Hark(er)! An OWBC (UPDATED JUNE 30, 2014)

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Hark(er)! An OWBC (UPDATED JUNE 30, 2014)

Postby SimAddicted13 » July 29th, 2014, 7:09 pm

My attempt at the Officially Wacky Boolprop Challenge. List of bonuses and mini-challenges under the spoiler tag below (those will be updated according to published chapters, by the way, not in-game progress). :)

Chapter One: AUG
Chapter Two: Glitch Party
Chapter Three: The Terrible Teens
Chapter Four: Losing Horns
Chapter Five: All Work and No Play
Chapter Six: Jump Scare
Chapter Seven: And When I Grow to be a Poppy in the Graveyard
Chapter Eight: Like Apples and Oranges
Chapter Nine: The Glorious (One-Sided) War of Sisterly Rivalry
Chapter Ten: The Dance of the Dormies
Chapter Eleven: Perimortem
Chapter Twelve: Secret Society Stalkers
Chapter Thirteen: Lethe Takes the Helm *NEW*

Base Game Bonuses
-Alien born on lot
-One generation without promotions (Done - from before gen 2's birth to before gen 3's birth)
-Gnome guarding the flamingos (Glycogen, and Pheromone at ALT)

Nightlife Bonuses
-Every heir(ess) goes on a date (Olive, Lethe, ...)
-Every heir(ess) becomes a Grilled Cheese sim (Olive, Lethe, ...)
-A sim is turned into a vampire (Fergus)

Seasons Bonuses
-Throw one party per season (28 so far in the main house, during 1st to 7th springs, 1st to 7th summers, 1st to 7th autumns and 1st to 7th winters; also 12 more at college, during 1st to 3rd autumns, 1st to 4th winters, 1st to 3rd springs and 1st & 2nd summers)
-Earn a wishing well (Done - earned by Olive)
-A sim becomes a plantsim (Olive)

Story Bonus
-The challenge is posted online (work in progress)

"Boolprop Naming Scheme" Mini-Challenge
-First generation has names starting with B, O, and O (Börje & Bruna, Olive & Oil, Olenna)
-Second generation has names starting with L, P and R (Lethe, Peridot & Phlox & Pomp and Power, Ruthenium)
-Third generation has names starting with O, P and C (Okul & Orcus, ...)

"One Bad Apple" Mini-Challenge
-One uncontrollable sim every generation (Bruna, Peridot, Orcus)

"Cowforbrains' Ghost Hunt" Mini-Challenge
-Three sims must die every generation, all causes of death must be different (Dustin - death by starvation, Donna - death by fire, Reese - death by drowning, Alani - death by cowplant, Darryl - death by disease, Jessica - death by heatstroke, ...)

"Family Scrapbook" Mini-Challenge
-Every member of the family must have their picture/portrait hung around the house (Nisha, Cody, Börje, Bruna, Olive, Oil, Olenna, Dustin, Reese, Donna, Fergus, Lethe, Peridot, Phlox, Pomp and Power, Ruthenium, Alani, Darryl, Jessica, Vernon, ...)
-The founder and every one of the heir(esse)s must write a novel (Nisha, Olive, ...)

"Workaholics Anonymous" Super Mini-Challenge
-Earn all career rewards available (in my case, Base Game, University and Seasons careers), every sim can earn a maximum of 3 (17/20, 2 earned by Cody, 2 earned by Reese, 2 earned by Börje, 2 earned by Bruna, 1 earned by Donna, 3 earned by Fergus, 2 earned by Olive, 2 earned by Oil, 1 earned by Vernon)

You might also be interested in:
Download a Harker (will be updated as the story goes on)
Harker Family Tree (updated in reference to my in-game progress, so may contain spoilers)
Interlude-ish Picspam: The 20 Loves of Oil
"Memories bring no joy or peace/We are alone/And all we need"

(IAMX, Bernadette)

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Re: Hark(er)! An OWBC (UPDATED JUNE 30, 2014)

Postby Rflong7 » August 5th, 2014, 12:35 am

Hi :D

Oh, wow- that was a good update. :highfive:

I had forgotten one chapter so read two... I do believe your ghosts won't scare her to death - how annoying. :cover:

They're all set up and ready to go. It's so good to see yours doing well. Happy Simming and waiting for an update. :popeye:
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