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Oceanview BACC (Updated 5/15/18)

PostPosted: January 24th, 2018, 4:13 am
by Anya
Hi, everyone! I'm a newcomer to the Boolprop forum, though obviously not to The Sims, given my staunch loyalty to The Sims 2 over all the other games. I've been wanting to try my hand at some of the challenges for a while, but never really got around to it until now.

So, I give you the Oceanview BACC! I'm using the ruleset linked in Week 1, though I think I may try for a higher population, perhaps 100,000. Cities are getting bigger these days, after all...

Chapter List
Week One: Star
Week Two: Star Greene
Week Three: Star Greene
Week Four: Star Greene Newton-Ferreira Capp

Stats as of latest entry
Playable Sims: 16
Households: 7
CAS Points: 4 used, 7 available
Community Lots: 11 (11 owned, 0 NPC)
Total Lots: 18
Sim Multiplier: 4
Population: 64
Burglaries: 1
Fires: 0
Electrocutions: 3
University Fund: $218,951

Adventurer: LOCKED
Architecture: 0/1
Artist: LOCKED, + 0/indeterminate (requirements)
Athletic: LOCKED
Business: 2/3
Criminal: LOCKED
Culinary: LOCKED
Education: LOCKED, + 0/indeterminate (diploma)
Entertainment: LOCKED
Gamer: 0/indeterminate (requirements)
Intelligence: LOCKED
Journalism: LOCKED
Law: 0/indeterminate (diploma)
Law Enforcement: LOCKED
Medicine: LOCKED
Military: LOCKED
Natural Science: LOCKED, + 0/indeterminate (badge)
Oceanography: LOCKED, + 1/indeterminate (badge)
Paranormal: LOCKED
Politics: LOCKED
Science: 1/1
Show Business: LOCKED
Slacker: 1/2

Feedback is highly appreciated, as are tips on how to run businesses; I didn't have OFB until I finally got my hands on the Ultimate Collection.

Re: Oceanview BACC

PostPosted: January 24th, 2018, 8:54 am
by Bexx87
Welcome there is a BACC chat: viewtopic.php?f=47&t=442 that may give you some tips as you can tell from my siggy I am also doing one

What I try is I get a sim buy 5 plots of land and get 1 of those 5 to level l10 there for you can automatic unlock a spot in the business track and they once they top that each time you automatically get +5 for a business districts, I also make one of those business a "park" and set the pay meter to max so they earn money without selling anything, I also try and merge houses or make them have lots of kids so I max out my houses with 8 sims each and I make the toddlers start on there logic and charisma skills, make the children max the logic skill and when they hit teens get them to max the charisma skill so it unlocks jobs and I put a field of plots down so they can grow their own food and fish (which is good to unlock the oceanography career when they get gold badge and the gardening badge unlocks the natural science)

Re: Oceanview BACC (Updated 1/25/18)

PostPosted: January 25th, 2018, 3:29 am
by Anya
Week 2 has been posted from Victoria's perspective, now working on Week 2 from the perspective of the newcomer.

Re: Oceanview BACC (Updated 1/25/18)

PostPosted: January 25th, 2018, 3:58 pm
by Anya
First week of the Greene household is now up!

Yes, I churn these out quickly. Yes, I do have a problem.

Re: Oceanview BACC (Updated 1/27/18)

PostPosted: January 27th, 2018, 5:12 pm
by Anya
Victoria's Week 3 is up. I think I'm figuring out OFB... either that or retail stores are just more profitable than venues.

Re: Oceanview BACC (Updated 1/27/18)

PostPosted: January 27th, 2018, 11:24 pm
by Lorinsv
Hi there!

I really like your BaCC so far! Vanilla-looking game + goal-oriented gameplay = right up my alley :) It's nice to watch Victoria and Estella getting themselves established in Oceanview and not having kids right off the bat.

Regarding venues: they are very slow to get off the ground. The first three or so ranks take the longest, but after that it gets easier and quicker. I keep the price super cheap at first so you don't have to sell so hard, but even then, the last one I played (owned by one of the Newson kids) didn't rank up even once after 24 Sim hours, so know it's the nature of the beast. Stores are much quicker, easier and more fun, IMO, and my favorite type of business to play.

