to do a different color order than normal, so we're going backwards...sorta)
---Founder(Black) = 1 point
---Gen 2(Grey) = 1 point
---Gen 3(Violet/Purple) = 2 points
---Gen 4(Indigo/Blue) = 3 points
---Gen 5(Green) = 4 points
---Gen 6(Yellow) = 5 points
---Gen 7(Orange) = 6 points
---Gen 8(Red) = 7 points
---Gen 9(Pink) = 8 points
---Gen 10(White) = 9 points
---Optional Gen 11(Brown) = 10 points

- All traits and LTW must be randomly rolled or game applied traits (ie. responsible, good manners, etc.) I enter the amount of trait/LTW options into the spinner to roll for this. Due to a specific mod in my game that allows all three traits to be applied upon age up to child, I use the game random roll, and then spin for 1-3 at childhood to only apply one trait. So on and so forth for teen and young adult.
- You must accomplish every heir's LTW, this will grant you 10 points. If not completed, you lose 10 points :sigh:
- You must roll for the amount of pregnancies per generation, for this I decided 1-5 so that it's not too ridiculous. If successfully completed, you will gain 2 points per generation. If not, you will lose 2 points per every gen not completed.
- You must recolor/redo family home to new color per generation take-over. For this you will gain 5 points, and lose 5 points if not completed.
- Careers may be chosen, but random rolled if you wish.
- You must roll for the Marital Status of your founder and every heir, this will gain you 5 points for completion, and you will lose 5 points for non-completion. For this I have chosen/created 8 options (roll 1-8)
1. Single = You may never commit to a partner, marry or move in sims. Roommates are not allowed. You may have multiple donors for children due to your lack of commitment.
2. Married = Pretty self explanatory. You must marry one sim and stick it out for life and love! Partnership/Marriage/Move-In required. May only have this one donor for children. No re-marriage if something happens to your spouse, if you fail to meet your pregnancy requirement before an untimely death, you lose those points! Roommates not allowed, this is your family home!
3. Committed But Separate = You must commit to one sim (relationship or marriage) but they can never move in with you, you both cherish your own space. Only one donor allowed, no roommates allowed.
4. Unhappily Wed = You must marry and move in one sim for life, but all of your children must be from another (scandalous affair!) For male heirs, all babies must be moved in via household manager once they are born or you get a notification. You may have the "other sim" as a roommate for this option, just to add to the dysfunction of it all!
5. Swinger = You must have children from at least 2 different sims, even if only 1 pregnancy was rolled, if you get this option you must have an additional from another sim. No commitment, marriage or move-in allowed here, but roommates are permitted.
6. Second Chance = Must have a child with first partner, but can only marry/move in second partner. Your heir can be from either. Roommates allowed if you wish.
7. Not For Me = Your sim doesn't believe in marriage! You must be in a long term relationship with your partner, move them in, but never marry! Only one donor allowed. Roommates not allowed.
8. Widow/Widower = Your heir must become a widow/widower with first partner post-marriage and at least one child. You may accomplish this however you please, and a new partner is allowed afterwards if you wish or need more children. Either donor is allowed for choosing your heir. No roommates allowed.

If you accomplish the basic challenge, you can expect a nice round total of 266 points, because that's just the way it is baby!
If you accomplish all extra/optional points you can expect another nice round total of 303 points. :dunce: :haha:

And that's pretty much it folks! If anyone decides to try this out, please give me credit! Also let me know how it goes and if you enjoyed it!
Thanks friends, stay safe, be healthy and play The Sims! :celebration: :plumbob:
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