A Magical Whirlwind - A Baby Boom Challenge

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A Magical Whirlwind - A Baby Boom Challenge

Postby Bouncer » May 7th, 2018, 7:17 pm

Here you go all, to anyone that remembered my Sims2 Sweetmeaton challenge that started from a Spring Break 4 years ago. (Sadly fell through, but I am looking into).

I bring you a new challenge!
Where Mr. Boo Whirlwind and Mrs. Bobibidi Whrilwind make a colorful life in Sunset Valley. In Base game no less!

Updates are made by Bobibidi Whirlwind as a Social Media page on this Tumblr. Thank you Seera for giving the story idea (and everyone else that helped influence this challenge during this last cold winter).

Will add direct links to specific events (births, birthdays, anything else). But like all Social Media, you are going to read into a bubbly mother that tries to avoid any negativity in her posts. I've been having fun working on updating everything so far.

The Happy Couple!

Also, I'm a Tumblr noob and open to any help!
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Re: A Magical Whirlwind - A Baby Boom Challenge

Postby Thaitanic » May 26th, 2018, 2:22 pm

Aw, their kids are going to be so colourful! I love them!

call me Thai!
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