The "Officially" Wacky Boolprop Challenge TS2

The "Officially" Wacky Boolprop Challenge TS2

Postby Palmer » July 6th, 2014, 7:58 am

The Officially Wacky Boolprop Challenge is the official game challenge of Boolprop and it is also officially wacky. Every member that completes and logs this challenge will be rewarded with bonus points within the challenge and an official medal here at Boolprop. Best of luck, if you choose to line up your flamingos and face the music with your smustle face on!

Basic Challenge Layout
This challenge runs for three generations but this count does not include the founders. So, basically, a four generation legacy challenge.

The spirit of this challenge is one of fair, fun, challenging play. In that spirit:

-No cheats such as maxmotives shall be permitted; testingcheatsenabled may only be used to fix bugs or to create pregnancies in same sex couples. Building cheats are allowed.
-No hacks that unfairly affect gameplay to your advantage are permitted. Hacks that are purely cosmetic, fix bugs in the game, or save your fingers from unnecessary clicks are permitted as long as they do not unfairly give you advantage both in the main challenge and any additional mini-challenge you take on.
-You may, of course, use any means necessary to salvage your game, your family and this challenge from any horrible glitches that come your way.

The challenge ends when the child(ren) of the third pregnancy of the third generation reaches adulthood.

-Each generation, starting with the founders, must have three pregnancies. If your Spouse dies before the third pregnancy you must find another way to pro-create, if you grow too old you must use Elixir, Spawn babies from PlantSims do not count for the three pregnancies. Additional children through pregnancy or adoption are permitted. If you skip out on a pregnancy during a generation it's -10 points for each pregnancy missed.
-Same sex partners are allowed but they must woohoo before you are allowed to use the Tombstone of L&D each time you make one pregnant.
-When it comes time for an aspiration you must roll a die in standard legacy style. You may re-roll in college if you have University. If you have Nightlife number six becomes Pleasure.
-If you want a secondary aspiration you may give your Sim one but you must roll for it in standard legacy style. Once you come to the aspiration you already are you just skip it. For example, my Sim is a Family Sim (normally a 4) I start at Fortune (1) and going clockwise count Knowledge (2), Romance (3) skip Family and go to Popularity (which is now 4), Pleasure (5), Grilled Cheese (6). As always if you don't have Nightlife than 6 is whatever you want. Just start at Fortune and count clockwise skipping the grayed out aspiration.
-Heir polls are required. Heir polls must include all of the children from the mandatory pregnancies. Children related to the founder by blood from additional pregnancies or via Sporeing are allowed on heir polls but their presence is optional. Smustling pics showcasing the heirs are a plus!
-Graves may not be sold, deleted, or moved off the lot. Whether or not ghosts are free roaming is your choice, though.
-You may not hire a maid, gardener, nanny, repairman or obedience trainer for the duration of the challenge. No Mods to do your dirty work! Robots are allowed, they're not human.
-If a child that resulted from one of the three mandatory pregnancies is taken by a social worker -10 for each child. Any additional children through non-mandatory pregnancy or adoption that are taken results in -3 points, if the child was a Bad Apple (see Mini-Challenges), whether or not from a mandatory pregnancy, only -3 points.
-The Drew Rule, if something breaks it can only be repaired at noon, new stuff that breaks after noon can not be repaired until noon this next day.
-An Army of Flamingos, you must have three flamingos on the lawn for every non-pet member of the household. If someone kicks them over you must straighten them back up every morning (between sun-up and noon) during "Roll Call", also if your flamingos are stolen or burst into flame you may replace the lost and burnt flamingos at this time as well. You may not fence your flamingos off they must be accessible and kickable.
-Obtain at least one monster (either an alien, zombie, vampire, servo, werewolf, plant sim, big foot or genie) through the course of the challenge. You need a forum mascot, don't you? Failure to obtain said mascot results in -30 points.
-Passive mood boosting items such as flowers, idols, quills or souvenir collections are prohibited. Souvenir collections that do not affect needs are permitted. Active mood boosters such as the energizer and the noodle soother are permitted.
-Your founder may go to college prior to starting this challenge if you wish.
-You may start on any size lot, with or without a pre-built house, that your Sims can afford either straight out of college or straight out of the bin. Just make sure it's a good enough size to stay on for the duration of the challenge for a family that's going to average about five Sims if not more. You cannot start out in an Apartment.

