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Featured Legacies & Stories! January 18

PostPosted: January 17th, 2015, 10:07 pm
by Chase
Featured Legacies & Stories for:
January 18, 2015

It's time for our fifth story feature event!
If you're curious on how this works, read up here: Info
The four stories featured in the last event will now be unstickied.
Here are the four new features! Yes, four! This feature had the biggest pool of stories to choose from so far (39 stories), so I went ahead and threw two extras in to celebrate! :plumbob:


An Heroic Apocalypse by Anne
Vampire founders, fashion fiascos and a vast supply of misery - it's an Apocalypse!
A Sims 2 Apocalypse Challenge: Click here to read!

Interview with the author:
Q: When did you first start playing Sims? How did you find Boolprop?
A: I've played Sims 1 for a little while back in the day, but I feel like I only really started to play Sims when TS2 came out, which was in 2004 (holy plumbbob, that's over 10 years ago. wut.) I haven't stopped playing ever since!
I don't really remember how I found Boolprop... I think it was through the Dutch simming community, where I was really active until they shut down the site (after TS3 came out). I'd visited Boolprop a couple of times already, but back then my English wasn't all that good, so I didn't felt up to joining yet. According to my profile, I joined in 2009, and it's been so awesome! :D

Q: What stories inspired you to make this?
A: Every time I read a good challenge story, I immediately think I HAVE TO DO THIS, AND I HAVE TO DO THIS NOW. I can usually restrain myself though, but after thinking this for the gazillionth time about the Apocalypse, I started mine. That was mainly due to Lorinsv's Romancing the Apocalypse en Marina's A Villainous Apocalypse (I mean, Rhys Fitzhugh, come on.)

Q: Many people consider the Apocalypse an incredibly difficult challenge. Do you agree with this?
A: Kind of, yeah. If you're an inexperienced Simmer, I'd definitely not try this challenge. But for people who've been playing this game for ages (like myself) I think it's certainly doable. Perhaps the hardest part is remembering all the restrictions, but once I'd read through them a couple of times and started playing, that became quite easy as well. Also, it's good to have a strategy (like I have with the vampire founder). All in all, though, I think this might be the most difficult challenge there is.

Q: What got you to start this challenge, and what about it keeps you going today?
A: The challenge of this challenge, basically (I hope that makes sense). You're really working towards something, and it's all about strategy. I figured out my strategy when my founder was in college, and it's working out really well for me. Now I've come this far, I want to see it finished. I want to build an actual house for the McHero family, and, goshdarnit, I want that medal! :D


All My Children by Ani-Mei
All My Children; A Family sim's dream, a simmer's nightmare.
A Sims 2 WYD Challenge: Click here to read!

Interview with the author:
Q: When did you first start playing Sims? How did you find Boolprop?[/b]
I first started with Sims 1 way back in 2000 when I was 17. I remember it mostly because it was my mom who actually started playing it and she said I should try it too, hard to believe huh? I started with the basic hood, whatever it was called in Sims 1, I forget now and then moved on to the other EP's. Never played Makin' Magic though.

I found Boolprop through various promos on some of the veteran simmer's stories when they still were on the Exchange, like Candi and Ephemeral Toast. I had no idea how to upload separate chapters on the Exchange back then and that was when I first heard the term placeholder. I found Boolprop in 2007 and have been following it through its various incarnations.

Q: What stories inspired you to make this, if any?
I read one WYD by Mountain Shade on and at the time my legacy was nearly complete so I was looking for something new to do. I used some of her babies in my legacy, most memorably her E baby Euan Bunn who was fathered by the Witch Doctor. He became important to one of my characters in my legacy.

Q: In a WYDC, you get to spend a whole lot of time with your founder, the mother. Are you still happy with your choice of mother? Do you ever get tired of her?
A: I still like Whimsy, although I do wish I hadn't given her custom green eyes. Twenty-two kids later and they ALL have's like the other parent's eye colours get buried. And I'm still nowhere near done: *SPOILERS AHEAD* In game the K quads just became kids and I moved them all to a new house because the old one was getting cramped. I know if I want to see the other parent's genes come through I have to let the kids breed...oi. :faint:

Q: Who is your favorite child, so far? Father?
A: My favourite so far has to be Baby D, Deoxys. His father is Herbert Goodie. I'm not sure why he just looks so uniquely handsome.



