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Easter Egg Hunt - Riddles explained!

PostPosted: April 24th, 2019, 8:32 am
by Blamsart

Easter 2019


So guys here's another explained riddles to help you with the next hunts!



ImageONE eggImage
"It’s going to be worth 10k one day! But for now I’d look at the halfway mark, I don’t think the bunny made it further."

10K was referencing the popular 10,000 replies thread! Halfway meant you needed to find the post that had the number 5,000 :D

ImageFOUR eggsImage
"The Easter Bunny is a bit vain and likes to be mentioned. I bet he dawdled too long and dropped a few."

For this you needed to search "Easter Bunny" in the search bar and look at all the posts containing the name!

ImageONE eggImage
"Oh Easter Bunny’s favourite is without a doubt Seasons! That’s one step closer to having Easter in the game!"

This one referenced a specific post that asked what Expansion people preferred in the sims.

ImageNINETEEN eggsImage
"He likes to play other games too, but he’s annoyingly picky (and vain again). The name of the game has to start with a letter he likes. Probably why he likes the Sims"

For this one you needed to search in the other games thread. Every game that start with either E-A-S-T-R-B-U-N-Y had an egg on the first post.

ImageSIX eggsImage
"Easter Bunny is extremely jealous that the Social Bunny gets talked about more."

Similarly to the previous riddle, except this time you needed to search the name "Social Bunny".


See you again in May for a small fun hunt!