The easiest business of all IMO is placing one of the food stands in a small building (out in the open might work too), for example the Takemizu one for a makeshift sushi bar. Sims don't need to be sold on them, and the spawned chef does all the cleanup. I just sat back and watched the business run itself, and in fact, I used that for my first "restaurant" to open Culinary which I admit was a bit cheaty, because running a real restaurant is at least as difficult as venues - I got one to Level 10 around 7 or so years ago, and once was enough. Still, I do plan to establish some regular restaurants in my BaCC, because the food stand doesn't meet the want to dine out for Sims on dates. Plus, if you haven't seen it yet, watch what happens when a server has low Body points... :spit:

Re: Oceanview BACC (Updated 1/27/18)

PostPosted: January 28th, 2018, 3:13 am
by Anya
Lorinsv wrote:It's nice to watch Victoria and Estella getting themselves established in Oceanview and not having kids right off the bat.

Thanks! I figured it was good to go for community-lot-related career unlocks and some money-related milestones before adding children to the BACC equation. I'm not planning to have Victoria and Estella pop out armies of kids when they eventually do start families either, because, well, it just doesn't make sense with who they are in my head. I figure Victoria, as a fortune-oriented city founder, has a strict two-child maximum, and will be more interested in helping with homework and schmoozing the headmaster than teaching toddler skills. Estella's Family secondary aspiration means she'll probably want a larger family, but I can't really see her with any more than three children (unless she gets four because of twins).

Lorinsv wrote:Plus, if you haven't seen it yet, watch what happens when a server has low Body points... :spit:

I haven't; I'll be sure to watch for it!

Re: Oceanview BACC (Updated 1/27/18)

PostPosted: January 29th, 2018, 1:09 am
by Anya
Week 3 for the Greene household is now posted. I think I'm figuring this whole "business" thing out... hopefully that holds true when I start messing around with restaurants.

Re: Oceanview BACC (Updated 1/27/18)

PostPosted: February 8th, 2018, 8:55 pm
by MichelleCYoung
I'm loving this! I like the look, I like the vanilla-ness (another person with limited CC), I like the goals, and I like the characters. Victoria and Estella, so different, and so likable.

My tips for businesses:

1) Restaurants are HARD to make profitable, and unless you can dazzle your customers for high-priced food, the profit margin will be very low, indeed. However, it's good to have at least one established and fully functioning restaurant in a BACC. I figure, get it fully staffed, and then let the other families visit it, and build up the stars that way. Also, I've found that adding something besides mere food will help get the customers in and the stars going. A bar is good, and karaoke seems to draw them like moths to a flame. Make sure you have a good cook, and keep an eye on your employee skill levels. Even without community-lot-skilling mods, employees WILL gain skills. But my favorite thing about owning a restaurant is the podium. Even with the restaurant closed, you can have your owner, or even an employee, just stand at the podium for hours and churn out that sales skill. Sales skill is vital for real money-making at venues. IF you want, you can hire an employee and bring them in after hours just to train sales, and when they have it maxed, hire them at another business, such as a retail store of high-ticket-price venue, where sales is really important.

It's possible to run a restaurant alone up to about level 3, but after that, you really do need help. You only need one chef, but add waiters, as needed, to cut down the wait.