All of these bonuses are one time only bonuses unless specified otherwise. You may only choose to do three groups of bonuses (Base Game, Nightlife and Open For Business OR Nightlife, Open for Business and Pets, etc). You must complete all three bonuses in order to earn the points for the given expansion pack.

If you only have one expansion pack start the challenge with nine points, if you only have base start with eighteen.

The one bonus you can do, regardless:
-For finishing the challenge and posting it to the exchange/your blog/a thread/etc. (3 Points)

Base Game
-For obtaining an alien through a legit abduction. (3 Points)
-For going one whole generation, from birth to birth, without getting ANY promotions. (3 Points)
-For having a gnome to guard your flamingos and having your Sims always go to fetch it back. He must be accesible to be stolen, you may not have a sentry bot guard him. Watch for it and don't lose that gnome! (3 Points)

-The heir/ess for each generation must go to and complete college. (3 Points, 1 Point for each heir/ess)
-Heir/ess for each generation must be able to do the xylophone trick shot (using the pool table) by adulthood. (3 Points, 1 Point for each heir/ess)
-For creating a zombie. (3 Points)

-The heir/ess for each generation must go on one date via the gypsy and see it through to completion. They may do this as a teen, young adult, adult or elder. (3 Points, 1 Point for each heir/ess)
-Every heir/ess is a Grilled Cheese Sim. (3 Points, 1 Point for each heir/ess)
-For creating a vampire. (3 Points)

Open for Business
-Build a robot army worthy of BoolProp. Every heir and spouse, starting with the founder and ending with the second generation heir, must have a gold talent badge in Robotics. (3 Points, 1 Point for each heir/ess couple)
-For running a business from the founding through to the end of the challenge. Business must be started by founder sometime before their death. (3 Points)
-For creating a servo. (3 Points)

-For having your founder and spouse obtain two pets and breed them, carrying on the pet bloodline until the end of the challenge. (3 Points)
-[Pets Not Required!] Keep a tank full of fish alive from the founding through to the end of the challenge. (3 Points)
-For creating a werewolf. (3 Points)

-Throw a party once every Season of the year. In other words four a Sim year. This can include birthday parties, sports parties, new years parties, etc. Themeing it, roof raising it, or smustling at it is optional but a plus! (3 Points)
-For earning a wishing well. (3 Points)
-For creating a plantsim. (3 Points)

Bon Voyage
-Take the entire bloodline at the main household on a vacation once a generation starting with the birth of first generation. (3 Points, 1 Point for each generation)
-For having one member of the bloodline earn all vacation mementos. (3 Points)
-For obtaining a bigfoot. (3 Points)

-You may not have a car unless it is the junker that you fixed up yourself for the lot. (3 Points)
-Heir and Spouse must reach Level 10 in their Predestined Hobby. (3 Points, 1 Point for each heir/ess couple)
-Obtain a Genie. (3 Points)

Apartment Life
-Must have a Mysterious Bookcase that leads into a Mysterious Place, you must build it yourself. Be creative! Need to see pictures of this room or hallway or passageway. (3 Points)
-Have a spare with spouse live in apartment and play them the same time as your founder’s family (equal time). Can have as many children you like, as long as one continues the line. (3 Points, 1 Point for each generation played)
-Obtain a Witch (3 Points)

You may take on as many or as few of these as you like.

BoolProp Naming Scheme (10 Points)
Naming the first generation's three children names that start with B, O and O. The second generation's children would be given names that start with L, P and R. The third generation's children would be given names that start with O, P and C (for .com, of course!). However, for the third generation you can choose to have O, P and N instead of C (because we're .net now!). If twins are born they count as one letter, tough bananas! Name them both with the letter the one child would have been assigned and then you must have another child. So if I had my first generation heir have a boy that I named Larry, then a set of twins I would name them Peter and Paula, because they only count for one letter, I would then have to have them try for another baby to get a Rachel. Additional children born/adopted whether intentionally or accidently are considered outside the naming scheme and can be named whatever you want.

