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Re: The Messorem's Baby Boom Challenge: 37 & 38 (3/19/18)

PostPosted: March 29th, 2018, 8:02 pm
by heatherfeather
I'm so far behind now! Going to be reading over the next couple days. :))

Re: The Messorem's Baby Boom Challenge: 37 & 38 (3/19/18)

PostPosted: March 30th, 2018, 6:57 am
by Nevermore
All caught up!

Woah! Adilyn has been busy! And for once, it isn't making babies. :rotfl:

Re: The Messorem's Baby Boom Challenge: 39 (4/9/18)

PostPosted: April 9th, 2018, 4:16 pm
by Livvielove
Sorry I put this one up a while ago but forgot to update it here!

39 - Why Are You Green?

Re: The Messorem's Baby Boom Challenge: 39 (4/9/18)

PostPosted: April 12th, 2018, 12:12 pm
by heatherfeather
Caught up! :))

Re: The Messorem's Baby Boom Challenge: 40 & 41 (4/13/18)

PostPosted: April 13th, 2018, 10:29 am
by Livvielove
Just in time for me to give you two more!

40 - Toddler Stalking
41 - The Troublesome Birth

Re: The Messorem's Baby Boom Challenge: 40 & 41 (4/13/18)

PostPosted: April 14th, 2018, 2:40 pm
by Nevermore
:O So close to the end! I hope you do get the right genders this time, but kinda at the same time don't want that, so there can be more Messorems! :whome: :shifty:

Re: The Messorem's Baby Boom Challenge: 40 & 41 (4/13/18)

PostPosted: April 22nd, 2018, 8:28 am
by heatherfeather
Hey I'm caught up again! Just in time for Livvie to update, I'm sure :P

Re: The Messorem's Baby Boom Challenge: 42 (5/14/18)

PostPosted: May 14th, 2018, 3:56 pm
by Livvielove
Unless you mean... a month later... :lol:

Got one now, though! 42 - Just Go to Bed, Brooke!

Re: The Messorem's Baby Boom Challenge: 42 (5/14/18)

PostPosted: May 15th, 2018, 11:06 am
by Livvielove
Posting to say it's official, the last baby is born in game! I'm going to crunch to get this finished today!

Re: The Messorem's Baby Boom Challenge: 42 (5/14/18)

PostPosted: May 15th, 2018, 5:46 pm
by heatherfeather
Congrats on the last baby being born! And caught up once again :)

Re: The Messorem's Baby Boom Challenge: 43-47 (5/24/18)

PostPosted: May 23rd, 2018, 10:18 pm
by Livvielove
I'm officially finished with this challenge in game, I have a lot of chapters to post, however so... be prepared for a slew of them. In the meantime here's a small chunk of that slew:

43 - The Beginning of the End
44 - Buckle Up
45 - My Watch Has Ended

ETA: have another one -

46 - The Fail Feast Party

ETAA: annnnd one more -

47 - Love Struck

Re: The Messorem's Baby Boom Challenge: Complete (5/25/18)

PostPosted: May 25th, 2018, 12:40 am
by Livvielove

Re: The Messorem's Baby Boom Challenge: Complete (5/25/18)

PostPosted: June 7th, 2018, 7:44 pm
by heatherfeather
Congrats on completing the challenge!!! :)) Afraid to say it may take me a little while to catch up this time :P

Re: The Messorem's Baby Boom Challenge: Complete (5/25/18)

PostPosted: June 11th, 2018, 4:11 pm
by MichelleCYoung
Somehow, I got sidetracked and forgetful (Geeeeee, what a strange and rare occurrence for me), and haven't read since February, so I'm binge-reading now.

[spoiler]Just read the Snowflake Day chapter, and it is HILARIOUS! Livvie, as much as I love your drama, I think I love your comedy even more! Also, I must now attempt the Baby Boom Challenge in Sims 3, and I MUST have a werewolf! Because I haven't played one in Sims 3, and because my life needs EVEN MORE CHALLENGES! Although, I won't do the larger households hack that you obviously have. But you have INSPRIED me! Inspired, even.