2) Venues - they are hard to get started, but once you get past about level 3, they start to be real cash cows, and easy to manage. You don't need a lot of staff. Just keep the place clean, keep the guests fed, and keep the prices either set to low, so you don't have to worry about it, or set high and dazzle. Even without a sleep-on-comm-lots mod, your sims can sleep in a tent, and I always get a kick out of watching the townies pay me to sleep in a tent. A coffee bar is also good to keep their energy up. But remember, if you do have it set up for them to meet ALL their needs, they'll stay indefinitely, and never go away. This is good up to a point. Once they give you five stars, they can't give you any more, so you need to "say goodbye" to them, to free up guest slots for new customers. BTW, witches who actually buy a ticket have STATIC needs, except for fun (I believe fun, or maybe hygiene?). Anyway, get them into a group activity, such as fishing, or a hot tub, and they will stay there until you close. And while they're there, the game will spawn new high witches, so you can get them to buy tickets, and start a huge coven. The great thing about witches with static needs is that you really can keep each one there until they give you all five stars! Just give your owner a way to keep their own needs up, and you can stay as long as you like. Dating is great for this, too! I do not recommend dating at a store, because your date will stop to shop. But bring a date to a venue, and they'll pay to date you, while keeping your moods up, and making your time there last longer.

Games are great, TVs, stereos - all things that boost fun and social. Group activities are the best, because sims gain stars from making friends. Also, running a venue is the best place to speed your way to the top of a career, because of the family friend count. Making friends with other customers gives a small star boost, but making friends with the owner or employees gives a bigger star boost, so socialize your heart out. Invite your customers on outings!

One of my most successful (and inexpensive) venues was "The Hangout." It was a bunch of sofas, surrounded by snapdragons, and some places for sims to sleep. I kept the tickets low, so they sold themselves, and just let the owner socialize with the customers, and stars flew like crazy, as everyone just sat around, amid the snapdragons, feeling good and chatting their way to friendship.

3) Retail - as you have realized, these can be huge money-makers. A fully-staffed store, with gold-badged employees, will really run itself, and your owner can just wander around socializing until the employees get too tired and need to end their shift. Just keep things clean and tidy. Give your customers the opportunity to snack, if you like, and they may shop some more, even after they made their first purchase, especially if you keep the controllable sims busy showing items to sims, even if they've already gone through the checkout line. Until they actually leave, you can pull them back in. ANd socializing means stars, too. It takes the same amount of time to restock and check out high-ticket items as low-ticket items, so make sure you have some really expensive items, for the profit margin. But also have some cheap items, as well, for the less-well-off customers, so they don't waste your time with "just browsing." But once you identify the wealthy customers, show them that big-ticket item! If you send your owner to set the price of an object, individually, you can set it to a custom price, like $9999, and it takes several sales moves to get it, but the profit is fantastic! In fact, once you master dazzle, you can do that with tickets at a venue, dazzle your customers, and then mood-up, while your customers spend oodles of money.
Which is why a combo venue/retail is really my favorite. Get them to pay for a ticket to get in and all the time they are browsing, and your sales-sim is selling the merchandise, they are paying to be there! If you can get two sims running this, both with gold sales badges, and tag-team it (one moods up while the other one dazzles, because sales really tanks your energy meter), then you can make an absolute fortune.

Make sure the environment is high, especially around the ticket machine, the restaurant podium, and any merchandise on sale. A low environment score makes it harder to sell.

Your employees need 8 hours between shifts, but your owner doesn't. The energizer is your friend. You can keep going forever, with an energizer and dates or other aspiration boosters. I find shuffling between two or more businesses is fantastic, because that automatically gives you the 8 hour shift for your employees, so you never get that "It's too early to come in" notice when you call in your employees, and you have no real down time. A Pleasure sim can REALLY clean up with two or more businesses, in this way. Hire a full staff, and date your way through to level 10 on two or more businesses. When the employees of one get tired, switch to the other business, and date away there, while the staff do the work. Stop between dates to tidy up, maybe show a customer the high-ticket item, or say goodbye to problem customers (the That Customer who hates everything, or the static-needs witches who are just wasting customer slots, now that they've maxed their stars), and then go some more. Witches with a throne are also pretty unbeatable at business for this reason. They can keep going like the energizer bunny, just swapping out their stores/staff.

Give your customers a chance to eat. At a restaurant, they'll likely leave as soon as they eat, but at a venue or a store, it will actually make them stay longer. Either cook for them and serve a meal, or give them a grill and they'll often cook for themselves. The cafeteria worker can help with this. It doesn't have to be a restaurant to serve food. However, I have noticed that food stands have the opposite effect, and sims will purchase a meal and then leave, so don't put a food stand at a ticket venue. Better to just set your owner to grill up hot dogs every few hours. Customers love the free food (and your owner can get points toward Law Enforcement when THEY set a fire from cooking), and since they didn't shop for the food, they'll stay after consuming it.

