Featured Legacies & Stories! December 21

Featured Legacies & Stories! December 21

Postby Chase » December 21st, 2014, 1:28 pm

Featured Legacies & Stories for:
December 21, 2014

It's time for our third feature event! This is the last one of 2014!!
If you're curious on how this works, read up here: Info
The two stories featured in the last one will now be unstickied.
Here are the features! Be sure to check them out:


A Sweatmeats Legacy by Bouncer
A Sims 2 Legacy: Click here to read!



The Bagrov Legacy by SammySama7
The Bagrov Legacy is a relaxed legacy that follows the life of Natasha Bagrov and her descendants. The only rule? Russian names!
A Sims 4 Legacy: Click here to read!

Interview with the author:
Q: When did you first start playing Sims? How did you find Boolprop?
A: Oh man, I honestly can't remember when I started playing the Sims. I know it wasn't IMMEDIATELY after the first game was released, but I know The Sims 1 was my first Sims game. I was maybe around 13 years old if I remember correctly. I've been obsessed ever since.
I found Boolprop through Mariah(MilkyWayMariah, Koel Sims, Mariah4110), the author of The Apple Alphabet Legacy, The Chim-Chim-Cheree Legacy, The Shepherd Legacy, The Skipton ISBI, and I know there's more lol. She told me that if I wanted more people to find my legacy, I should post it on here. She told me there were a lot of awesome people here and I'm really glad she helped me find it.

Q: What stories inspired you to make this, if any?
A: I've been reading so many different legacies for a while now. I can't say that any inspired me to create this specific legacy, but Mariah(mentioned above) was really the first legacy writer to make me really want to try writing legacies in general.

Q: What has been your favorite thing about playing a challenge in The Sims 4, as opposed to previous Sims games?
My computer can actually handle a legacy challenge on The Sims 4, even if the game eats a save file or two every once in a while. My game doesn't really freeze or crash like in The Sims 3, which makes me want to continue the legacy more. I have been long overdue on my Sims 3 legacy because I just can't deal with the game lag that comes with trying to get pictures for every chapter. :(

Congratulations to both! Be sure to check out their stories! :D
Also, here's the special shout-out to completed stories in this session:
Pokalypton (an Apocalypse)

Also, news!
Because there is certain to be an increased amount of updates posted, what with most of us on breaks this time of the year... In order to celebrate the New Year and this holiday season, the next feature will come out on New Years Day, January 1, and it will contain 4 features, to toast 2014 ;) Happy Holidays!
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