Cowforbrains' Ghost Hunt (10 Points)
Three Sims must die a generation, starting with the birth of first generation, at least one of those deaths must be a member of the bloodline! Who will it be and why? You cannot kill a Sim the same way every time. You are required nine deaths over the course of the challenge, and they each must be unique. The uniqueness is in the methodology not the ghost color. Having one Sim be electrocuted repairing the computer and another die after being struck by lightening are considered two unique deaths. Having one Sim die from repairing the computer and another from repairing the TV are considered the same death. Accidents count as long as they are unique!

One Bad Apple (10 Points)
Every generation one of your children will just plain be a bad apple. You get to choose which child it is at birth. It may not be a PlantSim baby. Once chosen you cannot change it. A bad apple cannot be controlled until adulthood. If you select them their aspiration display/needs/etc must be completely collapsed. You may not view their wants and fears, you may not view their needs, you may not view anything that you cannot already see with all of the interface fully collapsed. As a toddler, child and teen you cannot control them at all. (Their aspiration will most likely decay and when they are a teen they will truly be a bad apple!) The only way you may have a sibling do their homework for them is if they have, at minimum, a 50 daily relationship. You may not send them to college until you get the two day pop up. If they go they must abide by Simself rules (this does not include being able to see their wants and needs, etc, those must still remain hidden to you). They may then be placed on academic probation by the first semester and be expelled on the second, they may not drop out, they must be expelled. You also can attempt to play them through college without viewing their academic standing, wants, needs, etc if you wish. Keep in mind you will need to prep them with skills before they go to college, in that case. Otherwise they won't do very well for very long no matter how many classes they go to! Once an adult they must continue on as they did in college by Simself rules as before stated, at this point you may also just move them out and then play them as you wish. Having the Bad Apple be taken by a social worker or die before reaching adulthood causes you to lose this mini-challenge. You may purchase aspiration rewards and lifetime rewards that your Bad Apple has rightfully earned. You may also view their LTW. BUT, you may only do those three things once they are in college and not before.

Bad Apples on dates? Yes, you may take them on dates and it was finally decided that, yes, you can view their wants BUT you may only fulfill those that apply to the date (going out to eat, and photo booth wants count as do those such as talk/flirt/kiss). And, of course, you can not control them, but you may influence them as always. They want to buy a TV? Too bad! Do not fulfill it until after the date is finished. Collapse their date want panel before clicking End Date. No locking of wants for the Bad Apple. Period.

Simself Mania (10 Points)
So you want to marry in Simselves? They have special rules if you do, and special bonuses. You must marry in one each generation, starting with the founder and ending with the second generation heir. Free will must be on at all times. You are allowed to give them a max of eight commands every 24 hours. These commands reset, they do not accrue. Use 'em or lose 'em. Keep a pencil and paper handy and mark it down when you give a command and keep track. During the rest of the time their crazy antics must be endured. These commands do not include canceling a former interaction. You may do so only if you are lining up a new one. If you are not going to line up a new command then you may not cancel the interaction. There are other ways of getting Sims to stop what they are doing, no matter what it is, without controlling them.

The Golden Trio (10 Points)
[Requires Triplets and Quads] A generation of your choice must give birth to triplets. You may name each of the babies after a different letter in the naming scheme if you go for this, you are also exempt from the three pregnancy rule that generation. Additional trio rules apply. You must have each triplet learn all three toddler skills (walk, talk, potty) as well as the Nursery Rhyme if you have Free Time as a toddler, max three skills and three interests of your choosing as a child, make three best friends (outside of the family), earn 3,000 Simoleons, and complete the golden trio of getting an A+ in school, getting into private school, and reaching the top of their teen career as a teen. Additional children may be born after the triplets, the trio rules do not apply to them.