Make sure you use toilet booths, or lots of little toilet rooms, because if you have a large bathroom with a toilet and sink in it, you're going to have traffic jams.

Finally, if you don't have a mod to just get rid of Miss Crumplebutt (I actually consider that a vital fix, because if the vampires bite her, you game is toast - actually needing to be uninstalled and reinstalled! What was EA thinking?!), then close your business if she shows up. She just ruins it.

Also, I think I read somewhere that when it comes to makeovers, the one offering to DO the makeover has to be the one to actually SELL the makeover, or it won't work. So, set the makeover price low, so it sells itself, or get an artist who has a good sales badge, too.

The profit margin on crafted objects, such as toys, pottery and flowers is really very low, especially if you hire employees to craft them for you. Keep that in mind, and do not make hand-crafted objects your entire stock. Paintings, on the other hand, are free.

That's about it for business tips from me. I think you figured it out pretty well, already, especially with the grocery store. Congratulations!

Re: Oceanview BACC (Updated 1/27/18)

PostPosted: February 28th, 2018, 4:06 pm
by Avenie
Just read through your updates. Estella is so cute! I love redheaded aliens, and I can't wait to see her alien babies (eventually).

My only business tip might be hopelessly out of date, so take it with a pinch of salt. I used to have sims date while they were at their business, which would usually get them up to platinum quickly, and then they could use the energizer to keep their mood up, and let them work longer hours.

Re: Oceanview BACC (Updated 1/27/18)

PostPosted: February 28th, 2018, 5:48 pm
by Anya
Michelle: thanks for the tips! I've actually already been following some of them, such as the stall toilets. I hate bathroom traffic jams in my Sims games, so I tend to make all my houses multi-bathroom (unless it's just a single Sim or married couple living there) and place stalls on community lots. The bit about high Environment is something I didn't really consider, though; I could definitely stand to add some decor to Oceanview's community lots. As for Old Crumples, I don't have a mod to get rid of her (yet); however, considering that this is a BACC and I don't get a downtown for, like, ever, I don't think she'll be too much of a problem. I'm really glad you like Victoria and Estella; I have a great time writing them. Building a city is so much more fun with them around. It might get tricky to keep track of 'em as new neighbors move in, but I'm definitely not going to stop giving Oceanview's residents personalities beyond their points.

Avenie: I'm glad you like Oceanview so far! I also really like redheaded aliens; the skin/hair contrast works so nicely. Estella certainly pulls it off. I intended for her to be cute, but I think I kind of overshot what I was going for. I'm certainly looking forward to seeing her and Mark's kids, who will probably show up soon after the wedding; they're both Knowledge Sims, and Estella has Family secondary, so those Have a Baby wants will definitely be rolled. As for the dates thing, I've seen that in action quite a bit in Michelle's BACC; I just haven't really used it because Victoria is way too businesslike to take that route, and Estella's too shy. Though I suppose that once Estella and Mark get married, they can date at their businesses.

Re: Oceanview BACC (Updated 3/4/18)

PostPosted: March 4th, 2018, 5:22 am
by Anya
Week 4 with Victoria is now posted! Next up, Estella... and then a bunch of new households!

Re: Oceanview BACC (Updated 3/4/18)

PostPosted: March 4th, 2018, 8:07 am
by Avenie
I love Victoria's house! You're a fantastic builder, I am so jealous! I really liked the little glimpse into Victoria's background as well.

Re: Oceanview BACC (Updated 3/4/18)

PostPosted: March 4th, 2018, 11:15 am
by simsterlyrock
I love your BACC! I just read all the updates because they're quick to read, which is really nice. I can't wait to see more. :)

Re: Oceanview BACC (Updated 3/4/18)

PostPosted: March 23rd, 2018, 1:46 am
by MichelleCYoung
Oh, boy! New chapter!