The Lightnings - A Quick Alphabetacy by ZaleISBI
A quick trip through the alphabet Sims 3 er... Sims 4 Style!!
A Sims 4 Alphabetacy: Click here to read!

Interview with the author:
Q: When did you first start playing Sims?
A: I have been playing the Sims since the very very first launch of "The Sims" in 2000.
How did you find Boolprop?
Through KattieSims Fizzleburg Legacy - it's been pretty inactive as of late, but I started reading her blog and she only did heir polls on Boolprop, and I wanted to vote!

Q: What stories inspired you to make this, if any?
A: Well - lots and lots of amazing SimBloggers inspired me, but Pink of Pinks Madness was one of the first blogs I ever found, and of course Rad... and after reading their stuff, I started reading a LOT MORE - and I finally decided to take the plunge with my Zale ISBI - Alphabetcy, and this blog, the Lightnings. The Lightnings started as just a fun distraction, but now that I've moved them to TS4, I'm pretty excited about them.

Q: What made you decide to go for the 27-generation alphabet legacy challenge, as opposed to the standard 10 generations?
Are there things about the alphabet legacy that scare you? Like coming up with 3 names each for Q, V, X, and Y?

A: Well, The Lightning Alphabetcy is not a standard 27 generation legacy challenge. It's done a bit differently, but the skinny is life spans are set super short, and each child born gets the next letter... so there will only be 26 kids... not 27 generations.
The Zale Family ISBI - Alphabetcy IS a one generation per letter legacy, and I wanted to tackle that because it's such a challenge! I'm not too worried about the names - For awhile the Zales were pretty serious, but after three generations of alien heirs, I just am not worried about things like cool names (Mango anyone?) I'll just make stuff up if I feel like it. The thing that scares me the most, is can I finish it? I'm half done!


Twinbrook Fields by Hrootbeer
A Sims 3 DITFT: Click here to read!

Q: When did you first start playing Sims?
A: I first started playing Sims when the original came out. I played that for a bit and then Sims 2 came out and I really enjoyed it. I liked making up stories for my neighborhoods and families, but I had NO IDEA that I could actually write them down or publish them or anything until I got Sims 3. When I started Sims 3, I found the legacy challenge and the Simming community. I started reading stories and eventually started my first legacy, The Kendrick Legacy. After I was finished with that one, I started the DITFT, The Twinbrook Fields.
Q: How did you find Boolprop?
A: Gosh, I think I found Boolprop as soon as I started writing the Kendricks. I know I was looking for a site where others were writing and I could find new stories to read and a place to publish my own story. I suppose that was 2009?
Q: What stories inspired you to make this, if any?
I was inspired by Cait Stxytlady's RSGNM story and several others including the story by Deeds "The Fabulous Fletcher Family" that was unfortunately cut short. I also really enjoyed Toast's Let it Be Legacy. I especially loved it when Styxlady and Toast collaborated for the Detective and Evil generations!
Q: What has your favorite generation in the DITFT been?
A: Oh gosh! I don't really know if I have a favorite generation. I love certain characters like Charlie Fields in Generation 3 or Lila Fields in Generation 8. I thought GC's story in Generation 9 was hot and steamy and I liked doing that, but I can't say it was my favorite generation. If I had to narrow it down to just one, I think maybe Lila's generation would edge out the rest.
Q: It seems you are very close to completing your challenge!! What are your plans for celebrating its completion? :P Do you have something else Sims-related you're planning on focusing on, after it's done?
A: It's crazy to think I'm almost done. I don't know what I'm going to do when it's all over. I had thoughts of doing an apocalypse challenge but I'm sort of scared about that. I thought maybe I'd switch to Sims 4 and do a challenge there, but I honestly don't care for the Sims 4 graphics and game play. I've also kicked around doing a sims blog of erotic short stories in the romance novel-esque style. Or, I might just Sim-up and modernize the story of Pride and Prejudice, which I've always wanted to do. Maybe I should set up a poll and see what readers would want most.

Congratulations to all! Be sure to check out their stories! :D
Here is where a shout-out to completed stories would go! Finish your challenge to get one here :D