Raised by Wolves (10 Points)
[Pets Expansion is required!] You must have the founders bring in two wild wolves and breed them to make puppies. You can have until the end of first generation to bring in the initial set of wolves. Raise the puppies and choose one to be heir and again select another wild wolf to be their mate. Spare puppies may be discarded, heir and spouse wolves must be kept until death. Continue the wolf bloodline until the end of the challenge. Keeping the wolves tame and from each other's throats is your job, wrecking your furniture and scaring away the neighbors is there's! It's almost like they were raised by wolves or something.

Beyond Cheesy (10 Points)
[Any Expansion or Stuff Pack that gives your Sims inventories is required!] Your Sims may only ever, ever, ever eat grilled cheese. Since it requires two cooking skills and can only be served at lunch I suggest you plan accordingly. Stock up serving platters in your inventory, or if you have Seasons in the fridge. They may drink hot chocolate, or something from the juicer, etc. But if it's food it has to only be Grilled Cheese, anyone in the household eating anything else makes you lose this mini-challenge. Otherwise, morning, noon and night your Sims will eat, breathe and live the glory and wonder and majesty of grilled cheese. Whether they like it or not.

One sim, and only one, can eat the three dishes for Bon Voyage as long as that sim is on that vacation spot and can only eat it once to get the memento. After that, it's all cheese. So make sure you packed your cheese before you go on vacation.

Your sim does not have to be a "grilled cheese" sim in this mini-challenge, but it would make it easier.

BoolProp Clubhouse (10 Points)
[Open for Business Expansion required!] Your founding generation must open up a community lot, BoolProp Clubhouse, and run it from then until the end of the challenge. The founder must do so sometime before their death. The Clubhouse must be a venue but can include a restaurant/gift shop/beauty parlors or whatever else if you like. It must reach Level 10 by the end of the challenge. Having plenty of Simselves be in the neighborhood to come by and party is a plus! How much you charge for it, or how you furnish it or run it is up to you. You cannot just let the lot sit though. The day after you get the pop up that you got 0 Simoleons from the business you must go back to run it again.

Quad Pod (10 Points)
[Seasons & Nightlife Required!] You must have a PlantSim spawn four pod babies one right after another. If the last spawning results in twins then four of the pods are up for the challenge and the fifth you can do whatever you like with. Once the Quad attains adulthood you have one Season to make all four PlantSims into Vampires. For example if it is three days until the end of Summer you have until three days until the end of Fall to make them all Vampires. Your new Vamp/PlantSims (Vants? Plamps?) must get jobs in the Slacker Career via the newspaper (and via the newspaper only), their goal is to become Professional Party Guests and surely their vibes from their Spores of Happiness and their Blehs of terror will light up the place. Each must also unlock the Slacker Career Reward so they have someone outside of the Quad to commune with in their predicament.

Matriarch aka Dor's Challenge (10 Points)
At Dor's request this has been added as an official mini-challenge! You must have your female founder and each of the heiress' get her three pregnancies from someone outside of the family. You may not marry the father (or mother) or move them in. The heir must be female if, through all male births or a bad heir poll, the heir is male you must have them either stargaze for a pregnancy or install Pregnancy for all Genders so that he can get pregnant. For full clarification of the rules of this mini-challenge please check out the original challenge's thread here. For the two rules that require a spouse, OFB's Robot Army Bonus and FT's Predestined Hobby Bonus, you may do the following: have a sibling of your choosing earn the gold talent badge, and reach level 10 in their predestined hobby along with your heiress. She needs back-up.

Family Scrapbook (10 Points)
Every member of the family must have either their picture taken, via photo booth, camera or printed in a family album, or their portrait painted or sketched with a draft table and hung somewhere about the house. You can choose the age or do multiple ages, take group shots or individual pictures, it's up to you. Your house must contain a picture of everyone that has ever lived in the house by the end of the challenge. Also, each generation, starting with the founder, must write one novel, to keep track of the family's memories. In total four novels must be written one by the founder and one by each of the three heirs (first gen, second gen, third gen).