Oh, dating at a business. I love that you can charge customers to date you, at a venue, EVEN IF IT'S CLOSED! However, if you send a couple there, you can close, date, and open, and close, date, and open, and keep them there for as long as necessary. If you're not too concerned about platinum aspiration, but just moods, you can have friends go on a scored outing. Close, outing (may need more than one, because it's strictly mood, and not platinum mood/energizer), and re-open. I find speed outings (where you only have two friends who do nothing but joke/bust-a-move/tickle/hug/appreciate-cycle - boring but effective and fast) are quite effective. So either have a friend co-worker or invite over a friend "customer," even if the business is closed, and you can stay put for a long time, with great moods. I LOVE the Nightlife dates/outing system, especially combined with OFB.

Oooooo - computer updates. GAAAAHHHH! I hate them. I learned long ago that if you're going to do pictures & text Live-Journal-style thing, you should write it in a word processing program, and then copy-paste it over, so you don't have to worry about losing your hard work, if your computer should go down while you're still in progress. Because drafts just don't always save when you're online, but word processing documents are easily saved. And I'm a pathological saver, like every minute, or two. Or, in the case of presentations, every slide.

I love the backstory! So cool! And I love how it really explains how she's such a determined go-getter.

Lillian! She's so cute. I have an idea that I mean to use for my next adult Scientist. Get a weather controller, and set it for constant rain in the summer, and keep the sim outside. If that doesn't work, then make an evil witch, and constantly cast the locus horriblus (or whatever that spell is to conjure storms and roaches), and stay outside, preferably in a pool or hot tub. Because I don't think I've had more than two sims get electrocuted from electronic repairs in my whole Sims 2 career. OF course, lightning fires don't count, but lightning struck sims do. Just keep the moods high. Snapdragons and storms, perhaps? OOOOHHHHH! How's THAT for a business concept? Snapdragons and Storms! "Come here, all you Scientist wannabes. We have hot tubs galore. You'll never leave until you pass out or die. Management not responsible for the grim reaper." Definitely not a business to run alone. Must have high relationship with business partner. Either that, or have at least one high-level good witch on staff. Or maybe use it to jump-start the requirements for a Paranormal career.

OOoookay, enough of that derail Lillian is cute!

YAy! Dominique! You had me at Max all skills, because that is, hands down, my favorite LTW, ever! No doubt. Also, she's cute! Everybody's cute tonight.

Allegra! She's cute AND a high good witch! AWESOME!!!! You know how much I love those witches! And can I just say how much I love the combination of dark skin and blond hair. The contrast pleases me. Also, Andante, Staccato, and of course, Fortissimo! I think those would be good boys names.

Love the witchy sparkles. The evil witch glow, however, always makes me check the hygiene meter, because I'm sure there's a stink cloud. Great idea to train them up together before sending them out on their own. You know, you can use the restaurant podium to train sales, even if you don't even have an actual restaurant going. Just stick them in a locked room, with the podium, and watch them earn the badges. The cash register, on the other hand, like restocking, requires actual customers and sales. Pity.

Ah! Two cash registers at once. NICE! Much happier customers, at the low levels, because there's no line to make them unhappy. I usually don't do it, because I only want one cash register at the end, but if you can, it's fantastic. What I usually do is have one cashier, and my playable sim doing sales. If the line gets too long, I send my sales-sim over to tell jokes to the customers in line. It pulls them out of line, then when they get back in line, the timer is basically re-set, so they don't get so angry at having to wait so long. Do you ever invite friends over to be customers, when your business level is so low you only have three at a time? I do that, a lot. Heck, I'll befriend customers with my salesperson, and then have the salesperson invite them back, as soon as they leave the lot. Repeat customers are great! Even if you're not a popularity sim, if you're in sales, you'll make SO many friends in OFB.

