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Mionax's GBOC

Postby Mionax » November 27th, 2020, 11:11 pm

My goal is to get all medals available for this Olympic Challenge. I start the ball rolling with the following Sims and goals:

1st Goal: 25 Friends
1st Sim: Pace Ransom
Pace's aspiration is 'Friend of the World' which I have never tried. He is Outgoing, Active and Loves the Outdoors. His aspiration gave him the gregarious trait. I'll try playing with the Tiny House relationships bonus to make this goal a little easier to obtain. Because its going to be a tiny house, he'll live much of his life outdoors, thus the Loves Outdoors trait will come in handy. Since he will be jogging around town waiting to befriend new people the Active trait will suite him well. The outgoing trait is self explanatory. I have placed him in the Law career. I assumed he will need the charisma skill for this job and he will get plenty of that as he works towards his goal and aspiration.

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Re: Mionax's GBOC

Postby Teresa » November 28th, 2020, 6:05 am

Good luck! I have been enjoying this challenge and seeing what others are choosing to do.

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