Needle and Thread (10 Points)
[Free Time Required!] Before your Founder is allowed to move anyone on to the lot they must earn a Gold Talent badge in sewing and have sewn a Custom Outfit for both themselves to wear and the person they are about to move in to wear. Similarly they must have sewn a Custom Outfit for themselves before they become pregnant. Throughout the rest of the challenge a Custom Outfit must be sewn for each Sim that enters the household to wear and for each Sim to wear when they age transition. So when your first baby becomes a toddler your Founder must already have sewn a Custom Outfit for the toddler to wear, ditto with childhood and teenhood. You may not re-use outfits, everyone needs their own outfit sewn for them for each life stage, no hand-me-downs! This challenge only concerns Everyday wear, all other outfits may be bought or sewn as you see fit and worn by whomever, whenever.

Bug Me Not (10 Points)
[Free Time Required!] Each generation, starting from the birth of first generation, must have their very own Bug Nut. This Bug Nut can be a member of the bloodline, or a friend of the family. They must collect all 30 bugs and hang their collection on the wall. So you will have three Buggy Bug collections by the end of the challenge. Bugs bug them not.
Addendum: There is one butterfly that it is impossible to collect due to a bug in the buggy bug hunting coding. If you have collected 29 bugs and don't have that butterfly consider the collection finished. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.

MOAR ALIENS aka Bitsy's Challenge (10 Points)
Every generation, starting from the birth of first generation, you must have an abduction result in an alien child. Any fertile male Sim may be abducted as part of this challenge as long as they give birth to the alien child in the household afterwards. If an heir is abducted their pregnancy may be considered one of the three mandatory pregnancies, and the child may be included in the BoolProp Naming Scheme and may be up for heirship. If you manage all three alien children for all three generations you win this challenge. Stargaze early, often and hard! You may have other abductions that do not result in alien children but only the ones that give you MOAR ALIENS count for this mini-challenge.

Witchy Good Time (10 Points)
Every generation must be a witch. Yeah, didn’t see that one coming, did you? One must be a Good Witch, one an Evil Witch, and one a Neutral Witch. When you have your Evil Witch, she must raise a zombie per spell. To do that, she must be high enough in evil magic. Her black bar must be peaked. Then you click on the tombstone you want resurrected. It will do the rest.

Super Mini-Challenges
Again take on as many or as few as you like.

You must have an abduction once every generation from first through third generation in the exact same manner as MOAR ALIENS save for a few exceptions. You may not use Nightlife's Dance Sphere to obtain an abduction and you may not use Free Time's lifetime reward to Summon Aliens or the Science Hobby's Search for UFOs in order to obtain an abduction. You may do either MOAR ALIENS or the X-TREME version, but you may not do both.

Workaholics Anonymous (15 Points)
You must earn all of the career rewards for your EP set up before the end of the challenge. Anyone can earn a career reward: heir, spouse or family friend that you've moved in. But, one Sim may only earn a max of three career rewards.

Monster Mash (15 Points)
[At Least Two Expansion Packs Required!] You must collect all of the monsters for your EP set up using a Single Sim. For example, if you had all of the EPs, you would need to take an alien Sim and: kill him and rez him as a zombie, have him bitten by a vampire, have him build a servo, have him nibbled by a Leader of the Pack, have him become a PlantSim, get a Witch to show him the path of light/dark, have him bring home Big Foot and have him Rub the Lamp and summon the genie. Alternate plans can include having your Sim be abducted and give birth to an alien and be mauled by an already existing werewolf as long as that werewolf was obtained without cheats. Remove the steps for EPs you don't have, complete the steps for the EPs you do have, and you will have completed this mini-challenge!
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Re: The "Officially" Wacky Boolprop Challenge TS2

Postby Palmer » January 19th, 2017, 4:38 pm

Updated 19/01/2017: Edit made to the "Boolprop Naming Scheme" challenge! As we're .net now, people can choose to use a C or an N in their third generation. :ducky:
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