There's always THAT customer, isn't there? The one who won't accept a sales social, even if they're your best friend. It's like, "Sure, I'll hang out with you all you want, but don't even TRY to sell me anything. And I don't care if it is priced at 'ridiculously cheap'. I'm going to stare at it for two hours, then stop shopping with a big old cloud over my head, because I hate this store, even though I like you personally. But I I'll totally lose relationship points with you if you try any sales social with me, including lowering the price! How dare you lower the price for me!" :pan: So glad you can just ask him to leave. I've actually, on occasion, close the store, just to get rid of someone who just wouldn't go. And I have to admit, Expello Simae is DARNED USEFUL!

Magic themed businesses? Plural? HOORAAY! Seriously, I look forward to seeing what you do. Oh, did you know there is a mod to allow you to assign employees to work the cauldron? I forget what it is, but it's probably from MTS, or possibly MATY. Anyway, it's great! You can assign them to work the cauldron, just as if it were a crafting bench, and the owner gets the stuff they make. Ummm, I just spent I don't know how long looking for it, then realized I'd forgotten what I was looking for, when back to look, and then didn't find it, soooo, I'm not looking anymore. Just know that if you want to hire employee witches to run the cauldrons for you, it is possible, with the right mod. Also, COOL! I can't wait to see what Allegra does!

Also, what does Allegra mean, musically? I totally forget.

Connie made me laugh out loud! I think you should move her in, someday. Just enforce an anti-newt geas on her.

Level 10! Congrats! You can go for the Business unlock and a Business District. Wait, did you do that already? I forget. Anyway, another level 10 business is always good.

Awww, now we have to wait for their weeks before we see more of them. Ah, well. HEY! 20% done? She should move in another batch. One batch for each business!

Victoria has the blandest smustle face I've ever seen. I wasn't even sure it WAS a smustle face until you said so.

Not to mention, some of the best pop songs are actually based on classical tunes. I mean, look at Pachelbel's Canon. Do you have any idea how many songs of various genres are based on that very same chord progression?! There's a screed about it on YouTube, even. But the fact is, those tried-and-true musical motifs are classics for a very good reason. And you won't get sued for plagiarism if you borrow a bridge.

Rockstar Regalia looks good to me!

Yep, new townies respawn, unless you have a mod to STOP the game from respawning. I think MoreAwesomeThanYou has the mod to stop the spawning.

Customers DO love a bar. However, I've heard rumors of a business glitch that happens when the owner tends bar. I don't know for sure, but since then, I've played it safe and always hired a bartender. Or just used the juice keg. Good luck! I hope the rumors are fake, or else you have a fix, or maybe you'll just be lucky? Anyway, good luck and fingers crossed!

Just ask TwilightOutside. That has got to be the fastest way to build a business and/or city. Twilight's BACC is an inspiration to us all. Also, venues are Da BOMB! I think my favorite is when people get tired and pay me to sleep in the tents! Btw, even in a vanilla game, without a sleep-on-comm-lots mod, you can always sleep in a tent. Yet another thing I learned from TwilightOutside. But, you have to kick them out, eventually, because once they max out on stars, they'll stall your business ranking. You have to keep an influx of new people, to get more stars.

I have a rhyming dictionary somewhere! Oh, no, wait. That got lost in a move. Dang it! Well, I'm sure there are websites you could use. Green? Bean? Sheen? Teen? Ummmm, no. None of them work. Unless she's an environmentalist, or something. Dean! If she founds her own university with the money, she can be the Lean Dean Money Making Machine! Or maybe the Lean Machine Money Making Dean! Yeah!

Clovis is cute! Yeah, it seems the only way to get high warlocks is to move-in or kill off the original high witches. Apparently, the neighborhood always starts with high witches. According to the wiki, at least. You know, I didn't realize it until too late for a particular business, but giving free entry is permanent for that business. He'll never pay to enter that lot again. But on the other hand, he'll stay for a long time. Witches have static moods at community lots, except for their hygiene. Get them in a hot tub, and they will literally stay until you boot them out. AND, while they are there as customers, the game will spawn a new one! You can have a whole collection of high witches and warlocks, if you just keep greeting them and either selling a ticket or giving free entry. Want a huge coven of unplayable witches and warlocks? Get them into your venue. I love reading about this stuff on the wiki.