OK, back to reading...

Oh, wait, what progam do you use to be able to take screenshots of the notifications and interface panel? I got a new keyboard, and can't even find a screenshot button, so I'm not sure what I can do, except "C," and that doesn't give notifications and interface panel, and this time, I want to show those things. Suggestions, please? Also, bear in mind, I'm technologically stupid about 90% of the time, thanks to pain pills, and forgetful about … What Was I talking about? OH, yeah! I need something totally easy to learn the first five times before I finally remember it. Unlike Facebook. TOO MANY BUTTONS!!! Anyway...

Is Brielle a werewolf? I think she's a werewolf. I'd love to download her for my Alpha Bitch to raise a pack o' puppies (married to a GENIE! YEAH! Let HIM cook and clean. She'll be hunting!), so may I download and use her? Only, I want her to be a Gatherer. Is that OK? I forgot her traits. But she's SO ADORABLE! Yes, sometimes, I do go for looks. So sue me. Speaking of which, can you recommend any good Genie guys you'd like to see Brielle with? Note, I have store content, but not CC or mods, yet. Any necessary mods? I hear NRaas is moving, OH NO! I don't have Story Progression to make me laugh my ass off!

Oh, HEY! Wehre are the Willow characters? You're gonna add some, right? I vote for Jacob the most huggably awesome boy in the universe! Oooooooh, maybe I could make HIM a Genie. He's going to be a Private Investigator, whoever he is, because I have PLOT! Speaking of which, would it be totally obvious if I downloaded Victor that he's the villain? Would it? Did I mention I really hate that guy? I hate that guy. OF course, if it IS obvious, I'd have to have someone else be the villain, because we can't have obvious. And just because a guy's an absolute asshole doesn't mean he's ACTUALLY out to destroy your life. BEsides, he comes off as rich, to me, and I need a villain who is middle-class, at most. So, if I download Victor, he won't be the official villain, just a red-herring asshold.

OK, no really, back to reading again...

I can't believe I never had a minor pet in this game...

I love the tabcasts! I rarely let my sims go without them, ever since they came out. It's not even CC!

BTW - I LOVE your house design! I am not good at building.

I think Brooke's being a Bad Apple has her glitched, and she won't age up until her Bad Apple Brother catches up with her, or something.

Errrr, what is that THING? the bworn cage with the whirly stuff? It msut be CC, right? But new transportation is cool!

OMG! That pink trashcan just made me squee and I have no idea why I'm squeezing over a trash can! Also, Liam is confused. CUTE!Q


If you have University that Brain machine is the BEST way to make Charisma skill. It even makes the friedns for you!!! Although, this is Liam we're talking about, so that's not an issue. Still, it only takes about an hour per point, so, yeah, I use those things almost exclusively for Charisma.

Reset everything? That's a thing? How does that work? DANG! That's a lot of things!


Awww, Brielle moving out and being uncontrollable. SP better treat her right!

Dang you, SP!

Nice resort. Another thing I"ve never done. Gotta try it now.
Aaaah, I have to leave for now. I'll be back!
Huh, I thought I send that hours ago, but I'm back now.

I've been reading the last few chapters, letting them zip right by, and can I just request Brynn for my Genie? I'll change her gender, and wait. That's just a little bit icky, isn't it? But OMG, I WANT HER! She's SO Adorable! And a genie! LOVE!

So glad you got Brook safely out of the house, and that she's grown up happy.

Is that *hyperventilating*? I've never seen that before? OMG!

Wow, Baron's face when he got his LTW!

How do you get different colored shoes on the same sim/outfit?!

Also, Yeah, Brynn has GOT to do a challenge! and I want to download her. She is amazing!

Ooooh, now I want Brixette, too!

Woooooooow! It's over. It's amazing! I hope to see these sims again and again! And I hope you write some more comedy, because you really are funny, Livvielove!