The Viridi Chronicles - Educating Satchel!

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The Viridi Chronicles - Educating Satchel!

Postby cowplant » January 15th, 2016, 9:32 am

The Viridi Chronicles is a project I've been planning since some time.
It's like this:
Between important stages of the founders/heirs/some protagonists life, I will make story interludes, with staging, editing, writing etc. Everything else will be Gameplay Videos.

Monkeybar Motivation
The story interlude where we see our founders face for the first time and learn a bit about his past.

Generation 1:
College 1.1: Educating Satchell
The playlist where we learn of our founders name and personality, his major, where we meet our future spouse, skill a little and complete freshman year. Will be complete by the time simsecret comes up!!
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