Ooooh! I vote for him to marry Lillian!

Half a million? AWESOME!!!! You are amaze-balls!

Oh, my GOSH! Celestial Dance is GORGEOUS! I literally dropped my jaw when I saw that picture!

Wait, you went for slacker career, instead of dance, even though it says dance in the title? That's a bit confusing. Totally fine, of course. YOU choose what type of club it counts for. And after all, there's no limit to how many clubs you can have, right? And did I mention that it is gorgeous?

Hehe. I was going to demand a picture of her bland expression when she drops the headphones, but you can't get that, can you? Her creativity is too high. So, she's blandly rocking away. Deadpan DJ. Way to keep the focus on the music.

I love the sphere. But what's going to be REALLY entertaining is in a generation or two, when you've had a few alien abductions. All those teens who got the Alien Reparation Grant, will find themselves unexpectedly preggers after graduation, even if they never touch a telescope again. BWAAAHAHAHAHAHAHHHAAAAAAA!

CLOVIS! OK, when he marries in, you gotta get him in front of a telescope. Just one abduction, and then visits to the club... He would make the cutest green babies!!

YAY! Deadpan Good Witch!

Is it just me, or do good witches do the "nice" smile, even if they have no nice points, and evil witches do the "mean" fingertip thing, even if they are loaded with nice points? Well, at any rate, it suits him. Clovis is so cute and sweet. Plus, of course, he has a great name. You gotta move in him soon, please.

She SMILES! She must be ecstatic! But then again, her first time on a broom has got to me pretty amazing, unless she's afraid of heights.

Oh, glitter. Gets everywhere, and stays forever. Which is why I have to really wonder at the intellectual state of the person who came up with "Passion Dust," a vaginal glitter bomb. OMG. Oh, wait. I just googled it, to be sure I had the name right, and it turns out the inventor actually had a brain tumor at the time. Well, that makes me feel both sorry for her, and better about the whole thing, because it explains how she got the idea that putting glitter in a vagina is a good idea. Wow. I hope her treatment works, and that she doesn't get sued into permanent bankruptcy. OK, ummmm, sorry about that really weird tangent. Let's just all be joyous that sim-glitter is not problematic, unless you just don't like to see sparkly sims. And, actually? There's a mod for that.

Witches can go forever with the Taxi Time Warp and the thrones at their coven's castle. Even if they can't make it, themselves, they never have to sleep again. Unless you have personal rules about that sort of thing. I LOVE thrones! I think they might be recolorable, even without a mod. I know they can with a mod. Anyway, I don't blame you for taking a break. She's done so much. It's pretty amazing.

HAHAH! Even her painting is sparkly! Good witches are so glamorous! Or would that be glammerous?

Infallible Goodness! Now she CAN make her own throne, or will by the time you fill her inventory with reagents! Woooot! Now with a throne at each business, she'll be able to stay forever, and be super-rich, as well as permanently happy with her 5 top-level businesses, and I LOVE WITCHES!!!!

Wow, I never thought of that. Instead of actually placing a tent and eating option at each business, just carry them with you, and plop them down as needed. THANK YOU! That is a fantastic idea! I love learning new things from reading other players' stories! Also, congrats on the promotion. Only one left! I'm sure she'll make it, at this rate.


Actually, you could just go to a wardrobe and choose "Dress For Work." THat way, you can wear your uniform, any time you want.

Parkside GAllery made me gasp! SO pretty! Small, but pretty. And all that lovely natural light for the paintings and stuff. I want to go there. Plus, there's fishing! Fishing is always good. Unless you're a worm.


Yeah, one of the benefits of starting out with just a few customers is that you can play-test and fix the pathing issues, without having an unfixable-pile-up. I once had seven sims stuck in a bathroom, and literally had to quit without saving :banghead: (before I learned about Move_objects), sooooo, yeah. fix the issues in level 1, and you'll make level 10 soon enough.

I love the criss-cross belly bands. She looks great!

