Hunter's Sweet Lips, DEAD 3/2/2020

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Hunter's Sweet Lips, DEAD 3/2/2020

Postby Teresa » March 2nd, 2020, 8:33 am

I realized that I have never finished (or even started) this challenge from Boolprop, so Hunter manned up and volunteered. He is excited about all of the kissing, and he can’t get pregnant so he will be doing more than kissing, if he gets his way. And he finally can get out of the gallery where he has been gathering dust since he was created.

This challenge is short and sweet. It last until Hunter dies and then it is done. Hunter will stay single and live alone, hence the not getting pregnant clause. He will be working to reach the top of his career, try to complete as many aspirations as possible, mastering as many skills as possible, and will be kissing as many unique sims as possible throughout the course of his life.

Chapter 1

I had written the update before I decided to restart the challenge later, so I decided to go ahead and post it for posterity, and so I could remember what worked and didn't work next time I try the challenge.

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