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December 2018 .... (TGBO) House News

PostPosted: December 21st, 2018, 9:44 am
by itsjulie



Welcome to Decembers (slightly delated) House Newsletter.

This year seems to have flown by in a flash, and the last month of 2018 is already upon us, and very quickly drawing to a close.
As we have now entered into "the most wonderful time of the year",
I would like to wish all of our Boolprop Members a very Merry Christmas and all the best for the new year!!

I hope you have been enjoying our Christmas Events, which are now well under way!!

On that note, I would like to point out, if you have not already noticed,
The Quote/Lyric/Picture event has been refreshed a little
entering into this event will now earn you 50 House points and a members star,
as well as gives you the chance of winning a winners choice medal and a Pulper star if your entry comes out on top in the vote.
So it is well worth entering!!


Onto all the TGBO and House news ....

Again I would like to apologise for the lack of House Battles during December.
This is a busy period for me with the run up to Christmas, so the House Battles will not be starting again until the new year.
House Battle 4 has already been played out - it just needs writing up which will be done in January.

A few changes that are being made from this month going forward ...

The new Star System.

A lot of you have already encountered the new star system in the Christmas Events,
so I won't rattle on and repeat myself here when you can get all the information you need about the new star system
>>> HERE <<<

The only thing left to do is a detailed list telling which challenges and events ect that you can earn the Pulper star for.
This should be done before the new year.

3. Happy Birthday Stars

Last month we introduced Birthday points, now with the new star system,
"Happy Birthday!!" you can add 100 points to your house scorecard and you will be sent a star
if you notify either Livvie or Julie that it is your birthday!!

4. The Monthly Points Lottery

a fourth prize has now been added to the lottery

1st number drawn = 100 house points
2nd number drawn = 75 house points
3rd number drawn = 50 house points
4th number drawn = 25 house points

All house members will receive 10 house points for entering.


Coming in January ...

I won't tell you everything that is in planning for the new year,
but there are a few things that I want to point out.

The Surprize Points Thread in the TGBO forum.

At the beginning of January, a new Surprize Points thread will appear, to replace the current one.
From then on Surprise Points when you catch them,
will be worth 10 POINTS for your house!

House Recruitment Drive

There is quite a big imbalance with the Houses,
as in the amount of ACTIVE house members who are contributing regularly to house activities.
So, from January Motherlode and Plumbob will be closed to new members for a while.
Other steps and activities are planned to clean up the houses and make them a little more balanced.


November Points Lottery Draw Results

1st number = picked by Livvie = 100 points for Plumbob

2nd number = picked by Pony = 50 points for Woohoo

3rd number = picked by Rex = 25 points for Smustle

These points have already been added to your house December scorecards!

Don't forget to take part in the December's points lottery


November Check in

I was surprised and pleased with how the daily house check in survey went.
There were a lot more checkins than I expected.
We are doing it in December again, but this will be the last month.

The points for your November check ins have already been added to your house December scorecards!


House Score Cards

November House Points Battle Results.

November 2018

Woohoo = 3,216 points
Plumbob = 2,973 points
Motherlode = 2,235 points
Smustle = 1,551 points
Llama = 1,352 points


Going forward into the 4th quarter ...

October 2018 Scorecards

Motherlode = 2,690 points
Plumbob - 1,885 points
Llama = 1,685 points
Woohoo = 1,075 points
Smustle = 895 points

November 2018 Scorecards

Woohoo = 3,216 points
Plumbob = 2,973 points
Motherlode = 2,235 points
Smustle = 1,551 points
Llama = 1,352 points

Total Points (October & November)

Motherlode = 4,927 points
Plumbob = 4,858 poiints
Woohoo = 4,291 points
Llama = 3,037 points
Smustle = 2,446 points

Motherlode are still in the lead at the moment, but only just
Plumbob are only 100 points behind them, and woohoo is hot on their tail!!
So it is still all to play for in December!!

A House star will now be presented to the House that wins the Quarterly House Points Battle.


Reminders ...

Boolprop Quilt

I would like to remind everyone about the BOOLPROP QUILT and HOUSE QUILTS
from the 13th Birthday Events.

Not many members have submitted their simselves photograph to be added to the quilt.
so, if you have not yet done it, can you please pm me a photograph to be included.

House Quilts are pretty static ... so I would like to nudge all 5 houses into working towards getting their house quilt completed.
and like I have said before .... any problems questions or you need help ... you know how to reach me!

December Chat-a-thon

There is a December Chat-a-thon in progress.
Your house needs you to get chatting!!
One house is streaking way out in front ... you might be in a one of the four houses that needs to catch them up ^^

Have Your Say!!

Just a reminder about our "Sounding Board" in House Boolprop for all house members to use.
If you have any problems, questions, thoughts, suggestions, idea's ect relating to anything in the TGBO section
Please speak out!! If we all work together, we can make this a better experience for all of us!!!


On a personal note ....

Christmas is a hectic time for everyone, me included, so I am apologizing again!!

This year I am travelling to my Sisters on the 24th, to spend four days with my family.
Even tho I will still be on the forum, via phone and tablet, during my time away, I will be away from my computer, so there are things I am unable to do.
I don't return home until the 27th December. :guilty:

This will obviously affect the events that I am running.
On the 23rd December 10 numbers will be drawn to cover the 23rd to the 27th.
I will black out the cards and sort out the prizes on my return.
On the 23rd December the Advent threads for the 24th and 25th will be put out.
Which I will deal with as soon as I return.


Last but not least ....

We have a new Moderater!!
Blamsart is now sitting pretty in pink!

Welcome to our Mod Squad Blams ^^

Blams has teamed up with Livvie and Julie this past month, and we have already started throwing ideas around for next years Valentine and Easter events
In January Blams is jumping right in, and with Livvie, they will be hosting an exciting all new Golden Plumbobs.

So I will leave you with this message from Blams

"You’ve heard of the 2016 Golden Plumbobs, as well as 2017, and I’d bet a good penny the 2018 too…
Now get ready for the Golden Plumbobs of 2019!
Starting in January, we’ll be showcasing the grand things the members of boolprop have accomplished and are accomplishing over the year of 2018.
We’ve got a fancy new medal, flashy new award categories, and house points for people who participate in the nominations!
There’ll be a more detailed information post after Christmas, so keep an eye out!!"


and you know I can't leave without doing something ......
pm me saying "Newsletter Treat" and you will receive a little something. ^^

Merry Christmas!!


Re: December 2018 .... (TGBO) House News

PostPosted: December 21st, 2018, 10:08 am
by Nevermore
A lot going on this month! :bounce:

Re: December 2018 .... (TGBO) House News

PostPosted: December 23rd, 2018, 7:14 pm
by jcampbell
So many awesome things happening and so much suspense about new things to come :bounce:

Re: December 2018 .... (TGBO) House News

PostPosted: December 23rd, 2018, 7:29 pm
by Livvielove
Thanks for doing such a fantastic job on these newsletters, Julie! I'm so happy that you do this!

Welcome to the Mod Squad, Blams!

We've got a fantastic year ahead of us!

Re: December 2018 .... (TGBO) House News

PostPosted: December 23rd, 2018, 8:09 pm
by Voguishstorm
Grats to Blam!

-I know I'm one of those periodically inactive house member and I apologize v.v -