DANG, Anya! You know how to BUILD!

Oh, diagonals. Doesn't work for hanging things on walls, but "boolprop Allow45DegreeAngleOfRotation true" and "Boolprop SnapObjectsToGrid false" are really useful for furniture, at least. Did you do this without building cheats? DANG!

I keep trying to use my mouse to see different angles. HEHE. Also, that pool!

Lighting glitches? You didn't do a patchwork design on purpose? Oh, and I Love the accent wall in the work-out room. See, I notice all these beautiful elements in other people's architecture, but I almost never think to use it in my own. My own building is much like Victoria's face.

"one of the upstairs living rooms." Victoria has a house worthy of her station.

10/10. Would hang out again.

Bland face. "I love it." HAHA!

DANG! The top-down view from the neighborhood! AND she has a fish pond! You didn't show us the fish pond. Wait, is that a dock?

YEah, it is a bit big for one sim, but you've designed it well for a large household, with all the spare rooms and baths and all, so you likely will never have to rebuild when you do fill out the family. Additions almost never keep the same aesthetic, do they?

Well, you sure know how to end the week with a bang. This is great! Can't wait to see what you do next week.

Re: Oceanview BACC (Updated 3/4/18)

PostPosted: March 28th, 2018, 4:20 am
by Anya
Week 4 for the Greene household is now posted! It includes a wedding, promotions, and some serious heart-melting cuteness.

@Avenie: thanks! I had so much fun building that house. It was a massive time sink, but so worth it.

@simsterlyrock: again, thanks! I'm excited to play more, though I may be a bit delayed... Real Life has been catching up with me.

@Michelle: Victoria's bland face is just a part of her at this point; I'm not that surprised that it happens even while she's doing the smustle. As for the cuteness of the ex-townies... yeah, I guess the RNG favored me there, what with giving Lillian and Dominique the Meadow Thayer face and Allegra the Kaylynn face. Allegra's name is a feminine version of "allegro", which is a musical term for a quick tempo. On the topic of our other good witch, Clovis will definitely be moved or married in as soon as possible; I love the guy already, so leaving him as an NPC is just not an option. I'm undecided about whether to ship him with Lillian or Dominique... and yes, he does have a GREAT name. I'm glad you like my ultra-modern builds, too; it's kind of my favorite Sim house aesthetic (though "gothic" is a very close second).

@everyone: does anyone have an opinion on whether I should play the CAS Sims' or ex-townies' weeks first?

Re: Oceanview BACC (Updated 3/28/18)

PostPosted: April 19th, 2018, 10:35 am
by Pony
Just got all caught up!
I absolutely love Victoria's house! I'm drooling over it lol. I can't wait to see it all finished. The neighborhood is growing to well, it'll be fun to meet the new CAS Sims. You could alternate between the townies and the CAD Sims. Yay! Estella and Mark finally got married, and had a baby. Oceanview finally has a little nooboo. And a really cute one at that!

Re: Oceanview BACC (Updated 5/2/18)

PostPosted: May 2nd, 2018, 3:46 am
by Anya
Week 4 for the Newton-Ferreira household is now posted! It's been good to get some new characters to work with.

EDIT: I just ran the numbers, and as of this entry, the total population of Oceanview is 42. Hitchhiker's Guide for the win!

Re: Oceanview BACC (Updated 5/2/18)

PostPosted: May 2nd, 2018, 9:26 am
by Pony
I love how Zephyr and Hyperion fit into their little family perfectly. I can totally see them working in the lab next to Lillian. Lillian and Yvonne make a great couple too. I'm very interested to see how your custom rules play out too.I kinda get your explanation, but I'm not completely awake yet so I'll have to read it again when I wake up lol

Your building style makes me drool, so envious. I love the house you built for this family. If you ever decide to upload houses, I think I would download them all.

Re: Oceanview BACC (Updated 5/2/18)

PostPosted: May 8th, 2018, 12:13 pm
by Avenie
Great update! I love what you've done with the adoption pool - that should keep things genetically interesting!