..... The Golden Plumbobs 2021.....

The Golden Plumbobs 2021
Nominations will take place in May 2021
Voting will take place in June 2021
Results on 3rd July 2021

..... The Golden Plumbobs 2021.....

Postby itsjulie » April 7th, 2021, 1:43 am


... The Golden Plumbobs 2021 ...

It is neeeearly time for the Boolprop 2021 Golden Plumbobs!!!

Mark the 1st May down on your calenders

So ... What is happening this year?

Over the last few years the Golden Plumbobs have gone through a few changes, and so does this year.
The 2021 Golden Plumbobs event has new Hosts (Julie and Peachy) so yes, we have made a few alterations to how it has been done before, but nothing too drastic!!


The nomination process this year will be ran a little differently.
Rather than putting out an award categories every few days - this year we will be doing it weekly.
1st week of May = half of the Challenge/Story award categories.
2nd week of May the other half of the Challenge/Story award categories.
3rd week of May = Members Award categories.
The 4th week of May - will give everyone, especially late comers,
a little more time to make sure that they have nominated for every award category.

The voting Process will run in exactly the same way.
Our Nominating and Voting Schedule thread will tell you all you need to know.


The rule about last years winners not being able to win that award the following year - has been changed to make it a little fairer.
From personal experience I have found this rule a little soul destroying!!
One year I won four Plumbob awards - the next year i was not even nominated for anything because I found myself kicked out of all the categories that I had different challenge/stories in.
As it stood - a member was basically shut out of an award completely even if they have more than one and different challenge/stories in that category the following year!!
The rule was ran by member not by the story/challenge.
..... New rule .....
A challenge/story will not be eligible for nomination if it is still ongoing and won the year before.
Members, who won the award the year before, can be nominated and win the award the following year as long as it is with a different challenge/story ect.


House Awards are new!!!
These awards are for house members only and will not need you to nominate or vote.

The Top Star Donator and The Top Points Donator winners, for each house,
will be worked out by us adding up all the stars and points donated and collected by each of you in 2020.
The House Member of the Year -
is one award for the one house member who has collected the most stars and points combined for their house.

The House Award winners will be announced on the 3rd July along with all of the rest of the Golden Plumbob 2021 winners.


We have five new awards in the Challenge/Story award category ...
Best Rotational Hoods, Best DIFT Challenge, Best Name Game Challenge, Best Mashed Up Challenge and Sweetest LGBT Lovebirds.

There is no Best Common Challenge award this year

We have a new award in the Members award category ... Sim of the Year

You might be thinking there are a lot more new awards below than I have just mentioned - but no, we have the same awards, they have just been renamed.
Seducer, Palmers Whisperer, Terminator, undercover agent, boolprop olympian, Eyeball catcher, ect ... all breed confusion in my mind, and I would rather say it as it is to remove the confusion.


List of Award Categories for 2021

Challenge/Story Awards
Best Rotational Hood #
Best Mashed Up Challenge #
Best Name Game Challenge #
Best ISBI Challenge
Best Build a City
Best DIFT Challenge #
Best Legacy
Best Legacy with a twist
Best Story or Other
Best Rare Challenge
Best Uncommon Challenge
Best Boolprop Challenge @
Best Boolprop Completed Challenge @
Best Completed Challenge @
Sweetest Lovebirds
Sweetest LGBT Lovebirds #

Member Awards
Busy Bee @
Queen Bee @
Sim of the Year #
The Glamorous Architect
Best Avatar @
Best Signature @

House Awards
Top Star Donator
Top Star Donator ... LLAMA #
Top Star Donator ... MOTHERLODE #
Top Star Donator ... PLUMBOB #
Top Star Donator ... SMUSTLE #
Top Star Donator ... WOOHOO #

Top Points Collector
Top Points Collector ... LLAMA #
Top Points Collector... MOTHERLODE #
Top Points Collector... PLUMBOB #
Top Points Collector... SMUSTLE #
Top Points Collector... WOOHOO #

House Member of the Year #


# = New ... @ = Name change


Common, Uncommon & Rare Challenges

The Common, Uncommon and Rare Challenge Awards have been decided according to the amount of eligible entries each different challenge has for 2020.
1 - 3 entries = Rare.
4 - 6 entries = Uncommon.
7 - 10 entries = Common.
Challenges with 11 or more eligible entries has an Award of its own.


... A Few Rules ...

You can only nominate and vote once for each award catagory
Only stories/challenges that have been updated at least THREE times during 2020 are eligible for the 2021 Golden Plumbobs.

.. A few things to think about ...

Please do not nominate or vote for your own stuff or yourself ... will it really be an achievement for you, if you have helped yourself to win??
Please do not vote for someone just because they are your friend ... vote for the member who you feel is the most worthy winner of that award.


Anyone who participates in this event will receive stars at the end of the month
and those who nominate someone for every category will earn a House star (House members) Pulper stars (non house members)


If you have any problems or questions please go to our Help Desk ,
or you can come and chat with other members about this years event in our Chat Room !

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